Guangdong reports 82 new cases, bars, gyms & museums closed in GZ


Guangdong held the 5th press conference on its fight against the novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia (2019-nCoV) in Guangzhou today.

(Photo: Nian Qing)

Guangdong has confirmed 82 new cases as of 12 am, Jan. 30th, pushing the total number of infected patients to 354.

Chaozhou and Yunfu had so far 0 case.

Guangzhou and Zhuhai had their first recovered cases today.

Common people don’t need to change masks if it’s used just for one time

The Chinese CDC suggests residents wear a surgical mask when taking public transportation or going to public places, and do not need to use mask when there is no intensive interpersonal contact. However, when respiratory infection symptoms shows (for example, fever), wear a mask at home or in the hospital. Masks need not to be changed if it is used just for one time.

Gym, bar, and swimming pool closed in Guangzhou

Guangzhou shut down swimming pool, chess and cards room, gym, bar, and billiards room. (Photo: Wang Liangjue)

Li Ming, Vice Mayor of Guangzhou, announced that Guangzhou has canceled mass activities and closed indoor cultural venues.

Except restaurants and hotels, Guangzhou shut down swimming pool, chess and cards room, gym, bar, and billiards room, according to the Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau.

Metro linking Guangzhou South Railway Station with city downtown to extend service time

During the peak for returning from holiday, the metro at Guangzhou South Railway Station will extend its service by 75 minutes and stop at 0:45am. Moreover, 1600 taxis and 8 night bus lines (4 to Panyu District and 4 to downtown area) will be arranged to help passengers come back to Guangzhou.

22 hotels to receive people from Hubei

According to the Guangzhou Tourism Administration, the city has arranged 22 hotels as the designated reception hotels for people from Hubei – the high risk affected area, covering all of the 11 districts. These hotels only receive Hubei citizens in good health and with normal body temperature. Now there are about 60 people from Hubei living in these hotels. For those coming from Hubei after Jan. 22nd who have permanent residence, Guangzhou has imposed 14-day home quarantine medical observation to them. For those without a permanent residence, the city has also quarantined them in hotels or sanatoriums, and imposed medical observations. During the quarantine period, they will accept body temperature measurement twice per day.

Here is the list of 22 hotels:

Yuexiu District: New World Hotel (新世界大酒店), Guangzhou Hotel (广州宾馆)

Liwan District: LN White House Hotel (白宫酒店), Nanfang Dasha Hotel (南方大厦酒店)

Haizhu Distrct: Jiang Yue Hotel (江悦酒店)

Tianhe District: Homies Hotel (广州轰谧斯酒店), Shanshui Trends Hotel (山水时尚酒店), Lavande Hotel (丽枫酒店)

Baiyun District: 7 Days Inn Guangzhou Guihuagang Branch (七天酒店广州桂花岗店)

Huangpu District: Ji Hotel Guangzhou economic and technological zone Branch (全季酒店广州经济技术区店)

Zengcheng District: Echarm Hotel Guangzhou Xintang Metro Station Branch (宜尚酒店广州新塘轻轨地铁站店), City Comfort Inn Guangzhou Xintang Guangshen Avenue Middle Branch (城市便捷广州新塘广深大道中店), Vienna Hotel (维也纳酒店), Yu Hu Intl. Hotel (御湖国际酒店)

Huadu District: Henry Business Hotel (亨利商务酒店), Rong Wei Hotel (荣威大酒店)

Conghua District: Holiday Inn Triumphal (从化凯旋假日酒店), Yihai Business Hotel (逸海商务酒店)

Panyu District: Shan Shui Bai He Hotel (山水百合酒店), City Comfort Inn Panyu Branch (番禺城市便捷酒店)

Nansha District: Winkong International Plaza (广州南沙盈港国际酒店), Kui Yuan (葵园酒店)

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