“Embracing Our Roots to Build Solidarity”

Presented by

Arizona Arts

Applied Intercultural Arts Research at University of Arizona

Tucson Chinese Cultural Center

“Embracing Our Roots to Build Solidarity” Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Concert will be premiered on the Arizona Arts YouTube channel on May 15th at 4 PM!

This event is co-presented by Arizona Arts, Applied Intercultural Arts Research Program at the University of Arizona, and Tucson Chinese Cultural Center, and organized by Jing Xia, director of Purple Bamboo Asian Music Ensemble and doctoral student at the Applied Intercultural Arts Research. In this concert, musicians from different cultures will come together to perform music in celebration of the Asian American Pacific Islander heritage and in support of solidarity to unite people across borders. This concert features 25 international artists along with 7 speakers from East Asian Studies, Asian Pacific American Student Affair, Pima County Public Library, and National REACH Coalition. These artists will bring the music from China, Japan, Korea, India, Hawaii, Argentina, Greece, Mexico, and the Middle East.

We hope that our sonic message can be heard by more people and can build bridges to promote intercultural understanding. We are looking forward to your presence at this concert. 

American Premiere: May15, 4 PM, MST

Asian Premiere: May 15, 4 PM, CST

Viewing Platform: Arizona Arts YouTube Channel, Purple Bamboo Ensemble Bilibili Channel

Concert Contact: xiajing@email.arizona.edu

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