The top ten news of the Southern California Chinese Association in 2021 announced

Los Angeles (December 21, 2021)-Chinese American NGO Research Association, North American Chinese New Media Poll Center, “The Los Angeles Post” and other institutions jointly announced on December 21 the “Southern California Chinese Association 2021 October “Big News” selection results.

The selection results are based on professional polls, focusing on the radiation, influence and media attention of news events; combined with comprehensive statistical methods such as online search rate rankings, social media traffic and voice volume. At the same time, this year’s selection continues to focus on the innovation of the activity model of the Chinese community; its own performance in terms of sustainable development. This is the 13th consecutive year that related organizations have released the selection results of the “Top Ten News of the Southern California Chinese Associations of the Year”. The selection results will be published in both Chinese and English.

The selection agency said that through the selected news events, it can be found that the activities of Chinese associations, new generations, and international student groups in 2021 will resume traditional offline activities, while emerging online activities have also shown an increasingly mature and normalized mode. , Especially in the aspects of humanities, culture and art exchanges, it has shown a broader and cross-regional influence.

In chronological order of events, the top ten news of Southern California Chinese associations in 2021 are as follows:

  1. Initiated and sponsored by Zizhi Education, the “Zizhi New Year Concert” supported by the National Chinese Youth Federation, USC International Academy, a public welfare platform for your progress, and the Los Angeles Post. It will be held online simultaneously in Washington, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, Paris, Amsterdam and other places as early as January 31. Outstanding young artists and performance groups from all over the world brought an artistic feast full of festive joy, cultural integration, and warm healing energy to nearly 4,000 online audiences on various platforms. It is the first large-scale Spring Festival Gala to be broadcast live online in Southern California.
  2. From April 9th ​​to 11th, the 12th Harvard China Education Forum with the participation of Southern California institutions was held in the form of a global simultaneous live broadcast. The forum is the public welfare platform with the longest attention and greatest influence on Chinese education among the top universities in the United States. The forum aims to connect Chinese and American education practitioners, scholars, policy makers, and leaders from all walks of life, promote discussions related to Chinese education and support education practices, exchange views, and showcase results.
  3. To celebrate the annual “Asia-Pacific Cultural Inheritance Month”, “Embracing Our Roots to Build Solidarity” (Embracing Our Roots to Build Solidarity) Asian-Pacific Traditional Concert premiered on the Arizona Arts YouTube channel on May 15th, music Artists from different cultural backgrounds will be invited to share their perception of music and affirm the unique position of Asian culture in the world. This concert is co-presented by Arizona Arts, Applied Intercultural Arts Research Graduate Interdisciplinary program, and Purple Bamboo Asian music ensemble at the University of Arizona. And The All-American Chinese Youth Federation (AACYF) and the Los Angeles Post (LAPost) participated in the support.
  4. On May 20, 2021, “The Push Art Exhibition” curated by The Push art group initiated and established by Chinese young artists opened at High Line Nine, a well-known gallery in Manhattan, New York. The exhibition brought together 12 artists active in the contemporary art circle in New York. They used their artistic creations and works to present their resistance to the social problem of “violence against Asians”. The exhibition has attracted extensive attention from the industry and all walks of life. At the same time, it is also supported by the Asian American Legal Protection and Education Foundation (AALDEF), the All-American Chinese Youth Federation (AACYF), the Los Angeles Post (LAPost) and the Li Tang community in New York.
  5. With the goal of inheriting and promoting the excellent traditions of Chinese calligraphy art and calligraphy culture, the first “Yan Zhenqing Award” International Youth Calligraphy Competition and the “Wang Xizhi Award” First International Calligraphy Creation Competition hosted by the International Calligraphy Association registered in California were held in September The official opening was announced in Los Angeles on the 30th.
  6. Many Chinese organizations in Southern California have held many events to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the Revolution of 1911. On October 2nd, the Southern California Cantonese Friendship Association held a commemorative event at the former residence of the mayor of South Pasadena where Sun Yat-sen once stayed. On October 11, the 100-year-old traditional overseas Chinese association Luoshengtaishan Ningyang Guild, Ningqiao Association, and the All-American Chinese Youth Federation jointly organized a commemorative event in Los Angeles Chinatown, which is the only Xinhai Revolution held in Los Angeles Chinatown this year. Commemoration of the 110th anniversary.
  7. In order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Los Angeles Chinatown Massacre in 1871, the China American Museum, in cooperation with the American American Research Center of Los Angeles and the Asia-Pacific Center, organized an eight-day video series commemorative event from October 17th to 24th. , Including live performances and seminars with unique insights. To commemorate the darkest chapter in the 150-year history of Los Angeles, condemning this historic act of racial violence and the growing hatred of Asians facing Los Angeles and communities across the country.
  8. On November 14th and 20th, the non-profit organization “Los Angeles Moms Group” (MomsInLA) held two gratitude gift events in Arcadia and Walnut City respectively. More than 3,000 people participated in the event and were loved by Chinese parents and children. . It is the offline activity of the Chinese with the largest number of participants in the Los Angeles area after the epidemic.
  9. On the evening of November 21, the Chinese Students and Scholars Association of the University of Southern California resumed the annual “Southern California Elite Meeting” event to provide international students with a social service platform for direct exchanges with industry elites, attracting outstanding China from many well-known universities in Southern California International students participate. This is the first large-scale offline event for Chinese students in Southern California since the epidemic.
  10. On December 5th, the “Be An Culture” team, dedicated to telling the stories of overseas Chinese, announced that starting from June 2020, it has successively launched 28 wonderful online lectures, including museum series and master series, covering topics Literature, history, art, humanities, technology and other topics are closely related to overseas Chinese. There are more than 100,000 views and clicks accumulated.