Well-known Chinese oil painter Qiu Guangping’s international solo exhibition “Ode of the Knights” in Las Vegas

Despite the bursting energy of the Las Vegas main strip this Chinese New year, the giant publicity board of the well-known Chinese artist Qiu Guangping’s world tour exhibition is particularly noticeable.

Qiu Guangping, known as the “Leading Representative of Chinese Contemporary Young Oil Painters”, was born in Sichuan and is currently a professor at Jincheng College of Sichuan University. At the invitation of two well-known American hotel chains, Wynn and Caesar Palace, on Chinese New Year, large-scale solo exhibitions “Ode of the Knights” were held in these two top notch hotels in Las Vegas. As an important part of the cultural and artistic activities to celebrate the Chinese New Year in internationally renowned casinos, the first solo exhibition of Chinese artists ushered in two internationally renowned high-end hotel chains.

The exhibition is curated by Professor Julia F. Andrews, a famous American historian of modern Chinese art, and Prof. Shen Kuiyi, director of the China Studies Center of the University of California, San Diego, as the academic chair.

This exhibition gathered Qiu Guangping’s latest 50 oil paintings on canvas, the subject matter also included Qiu Guangping’s iconic grinning yellow horse, divine bird vulture, etc., and also added the latest elements of the creative work “Panda Knight”. As the founder of the Chinese oil painting “Burning Mountains and Waters” school, a number of “charcoal volcanic water” works were also exhibited in this exhibition.

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Selesner, president of Caesars Palace; experts and scholars in mainstream American art circles; many internationally renowned collectors; and many tourists from all over the world visited Qiu Guangping’s art exhibition. Mr. and Mrs. Gary Selesner, president of Caesars Palace, and his son-in-law, actor Daniel Wu collected Qiu Guangping’s works.

International art critics highly value Qiu Guangping’s work. They believe that “Qiu Guangping’s artistic creation was full of oriental mystery and imagination from the beginning. His exaggerated yellow grin has become His iconic visual symbols and are well known in the contemporary art world. Subsequent “Paradise Series” works pushed Qiu Guangping’s humanistic care to a higher level. The compassionate hero revealed in his works doctrine and the ultimate inquiry into human destiny. They have become the new connotation of his works. Qiu Guangping’s art is measured and experienced with his physical body. He is like the various elves in his works, like a lone walker Xia, or an Eastern Don Quixote. Every time he travels to find a truth.

Former vice president of Sichuan Conservatory of Music and well-known conductor Li Xilin, and famous dancer Luo Caiwen made a special trip from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to visit Qiu Guangping’s art exhibition. They said that from the huge light box publicity on the main road in Las Vegas, to the bulletin board in the hotel and the notice board in the elevator, the large signboard in the hotel lobby, and the route sign to the exhibition hall, all are the information of Qiu Guangping’s painting exhibition. . It really makes the Chinese proud.

Bernie Zhu, Chairman of the All America Chinese Youth Federation and Dean of the American Muse College of Art, co-sponsored, said, “Qiu Guangping’s works are of high appreciation and collection. Qiu Guangping has strict control over the number of works. With the change of the times, his work style and subject matter have also shown a trend of continuous innovation, which is very exciting. “

Richard Ren, the co-sponsor of the Qiu Guangping international solo exhibition and director of mainstream media “Los Angeles Times”, said, “This is the most professional, high-end and most influential painting exhibition held by a Chinese painter in the United States in recent years. High-end communication and exhibition activities in the world. The successful elements of this exhibition are worthy of reference for Chinese artists. “

The curator of this exhibition is a student of Professor James Cahill, known as the “American who knows Chinese painting best in the 20th century” and is currently the most famous historian of Chinese modern art in the United States. The venue of the exhibition is the most international and influential art exhibition and trading venue. Invited guests include celebrities from the academic, media, and collection communities. Of course, the influence of artists and works is the most critical factor.

Qiu Guangping’s large-scale solo exhibition, “Knights’ Walk” is hosted by Wynn, Caesar’s Palace, Asia Cultural Television International Media Group and the National Federation of Chinese Youth, the Los Angeles Post, and the American Chinese Public Diplomacy Association.

It is understood that the Las Vegas solo exhibition opened the first stop of the Qiu Guangping World Tour Exhibition, and will be successively exhibited in Doha, Hong Kong, Macau, and Tokyo, Japan.(AACYF Las Vegas)