“AACYF Top 30 under 30” list releases, Class of 2022

Los Angeles, Ca, March 18, 2022 – AACYF Top 30 under 30” 2022 list was unveiled by the All America Chinese Youth Federation, LAPost, Chinese American Institute for Public Diplomacy in Los Angeles on March 18, 2022.

This annual selection is the first in the United States and overseas for Chinese youth and international students. It is considered to be one of the most authoritative and influential awards in the youth entrepreneurship circle in the United States.

The organizer stated that through multiple rounds of screening such as primary selection and one-by-one interviews, entrepreneurial elites from different industries and young elites in professional fields were selected from among many outstanding candidates. Metaverse; new energy, carbon neutrality, environmental protection; financial and investment services; education services, consulting, cross-border e-commerce, consumer services, and personal achievements in film and television culture, art, scientific research, and architectural design .

At the same time, continuing the setting of previous years, there are still two categories of the same level, 2022 Cal C U30 (5 winners) and special awards (10 winners). This year’s selection rate was 5.28%. Among them, artificial intelligence, algorithms, and metaverse; cutting-edge technologies such as new energy and carbon neutrality are newly added categories this year.

According to AACYF Top 30 under 30 List Judging Committee: they are most important young entrepreneurs, creative leaders and brightest stars for our Chinese communities’ future.

Consumer Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Metaverse (10):

Dr. Lun Yu is the Co-founder and CTO at Metanovas Biotech, a VC-backed AI for drug discovery startup. At Metanovas, Dr. Yu leads the team in building large scale biomedical knowledge graph and applying state-of-art machine learning models to discover novel disease targets. Prior to Metanovas, Dr. Yu led the Personalization Team at United Health Group as Principal Data Scientist, building recommender systems and search engine to improve patients’ digital experience and health outcome. Dr. Yu received Ph.D. degree from MIT and holds two US patents.

Metanovas Biotech is an AI for drug discovery startup founded in 2021. It focuses on target identification and early drug discovery. Founded by biologists, bioinformaticians and AI researchers from MIT, Stanford, Yale, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and BenevolentAI, Metanovas aims to transform the pharmaceutical industry by combining life science with AI. With the help of multi-omics data and large scale biomedical knowledge graph, Metanovas develops state-of-art machine learning models to yield unprecedented insights of disease mechanisms, discover novel disease targets and design first-in-class drugs in a faster and more precise way.  Since foundation, Metanovas has formed collaboration with hospitals, academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies, including Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center, Tsinghua University and Xianju Pharmaceutical, and has successfully delivered positive results in a very short time. Metanovas was accepted into NIVIDA Inception Accelerator program in 2021 and so far has raised over 5 million dollar from top-tier biotech/biomedical VCs. Metanovas has offices in both US and China.

Xiao Zhang is a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University, he also holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics from Peking University. He has focused on the application of AI in accelerator physics during his PhD study, and has published dozens of papers in top SCI journals. Xiao is the former chairman of the Chinese Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) and the vice chairman of Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (ACSSS). Xiao is also a serial entrepreneur. He is the founder of Collov, and has founded several startup companies in the fields of graph neural network and AI recommendation. On an academic and practical basis, Xiao has a deep understanding of the application of artificial intelligence in the business field.

Collov is a technology company that aims to create high quality virtual interior design and personalized shopping available to everyday people using AI and AR technologies. We have a diverse and talented team of engineers, algorithm scientists, designers and creators from around the world, Most of Collov founding team members are Stanford-affiliated, including from GSB, CS and Applied Physics, etc.

