ELAC Adjunct Faculty Member Wins Prestigious Hayward Award

Monterey Park, CA – Theater Arts adjunct faculty member James Buglewicz was selected as one of four winners for the 2019-2020 Hayward Award. This award was established by the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges in 1989 and is given to community college faculty members who demonstrate the highest level of commitment to their students, colleges, and profession.
During his time at ELAC James has helped to create a model high school curriculum program for Theatre in the Community and Technical Theatre programs and has implemented a Strong Workforce Grant to develop learning opportunities for his students with professional partners.
His real passion comes with his interactions with his students and the ELAC community. He has volunteered countless hour helping his students and collaborates with the Counseling department to provide tours of the theatre facilities to high school students.
“My contact with the community, my production of original plays, the integration of multi-platform elements, (text, internet, video, film) in my productions all demand that I cannot hide in an ivory tower. I must remain connected to the pulse of the campus, the community at large and my own academic discipline if my goal is to create vibrant, accessible theatrical experiences,” said Buglewicz.
James is only the second East Los Angeles College faculty member to win a Hayward award. To learn more about the ELAC Theater Arts department visit their website at https://elactheater.org/. For more information about the Hayward Award or the Academic Senate for California Community Colleges please visit their website at https://www.asccc.org/events/hayward-award-0.