Occidental College CSSA Spring Festival Gala shares Chinese cultures on campus

With only about 100 Chinese international students, Occidental College Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) gave a wonderful Spring Festival Gala with lion dance, Chinese traditional folk dance and music instruments performances in Thorne Hall on campus on the evening of February 9th.

Occidental College CSSA president Yuzhe Zhu, senior Economic student, he said : ” the gala performers are all from the college’s Chinese international students, we are not only to entertain ourselves, also we want share our Chinese cultures with local communities.”

Also through the gala, we want to spread those messages to our classmates and professors in this college”, “To grow is to be challenged and fail, but to still continue in firm strides, International students have been through many obstacles, not only in the learning process, but also in our lives, we will encounter all kinds of ups and downs.”

Professor XiaoHuang Yin from American Studies Department delivered the best wishes to the CSSA GALA on his remarks. 

Lion Dance Performance – JC Culture Foundation

Shannon       Alex    Dion     Lizzie     

Professor XiaoHuang Yin from American Studies Department speech.

“The Nation of Greatness and Courtesy” – Elaine Chen/ Shannon Xu/ Chole Yin/ Junlica Meng/ Jiani Chen

Life in Full Bloom” – Max Peng

“Hua Hao Yue Yuan”/ “Bu Bu Gao”/ “Ba Gen Lu Cha Hua”- UCLA Music of China Ensemble

“Da Yu” & “A Spray of Plum Blossoms” – Maya Mei

Hip-hop dance “Fire” – Chloe Yin & Junlica Meng

“Xi Yang Yang” – Jiani Chen

Gu Zheng is a traditional Chinese instrument. It has a history of more than 2,500 years. Gu Zheng players often wear finger pricks made from materials such as plastic to play the magnificent instrument.

“Divine Lotus” – Elaine Chen

Dancing is not only a form of art but also the bridge connecting the past and the future.  

“The World Outside” – Alex Lin

To grow is to be challenged and fail, but to still continue in firm strides. Alex for his song “The World Outside”.

CSSA president Ryan Zhu performance-Perfect Symphony

 “Three Preludes” – Linjing He

Musical talent Lin Jing playing her composition of “Three Preludes”. 

“Long Wen” – Violet He

The song “Long Wen” has classical lyrics set to popular, contemporary music. It describes the culture that connects us with harmony.