We want to bring automation to the interior design world. The way interior design is currently done is archaic. Our core AI team has been actively seeking to apply the most cutting-edge AI/AR technologies to create and  improve Collov’s product. Our app uses AR technology to provide an easy way for customers to measure their home. We work closely with OpenAI’s research team and have deployed their CLIP model which greatly improved Collov’s image searching performance. We also work closely with members from Stanford AI Lab and have developed Collov’s own GAN model, which beats the performance of IKEA’s GAN. Our AI team has also fine tuned the Mask RCNN model from Detectron2 for our object detection function, implemented a panoptic segmentation model from Detectron2 for analyzing interior design photos, and used U square net for background removal. It’s been exciting for our AI team to bring many cutting-edge academic research results into such a real life application, while greatly improving the product we bring to our customer, and therefore the customer’s experience in creating their home. The fast growth rate of Collov attracts multiple top VCs’ investment, we received $10 millions series pre-A round investment from Matrix, Mindworks, Baidu co-founder Ming Lei, etc, and we are expanding our team and market in fast pace.

Xiangru Tang, a Ph.D. student from 2022, Department of Computer Science, and was an M.S student at Yale University from 2021. Xiangru is currently a committee chair of the graduate student assembly at Yale. He is the co-founder of Altru, a web 3.0 healthcare start-up. The company was selected as a partner of the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY). He is also the founding president of the Entrepreneurs Association of Yale International Students, making it one of the most active U.S. non-profit organizations in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Xiangru’s research area is artificial intelligence. He has served as a consultant of the Shenzhen Artificial Intelligence Association. He has worked as an intern in Microsoft Research Asia, Sinovation Ventures, Tencent AI Lab, and participated in the Facebook-University cooperation project. His research was selected by the MoE–Google industry-university cooperative education project. He has won the first prize of the 6th National Youth AI Innovation Award issued by the Chinese Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAAI), the first prize of the Huawei Cloud Cup AI Application Innovation Competition, the champion of DeeCamp Program, and the runner-up of the Yale Healthcare Hackathon.

Xiangru once initiated the “AI Fictional-World” project to “teach” AI creation. The project was subsequently extended to the “Co-Creation” project. My “AI Fictional-World” is helping 11 science fiction authors write new stories for publication every week, reported by People’s Daily, Xinhuanet, and other dozens of media. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Xiangru used deep learning to detect epidemic-related fake news and blocked the spread of it in a timely manner, contributing to the prevention and control of the epidemic. The project won the champion of the Beijing Data Open Innovation Application Competition sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology and the China Computer Federation. Beijing Satellite TV, China Youth Daily, and other media reported related reward activities.

Altru: Creating a Web 3.0 Healthcare Ecosystem – powered by blockchain and our unique cryptocurrency, $ATLRU token, we plan to create a healthcare model which incentivizes patients to share their medical data, choose healthy behaviors, and improve their wellbeing.

Zongjian He is currently a master’s student at Yale University. Besides being a dedicated serial entrepreneur, Zongjian actively participates in early-stage venture capital investment. Zongjian is also a Yale Chinese Basketball team member and an avid car racing enthusiast.

From Dec. 2020 to the present, Zongjian is the co-founder of Aspecta.ai, a startup that values about tens of million USD in the most recent financing round. Aspecta.ai implements the most frontier artificial intelligence and Web 3.0 technology to build a revolutionary Meta Workspace for talent recruiting, team collaboration, and project management, all on the cloud.

Furthermore, as an outstanding member at Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale (Tsai CITY), Zongjian receives all entrepreneur awards and has been consecutively selected for all levels of incubator programs. In this period, Zongjian appeared on the official media of Tsai CITY as the only Chinese entrepreneur.

Aspecta.ai is not the first entrepreneurial attempt that Zongjian made. From Aug. 2016 to Dec. 2017, Zongjian served as co-founder of Uniworld. Inc, where Zongjian and his team managed to break the social barrier between college students. By creating a concept of “light socialization”, and utilizing the online platform to empower offline activities, the team succeeded in attracting over 5k+ active users.

Zongjian interned at Zhenfund with a primary focus on the field of technology and currently serves as the Zhenfund’s Investment Representative in North America.

Zongjian founded the Yale China Venture Club (YCVC), the first Chinese community focused on investment and entrepreneurship at Yale. YCVC connects global resources and unites elite organizations to host a series of events to help entrepreneurs grow, connect, and incubate innovative ideas and startups. Now, Yale China Venture Club (YCVC) changed its name to Yale Venture Club of Students and Scholars (YVC) with a mission to connect investors and entrepreneurs beyond Chinese community.

