Democratic presidential Mike Bloomberg:MONEY, MONEY, MONEY

Democratic presidential hopeful Mike Bloomberg has recently outpaced President Trump on social media advertising in the 2020 campaign cycle by averaging more than $1 million a day on Facebook ads.

As of Monday, the former New York City mayor had spent $31 million on Facebook and Instagram ads since Jan. 1, according to Facebook ad data. Trump spent $5.64 million during that same period.

Bloomberg’s average of more than $1 million day on Facebook ads over the past two weeks was five times the amount the Trump campaign spent.

NBC News first reported on Bloomberg’s recent Facebook spending.

Bloomberg also spent nearly $4 million on Facebook ads targeting California over the past 30 days. The state is among those voting on Super Tuesday, March 3, along with Texas, North Carolina and Virginia, where Bloomberg has also spent big on Facebook ads.

Bloomberg has also spent $3 million on ads for Texas, another Super Tuesday state, in the past month.