A press conference on the development of the Greater Bay Area is held on the Third session of the 13th National People’s Congress of Guangdong province, and Lyu Yuyin, Mayor of Zhaoqing, has attended the press conference and answered questions.

“Five priorities”to accelerate manufactures to settle down in Zhaoqing

Lyu Yuyin, Mayor of Zhaoqing

In 2019, many of Zhaoqing’s economic indicators were continuously shown better, and the trend of catching up has been formed. It is still an important project for further development how Zhaoqing steadfastly keeps up with the pace of the development of the Greater Bay Area, standing in her own posture among the world city clusters of the Greater Bay Area.

On the press conference of promoting the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area’s development, Lyu Yuying, the mayor of Zhaoqing city, points out that Zhaoqing should take the advantages of “Two areas driven”and “Two core cities linkage”, keep the ethos of “industry first, manufacture priority”, and develop Zhaoqing as the bearing and development area for the Greater Bay Area’s industry, technology and innovation by means of “Five priorities” to accelerate manufactures to settle down in Zhaoqing.

It is closely connected with the spillover effect that the rapid development of the central cities development in the Greater Bay Area for Zhaoqing to propose the ethos of“industry first, manufacture priority”. Zhaoqing, the developing city, shall take this trend and this opportunity to develop herself. At present, the functions of the central cities of the Greater Bay Area like Hongkong, Macau, Guangzhou, Shenzhen are highly clustered. It has obvious spillover effect in industry, technology and innovation and the like so that spillover area and bearing place are to be found in the Bay Area. Zhaoqing just has the advantages of transportation, land space and humanity ecological environment for spillover area as well as the bearing place.

It takes only 80 minutes to Hongkong, 38 minutes to Guangzhou, 1 hour to Shenzhen from Zhaoqing by high-speed train, which is namely “one-hour transportation circle” within the Greater Bay Area. The land coverage of Zhaoqing is 15,000 square kilometers, occupying 26.7% of the Greater Bay Area. The development intensity of land is only 6.5% with 3433 hectares for new development of industrial zones and space available, so it has strong bearing capacity. There are 8 universities or colleges which has been developed fully or in process, 20 vocational institutions with 17,000 students. Complete vocational education system has been fully developed.

“How to develop the manufacturing industry? We have summed up three key points: the capacity to attract, to accommodate, and to develop.” concluded Lyu Yuyin at the meeting.

“The capacity to attract” refers to big breakthroughs in attracting new projects and investment, and forms the industrial chain that can cooperate with those in the core cities in the Greater Bay Area. In the following years, centering on “ensuring the industrial attraction” continuously, Zhaoqing will establish the investment promotion bureau to ensure that there will be more than 300 people making efforts to attract investment and projects all year round. Focusing on the key industries and industrial chains, Zhaoqing will set up investment attraction stations, and attract investment for specific industries accurately, so that Zhaoqing could introduce and incubate a cluster of manufacturing industry. Eventually an industrial cluster of 10-billion RMB of new energy vehicles and advanced equipment manufacturing industry, and an industrial cluster of billion RMB of high-end electronic information industry can be formed in an accelerating way.

“The capacity to accommodate” refers to the thorough promotion of projects in the manufacturing industry to be carried out, especially efforts in the respect of land, workplace and approval services should be made so that the new projects can be equipped with land and workplace as soon as they enter Zhaoqing. The new projects are allowed to “ be set up first and then approved” through “double-tolerance and double-commitment” strategy in order to shorten the length of establishment .

“The capacity to develop” means to resolutely implement the policy of supporting enterprises and benefiting enterprises of the central government and the province, and serve the enterprises wholeheartedly to help them solve problems. We will continue to optimize the 38 measures for business environment, improve the “Convenient Guangdong·Convenient Zhaoqing”(one-stop mobile government service platform), “Convenient Guangdong Commerce·Convenient Zhaoqing Commerce”(one-stop mobile government commerce service platform), and constantly improve business efficiency until satisfaction achieved. We will implement the system of “direct connection to the Party secretary and mayor as chief service officers” for key projects, and provide really good service for industrial project introduction and implementation.

“At the same time, Zhaoqing shall give priority to investment attraction, land supply, supporting policies, services and tracking and landing in the manufacturing industry, so as to build a solid foundation for industrial economic development with high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.” said Lyu Yuyin.