Sandy Jin Founder & CEO of Versetech

Graduated from Yale University, Sandy is a serial entrepreneur. He has worked at Bain Consulting, and was in charge of operations and products at Didi and Tantan. Versetech is a start-up company located in Shanghai. The company is committed to the development of Vland, a Virtual-Space-as-a- Service platform that enables virtual live interactive experiences where everyone can design and create. The company is backed by top VC funds.

Vland.live was founded in May 2021, with the founding team coming from the world’s top universities such as Yale University, Cornell University, Qinghua University, and other well-known companies such as ByteDance, Alibaba, Tantan, Bain, and Morgan Stanley. Within six months of its establishment, the company has completed tens of millions of RMB in angel and Pre-A rounds of financing, with the angel round led by “Shunwei Capital” and the Pre-A round led by “Sequoia China”.

The team has a number of virtual reality and computer vision technologies, which aim to create a Virtual Space as a Service (VSaaS) social interaction cloud platform by combining real-time audio and video technology with gamification scene generation technology. At the same time, Vland.live is committed to building “a virtual live interactive cloud platform that everyone can design and create,”providing various industries with the ability to create virtual spaces and facilitating the interconnection of the “real economy and real society” with the “virtual world”.

Henry Yan: Founder of Metaverse AI and formerly product manager at Meta/Facebook focused on mixed reality(XR) applications.  Metaverse AI is basked by top-tier Silicon Valley VCs including Kleiner Perkins (KPCB), Animoca, Draper VC, etc in 8-figure venture funding.  Metaverse AI builds AI-powered virtual human engine and virtual celebrities for Fortune 500 companies, fashion brands, electronics companies, etc.  Henry was previously a senior product manager at Facebook/Meta, and has created a number of mixed reality applications with tens of millions of MAUs. The company was selected into the Wharton Business School Accelerator, and Henry has given speech at Stanford University, Duke and Wharton。

Metaverse AI builds the Open Metaverse with AI-powered Virtual humans and Metaverse NFT applications.  The exciting tech is built on multi-chain stack including Ethereum, Filecoin, NEAR Protocol, DFinity, Polygon and other leading ecosystems.

Metaverse AI is invested by World-leading VC including Kleiner Perkins (facebook investor), Animoca Brands (Sandbox Owner), Draper Associates, Filecoin, Delta Blockchain Funds, LongHash, etc.

Robert Zhao,graduated from Babson College, While studying in Boston, he founded Taihill Venture, an early-stage fund for deep Technology, and led the early investment in XtalPi, Lightelligence, Resolute Bio, Bioscience and other star technology companies. After that, he established the world’s first anti-aging technology research and development company driven by artificial intelligence and cloud supercomputing in Boston in 2021 and obtained angel financing of ten million DOLLARS invested by the head fund.

Regenerative Bio was born in Boston. It was incubated by Forcefield Ventures, the early-stage fund for biotechnology. It is the world’s first longevity biotech company driven by artificial intelligence and cloud supercomputer. The company is committed to combining AI pharmaceutical technology with biology, exploring ingredients, formulations and therapies with anti-aging effects, solving a series of health problems caused by human aging, and extending human healthspan. At present, the company has received ten million USD angel round financing from IMO Ventures, 5Y Capital, K2VC, Uphonest Capital and Yael Capital.

Alina Rui Su

Founder and CEO of NovaXS Biotech. Many years of experience in international biomedical health innovation and technology transformation. Multiple medical device patents inventor. Berkeley Lawrence National Laboratory regenerative medicine and stem cell researcher. Participated in the development of Allojoin, the first mesenchymal stem cell drug in China.  Currently the World Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) focuses on the Asia-pacific region biomedical technology development and innovation. Foresight Institute Research Director In Biotechnology & Health Division. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leader of U8 World Innovation Summit, Leader of MIT-Chief Sino-US Entrepreneurship and Innovation Summit, Chairman of Berkeley ISPE International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Translational Medicine and Stem Cell Association.  Proficient in Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese.  With passion helping early-stage innovative technologies translating into high-impact entities.

NovaXS Biotech is on a mission to empower warm and accessible healthcare to all. The company focuses on CRISPR nanoparticle novel gene therapy delivery for degenerative diseases such as DMD orphan disease ( Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy syndrome), with a smart needle-free injection medical device platform.  NovaXS was co-founded by Professor Irina Conboy, with Lei Ming, founder of Baidu, leading the seed round. NovaXs has signed clinical cooperation agreements with iAmerican medical device giant Baxter International, Mont Carmel Hospital and Edward-Elmhurst Hospital.

Deng Wenhao: Founder and CEO of Azure Dynamics. Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Superior Honors) from The Ohio State University, and Master of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania. Dropped out of school and returned to China to start a business during his PhD study at the University of Melbourne on a full scholarship. He has worked in the Microsystems and Nanosystems Laboratory of Ohio State University, the Soft Tissue Biomechanics Laboratory of the University of California, Berkeley, the Modular Robotics Laboratory of the University of Pennsylvania, and the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory of the University of Melbourne, Australia; has rich experience in innovative research and teamwork experience. Published 8 academic papers in internationally renowned academic journals, and obtained a total of 35 American and Chinese invention patents and software patents. Published the book “Artificial Intelligence: Theoretical Foundation + Commercial Implementation + Practical Scenarios + Case Analysis”. Obtained the American Mechanical Engineer certification, is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and is a member of the Secretariat of the European and American Alumni Association. He has many entrepreneurial experiences in the United States and China, and has led entrepreneurial projects in the direction of artificial intelligence that have received millions of dollars in financing.

Zelin Pu was graduated from the university of Michigan, Ann Arbor in May, 2019. Shortly after his graduation, Zelin joined A2SYS lab as a computer vision research assistant. With the help of Prof. Ella Atkins, he established KIRAIN INC with a few Chinese co researchers and started to provide algorithm development service for AI related labs among top universities. Zelin went back to China in late 2020 and his company got accepted into ICAMPUS, an accelerator of AstraZeneca. His company provide artificial intelligence related drug synthesis simulation service for top pharmaceutical companies like AstraZeneca and Shanghai Pharma.

New energy, carbon neutrality, environmental protection (5 ):

Aijun (Adrian) Li, I got a Ph.D. from Peking University (China) and joint Ph.D. from Columbia University (USA). I am Co-founder and CTO of Beijing golden feather new energy technology Co., Ltd. I have won Hurun U30, Forbes China U30, the Grant award of the 47th Geneva international invention exhibition and the 11th China Youth Science and Technology Innovation Award. As a representative of youth entrepreneurship, I was invited to attend the 70th anniversary National Day military parade. I am engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of new battery technology, and has published more than 20 papers in Joule, Advanced Materials, Nano Energy and other international top journals. The >400Wh/kg semi-solid lithium metal battery developed is in a leading position in the world. It has applied for 31 China patents and 1 USA patent, and has been tested by authoritative institutions. It is the first to carry out mass production and import in the industry. The lithium metal battery independently developed by the candidate’s team can increase the endurance mileage of products such as electric vehicles and electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts by more than 50% under the same weight, and solve the mileage anxiety of products.

