Where the Truth Lies: The Art of Qiu Ying

Image: Qiu Ying (c. 1494–c. 1552), The Jiucheng Palace (detail)

Few artists in Chinese history have proven as enigmatic as the great Ming dynasty painter Qiu Ying (c. 1494–c. 1552), whose life and art reveal a series of paradoxes. Though one of the most famous artists of the Ming period, almost nothing is known about his life. He is said to have been illiterate, yet surviving evidence demonstrates elegant writing. He is said to have had few followers, yet he was the most copied painter in Chinese history. Where the Truth Lies grapples with such issues as artists who cross social boundaries, literacy, and the importance of connoisseurship in determining quality and authenticity. This will be the first exhibition on Qiu Ying ever organized outside of Asia. In addition to masterworks by Qiu Ying, the exhibition will include works by his predecessors and teachers, his daughter Qiu Zhu, and followers from the early 16th through the mid-20th century.

  • Feb 9–May 17, 2020
  • Resnick Pavilion

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Image: Qiu Ying, The Jiucheng Palace (detail), Ming dynasty, c. 1525–33, Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts, Abe Collection, photo © Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts