AIB2B & ABAOC Raise nearly $1000 for “Free Wheelchair Mission”

Friday, June 21st, 2019, AIB2B raised nearly $1000 to support the Free Wheelchair Mission and further their cause to provide wheelchairs for the disabled in developing nations.

They are a faith-based, humanitarian, nonprofit organization. During the event our members were given a special presentation by Don Schoendorfer, President and Founder of Free Wheelchair Mission, where he showed us his organizations dedication to quality through their 24/7 testing of a wheelchair to see how it holds up.

He spoke about how important it is to adapt to customers who do not complain because a lack of complaints makes it difficult to see where improvements can be made.

Don Schoendorfer was personally honored by President George W. Bush with the “Above and Beyond Citizen Award” for the work that Free Wheelchair Mission has done around the world.