Beijing golden feather new energy technology Co., Ltd (www.gfenergy.com) is a high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D and manufacturing of new semi-solid lithium metal battery. It has successively become Zhongguancun golden seed enterprise (No. 2017160), listed on Dachuang board of Beijing equity exchange center (Company code 300049), small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise (No. 201811010800001736), Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise (No. 20182010248907), and national high-tech enterprise (No. GR202111000390). The developed >400Wh/kg semi-solid lithium metal battery is in a leading position in the world, and It is the first to carry out mass production and import in the industry. It can increase the endurance mileage of products such as electric vehicles and electric vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts by more than 50% under the same weight. At present, the semi-solid lithium metal battery has completed multiple batches of production on the first lithium metal production line, and has been delivered to customers such as drones, electric vehicles, and vertical take-off and landing aircraft for trial use. The company plans to achieve revenue of 100 million yuan in 2022, and has begun preparations for listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

Terry Liu, after receiving bachelor degree from robotics engineering in University of Toronto, he finished my master degree in the Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Science, supervised by Professor Chongjie Zhang. In 2020, Terry founded Zealen with his supervisor and classmates.

Zealen Technology was founded in December 2020. The founding team is from the Institute of Interdisciplinary Information Science, Tsinghua University. Zealen already got angel investment from Miracleplus and Turing AI Institute of Nanjing. Zealen dedicates to the implementation of advanced artificial intelligence technology in the field of wind power generation. At present, Zealen has developed a multi-source fusion intelligent perception technology, which integrates multi-dimensional data. Zealen combines remote sensing satellites, ground weather stations, wind measurement radars, and wind farm operation data with deep learning algorithms and intelligent control algorithms to create a more efficiency wind farm operation and maintenance system. The smart wind farm operation and maintenance system helps to relieve the problems of low power generation stability, low power generation efficiency, low security, and high investment costs in the current wind power industry. Zealen aims to accelerate carbon neutrality by improving the grid friendliness and reducing investment cost of sustainable energy.

Yakun Jiang graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.S. degree on mathematics and Economics. She is a serial entrepreneur, co-founded the Majoris Energy which dedicates to provide traditional energy companies with green mining technologies to achieve carbon neutrality goals. She has worked for Hillhouse Capital, Tencent, etc. and holding copious experience in primary and secondary markets.

Currently she is the co-founder of Majoris Energy. Cooperating with foreign academicians and leading experts in the field of oil reservoir, she led the team to develop an intelligent reservoir characterization prediction platform and CCUS oil recovery equipment based on IoT. The platform provides data-driven decisions to support geoscientists and E&P decision makers, can increase the efficiency of geological studies by hundredfold. The CCUS oil recovery equipment can capture the CO2 and N2 produced by burning fuel and injecting it into the reservoir to achieve zero carbon emissions in the heavy oil extraction process, while reducing fuel consumption by 70% and raising recovery rate by 104%. 15 million RMB revenue has been achieved thus far in 2021. It is expected to reduce 12 million tons of carbon dioxide for the oilfield in 3 years, promote traditional energy enterprises to achieve emission reduction goals, and contribute to carbon neutrality.

She is also the founder of WinLand, a business solution competition platform based on selected patents. With mission of accelerating the process of China’s technological patent transformation, she is collaborating with Zhongguancun and Columbia University Startup Accelerator in China to create a new type of entrepreneurship competition, WinLand, attracting commercial teams on a large scale to design products and business plans for the selected technological patents, and bringing in funding for winning projects.

Jerry Huang (Harvard BA in Computer Science and Statistics) founded Shizu Technologies, a carbon-neutrality digitalization startup in Shanghai, after noticing that manufacturing companies were often not fully equipped for a carbon-neutral transformation. Shizu currently serves over 100 clients in the manufacturing industry, providing a real-time carbon footprint and carbon asset management system. Clients include top companies include Siemens, NIO, and FAW (First Automation Work Group).

Shizu technologies is a green SaaS service dedicated to reducing the operational energy consumption of manufacturing industry. Shizu currently serves over 100 clients in the manufacturing industry, providing a real-time carbon footprint and carbon asset management system. Clients include top companies include Siemens, NIO, and FAW (First Automation Work Group).

The ancestor team came from Harvard, Dartmouth, Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Siemens, Microsoft, Oriental Low Carbon, ByteDance, etc. The company has passed the screening rate of 1.2% of 4,500 companies, and was invested by Qiji Chuangtan, led by Mr. Lu Qi, former president of Baidu Group and global vice president of Microsoft.

