Making the Green Choice!

East Los Angeles, CA – As an ongoing effort to address food scarcity and to promote a healthy lifestyle at East Los Angeles College (ELAC), the ELAC Foundation, in partnership with ELAC Student Services, gave away 50 vegan meals to ELAC students. Green Menu, a non-profit based out of the neighboring city of Alhambra, donated the meals and is the newest partner of ELAC’s Transforming Live Camping (TLC) “1000 Meals Challenge” initiative and program.
“We are very excited about helping East Los Angeles College students and I believe that many people out there are more than happy to help the students in need. Let us work together to provide these students with a hunger-free environment”, said Jonathan Chao from Green Menu.
“The opportunities provided by these meals and ELAC will go a long way in helping us achieve our academic goals”, said Brian Ha, ELAC ASU President.
According to their, its missions statement reads as follows, “Our mission is to provide people with a healthy lifestyle and green environment through green diet. A green diet can promote a healthy body, a healthy body calms the mind, and a calm mind helps awakening. The earth we live in is rising from three dimensions to five dimensions. To be one with the earth, choosing a green diet is the first and most important step in integrating with this ascension.”
Green Menu will be donating 50 free vegan meals every month to our students.
As part of the ELAC family, we all work to help our students achieve success in their educational pursuits. Unfortunately, too many of our students are facing significant challenges, far beyond the cost of textbooks or tuition, directly affecting their ability to focus on and complete their educational goals.
According to a recent ELAC ASU poll of our students: 70.3% of our students have experienced hunger/food insecurity on campus, and 67.7% of our students feel that ELAC needs to work on providing programs to tackle student hunger/food insecurity.