12 public reading spaces available for residents in JiNan


Jinan, capital of East China’s Shandong province, has been constructing public reading rooms since last year not only to encourage reading among its populace but also to increase quality of life, local media reported.

A total of 12 public reading rooms across the city have been estiblished to date. These rooms, called Quancheng Study Rooms or Quancheng Reading Rooms, function as miniature libraries for locals.

The 12 reading rooms have received more than 260,000 visitors, issued 21,000 library cards, and lent 110,000 books.

The rooms contain a variety of books and offer a relaxing atmosphere perfect for reading.

Here are some of the public reading rooms:

A Quangcheng Study Room located at the foot of Langmao Mountain south of Jinan’s Shizhong district. [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]

A Quangcheng Study Room, located at the intersection of Quanfu interchange and Beiyuan Street in Licheng district, Jinan, has a collection of nearly 20,000 books and covers an area of 1,000 square meters [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]

The interior of a Quangcheng Study Room at the foot of Qianfo Mountain in Jinan [Photo/WeChat Account: jnslyj]