Zhenjie Luo, I graduated from the Australia Federation University with a bachelor’s degree in Applied Economics and Finance, and then went to the University of Southern California in 2015 to pursue a graduate study in Social Entrepreneurship. In view of the start of the domestic waste sorting boom, combined with the family business’s years of experience in the solid waste treatment industry, I decided to return to China in the first year of my studies at USC. With the “source disposal of kitchen waste” as the core, I founded Shenzhen ZT Bio-Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

As a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production of environmental protection equipment and providing environmental pollution and control solutions, the company already owns 14 independent intellectual property rights and 19 applied patented technologies. Our company’s large, medium, and small level integrated waste treatment patented technologies have been applied in many places at home and abroad and have been widely recognized, covering Singapore, the Philippines, Shenzhen, Hainan, Chengdu, Weinan, Hefei, Beijing and other three countries, 36 areas. The average daily processing capacity of a single project ranges from 100 kg to 100 tons. Based on the original technology, the company has developed various new types of kitchen waste treatment equipment and has strategically cooperated with Hilton Hotel Group to reduce the amount of kitchen waste at the source by up to 95%! And it was reported by Shenzhen Daily and TV station; our company is committed to providing more excellent full-end solutions for waste classification and kitchen waste source reduction.

Scientific research personal achievement category: (2)

Xudong Lv obtained his BS in physics and economics from Peking university, and his PhD from UC Berkeley. He is currently a joint postdoc fellow at Caltech and UC Berkeley. He is also a venture partner at Taihill venture. Xudong’s PhD advisor is Wolf Prize laureate, a pioneer in magnetic resonances. Xudong has published more than 10 papers in the top journals. One of the papers, for which Xudong is the first author and the leader of research, was published at PNAS. The work was reported by more than 10 media outlets including Berkeley News, MIT Technology Review, OSA, Physics world, etc.. Xudong is currently working with Dan Stamper-Kurn, director of CIQC and Manuel Endres, who invented the bottom-up approach to create defect-free atom arrays with optical tweezers for quantum simulation and quantum computation. The platform is powerful and is regarded as one of the most promising platforms to realize industry level quantum computation. In addition, Xudong is also the chair of Global Chinese Entrepreneurs Alliance(GCEA) and board member of Chinese Entrepreneur Organization (CEO).

Dr. Jiachen Zhang works in the Mobile Source Analysis Branch at the California Air Resources Board, where she contributed to its pioneering efforts in science-based environmental policies to mitigate air pollution and global climate change. Specifically, she estimated the greenhouse gas emissions from Uber and Lyft by analyzing their massive trip-level data, projected zero-emission vehicle market share using consumer choice models, and improved California’s on-road mobile source emissions inventory model. These original research projects have supported first-of-its-kind policies aimed at promoting electric vehicles and reducing air pollution emissions. Dr. Zhang is also a part-time lecturer at the University of Southern California (USC), teaching Air Pollution Fundamentals.

Dr. Zhang earned her Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the University of Southern California and her B.S. in Atmospheric Sciences from Peking University. She utilized various climate and air quality models to promote a deeper understanding of the causes, interactions, and consequences of air pollution and climate change, as well as to pursue engineering methods and policy measures that can mitigate them. For example, she improved a global chemistry transport model for measuring the transport and transformation of black carbon in the atmosphere, quantified the contribution of black carbon from different countries, and provided insight into collaboratively reducing atmospheric black carbon. Her project funded by the California Energy Commission was the first study to assess the climate and air quality effects of adopting solar reflective “cool walls” and systematically compare those with “cool roofs” using regional meteorology and air quality models. She presented her research findings to various stakeholders and inspired the U.S. Green Building Council to give LEED building credits for using “cool walls.” Furthermore, to help the City of Los Angeles better understand the environmental consequences of different paths to achieve its 100% renewable energy target, her postdoc project developed emissions inventory for future energy supply and consumption scenarios. Dr. Zhang has published 17 peer-reviewed articles (5 as the lead author) in top journals.

