Blog site Boing Boing hacked

Top blog site Boing Boing said Monday it had been hacked and that its website had temporarily redirected readers to a dangerous malware page.

Boing Boing, which is among the most widely read blogs globally and covers areas including tech and cyber, wrote in a post on its site that the incident involved an attacker using an employee’s login credentials on Friday and then installing a widget within the Boing Boing theme that redirected readers to a nonsecure website.

The company said it initially believed a malicious advertisement was redirecting users but “immediately” removed the code after learning the cause of redirection.

Boing Boing said anyone who visited its website over the weekend should run “local anti-virus and malware scanners” to ensure that no malicious software was downloaded on their systems.

The company said that since the incident, all Boing Boing employees have changed their login credentials and many other security measures have been taken to ensure hackers cannot access the website in the same way again.