Boeing is reviewing the software for its Starliner spacecraft after the first test flight in December raised concerns for a potentially disastrous outcome for the newly-designed space capsule.

Boeing officials said on Friday that they are now reviewing all 1 million lines of code in the capsule’s computer systems, with an indefinite timeframe on the project’s completion, according to The Washington Post’s report.

The company has also been handling software issues that emerged in the analysis of the crashes of two Boeing 737 Max airplanes that killed 346 people and led to the plane’s grounding since early last year. Doug Loverro, the head of human exploration for NASA, said it was unclear if the Starliner’s software difficulties and the issues with the 737 Max were connected.

“We don’t know how many software errors we have — if we have just two or many hundreds,” Loverro said. “[The] bottom line is that industry is very bad at doing software.”