The California Bicycle Coalition Backs Josh Newman for Senate Bid

ORANGE COUNTY, CA — In a reflection of his commitment to sustainability and access to transportation in underserved communities, today Josh Newman secured the endorsement of the California Bicycle Coalition.

In a statement released with the announced endorsement, Cal Bike Senior Policy Advocate Jared Sanchez commented:

“The California Bicycle Coalition proudly endorses Josh Newman’s rematch bid for State Senate. His goals to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions and to increase safe alternatives are what will move California forward. In the Senate, Josh Newman will offer Californians affordable, safe, equitable transportation options, and we are proud to support him in his campaign.”

Newman responded to the announced endorsement with the following statement:

“It’s an honor to receive the support of the California Bicycle Coalition. It is crucial that California provides safe and accessible streets for all of its residents, regardless of economic status, race, gender, immigration status, or ability. I am grateful for CalBike’s support and I intend to work closely with them to explore better and more cost-effective sustainable transportation options for Californians in the Greater LA area and throughout the state.”