Apple reportedly dropped plans to let iPhone users encrypt backups

Apple discarded plans to allow iPhone users to fully encrypt their backup information stored on iCloud after the FBI complained to the company about how the plans would inhibit investigations, Reuters reported Tuesday.

Apple had informed the FBI about its idea to allow users to use end-to-end encryption in their iCloud storage more than two years ago, sources told the news wire. This would effectively remove the company’s ability to access the data, in an effort to block hackers, meaning it could not give this data to law enforcement.

The decision to abandon these arrangements was made two years ago following private conversations with the FBI’s cyber crime agents and operational technology division, but the decision had not been reported until Tuesday.

The FBI representatives warned the company that such an offer would not allow law enforcement to access evidence from suspects who are iPhone users.

Apple followed up with the bureau the next year and had at that point dropped the plans, the six sources told Reuters.