High-tech helps fight virus amid epidemic


Workers have their temperatures measured by an intelligent robot as they enter Xinsheng Building in Jinan Innovation Zone. [Photo by Wang Yingjun/Jinannews.com]

Advanced technologies have been widely used in the fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Jinan, capital of eastern Shandong province, thanks to the efforts of local high-tech companies.

Temperature of workers can be taken with the aid of smart robots at office buildings, service centers and government affair halls in Jinan Innovation Zone.

The robots, developed by Leadthing Holdings, a local company, can take the temperatures of more than 10 people at once.

They feature a high-precision autonomous navigation system, 360-degree visual angle dynamic monitor, facial recognition, and intelligent voice recognition.

The company has developed a total of five robots to aid in epidemic prevention and control, all of which are used in crowded public areas.

An intelligent information platform was also used to register employee information and health data at Hanyu Gold Valley business center and Shuntai Square in Jinan Innovation Zone.

The platform has greatly improved the efficiency of personnel registration and can register nearly 100,000 workers at 1,159 enterprises.

In addition, the city is now using block chain technology in its official daily updates about the epidemic without compromising privacy.