Barger Issues Statement on Fatal Stabbing of Woman at Universal City Metro Station

Supervisor Kathryn Barger issued the following statement today, addressing the fatal stabbing of a woman identified as Mirna Soza at a Universal City Metro station:

“Ms. Soza’s death is another terrible and painful reminder of the reality our Metro riders are facing every day.  We are failing them and Metro employees, who are also facing attacks and feeling unsafe at work. 

This attack was preventable. As a Metro Board member, I want to see more investments in both security measures and augmented mental health services. 

We must invest in increasing fare enforcement, law enforcement patrols, hardening points of entry, and expanding connections to mental health services. Ms. Soza’s life was tragically ended by someone that was clearly not in his right mind. We must tackle the root cause of what is fueling this violence and not veer from that focus. Otherwise, we will continue bearing witness to senseless violence until it eventually impacts one of our own loved ones or ourselves. 

I extend my deepest condolences to Mirna Soza’s family. I share in their grief and am praying for her children, grandchildren, and loved ones.”