Los Angeles, The Scholart Selection Gallery Hosts Solo Exhibition “Double Rainbow” by American Artist Joanna Chrys

LAPost/San Gabriel, CA (May 26, 2024) – On May 25, The Scholart Selection gallery in Los Angeles held the opening ceremony for the solo exhibition “Double Rainbow” by American visual artist Joanna Chrys. Curated by New York-based curator Tia Xu, the exhibition showcases 24 multilayered dot paintings created by the artist. At the opening reception, artist Joanna Chrys, The Scholart Selection gallery owner Cindy Wang, and representatives from various ethnic groups in the Los Angeles art community attended the event.

Joanna’s paintings are composed of dense, overlapping, and colorful dots, creating a visually stunning and joyful experience. These dots of various sizes, shapes, and colors intertwine to create infinite and vibrant worlds.

Photos 1 and 2: Opening scene of Joanna Chrys’s solo exhibition “Double Rainbow”

The Scholart Selection gallery owner Cindy Wang stated, “Los Angeles is a vast and dispersed city, and artworks by artists from West Los Angeles rarely get a chance to be exhibited in East Los Angeles. As one of the most professional galleries in East LA, Scholart Selection is dedicated to allowing Asian collectors in the San Gabriel Valley to appreciate and collect artworks created by artists from diverse ethnic backgrounds within their own community. I highly appreciate Joanna’s works. The dots in her paintings not only provide visual enjoyment but also represent the concreteness of her inner emotions and projections. The interconnected dots form her complex and rich inner world. Joanna’s works convey a coexistence of inner order and chaos, allowing viewers to feel her deep insights into self, emotions, and psychological states. They are works of art that combine artistry and aesthetic appeal.”

Photo 3: Cindy Wang, owner of The Scholart Selection gallery, at the exhibition

Joanna expressed, “I am thrilled that my works can be exhibited in East LA and be seen by an Asian audience. I am very fond of the San Gabriel Mission area where The Scholart Selection gallery is located. This area, rich in historical and cultural significance, forms an intriguing contrast with the contemporary art I create. The works in this exhibition are inspired by the power of color, and each piece represents my longing for a brighter future. I hope each of my works can take the audience into a different world, and through the playful symbolic elements in my works, I hope they experience hope, dreams, love, and faith, evoking joy and happiness from deep within and finding healing.”

Photo 4: Artist Joanna Chrys at the exhibition

In an accidental discovery during her creation process, Joanna found that layering acrylic paint dots on the canvas could create a highly textured surface. This discovery captivated her, leading her to become obsessed with this technique and embark on a complex and rhythmic journey of color. Each dot requires multiple layers of paint, needing to dry completely before the next layer. Sometimes it takes 7 to 8 layers over several days to achieve the perfect layered effect.

Photo 5: “Double Rainbow” exhibition scene

Through the continuous repetition and accumulation of dots, Joanna conveys the cycle and continuation of life. Each dot is an independent entity, yet they are interconnected to form a whole. Joanna’s creation process itself reflects a continuation of life—using multilayered dot painting techniques, each addition of a dot is a new beginning, as if life is continuously growing and proliferating.

Photo 6: “Double Rainbow” exhibition scene

The works in this exhibition not only showcase the infinite possibilities of color but also deeply reflect Joanna’s exploration of the miracles of life and the mysteries of the universe. These pieces make viewers feel as though they are in a dreamlike world woven with dots and colors, experiencing the infinite extension and beauty of life.

The exhibition is open to the public for free from May 25 to June 29, 2024. Visitors can view the exhibition from Tuesday to Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM.

Photo 7: “Double Rainbow” exhibition scene

(Photo Credit: The Scholart Selection gallery, by Luna Hao)