Architectural Design Personal Achievement Category: (3)

Growing up in an architect family, Curtis Li, is provoked to pursue this profession at an early stage of life. Prior to opening his own studio, he practiced in China focused on urban scale architectural intervention. After graduation in MArch program in USC, he curated Curtis Su Associates in Los Angeles, an active practice engaged in commercial and residential Interior Design. In the meantime, he is a partner and project manager for Whistler Construction, which pushes his own design into reality. He narrated himself as a designer knows best of the builders, and strongly holds the belief that the design can be evoked with practice’s interaction. His professional mall projects are widely recoginized among some highest level landlords in the US, which includes Westfield Century City, Americana at Brand, Simon, Starwoods, The Palazzo Casino and Resorts, and more.

Chloe Fan is the CEO of Design with FRANK, a simple and intelligent design web app that empowers people to create their dream home in a few clicks. Chloe Fan studied at the Cooper Union in Manhattan under a full-tuition scholarship. She achieved the highest academic honor by receiving Toni & David Yarnell award for excellence in architecture. Her thesis work was also exhibited worldwide and published in Wallpaper* magazine.

Her work was exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 2018. She has participated in large museum projects, including the Grand Canal Museum and the Museum of the Treasure of San Gennaro in Naples. She also collaborated on a large-scale 3D printer exhibited at the Venice Biennale of architecture. Her invention “Instant Lounge,” a 3D printer that prints furniture in real-time, was revealed in the Shenzhen Bi-city Architecture and Urbanism Biennial in 2019-2020.

Chloe was the youngest teacher at the New York Institute of Technology, where she taught a design studio. She also taught at the Cooper Union STEM program and international workshops in Barcelona and Zhuhai.

He Jingfei, architect, curator, writer, co-founder of Sakai Studio, Master of Architecture at Yale University.

Individual achievements in film, culture and art: (3)

Yoson An is a Chinese-New Zealand Actor. He began his acting career in 2012, and has rapidly added an impressive collection of credits to his resume. Some of which include The Meg, Mortal Engines, and Mega Time Squad. Yoson made his Hollywood debut by playing the romantic lead in Disney’s Live-Action “Mulan” (2020). He was also most recently cast as a supporting lead in Lionsgate “The Plane”, starring alongside Gerard Butler, who also produced the movie.

Television highlights include the HBO Asia mini-series Grace; SBS’s crime thriller Dead Lucky, starring alongside Rachel Griffiths; Warner Bros. comedy series Fresh Eggs; BBC’s The Luminaries; Roseanne Liang’s Creamerie on Hulu; and most recently the lead role at “Shing” in Goalpost Pictures’ New Gold Mountain streaming on Sundance Now.

When off camera, Yoson also works behind the scenes as a filmmaker. He executive produced “The Harvest” in 2021 with his Mulan costar Doua Moua, with the film set for festival circuits in 2022. He has also recently written his own short film “JOHN”, which he has directed and starred in.

Yuntong Wu is an interdisciplinary artist and a curator, who currently lives and works in Pomona Arts Colony, Los Angeles County. She operates the Progress Gallery as the gallery director, and has curated solo and group shows for over 50 artists.

She obtained her master’s degree in fine art from San Francisco Art Institute in 2019. She graduated with the nomination to the Headland Graduate Fellowship and the AICAD Post-graduate Teaching Fellowship. She had her first solo show in 2019 in the International Art Museum of America in San Francisco. She is invited to give a speech in the Pomona College as a guest artist at March 3rd. 2022. Her work has been exhibited and collected in the United States, Germany, and China.

Tanxuan Shi, young director and screenwriter; Committed to telling Chinese stories well in the visual language of commercial films.

Tanxuan graduates from the Beijing Film Academy with a bachelor’s degree, and successfully applies for the government fund for Co-operation Graduation Projects through fierce competition during the school. He directs the film MISDIRECTION produced by the Youth Film Studio, This film is not only the first co-operation graduation project led by undergraduate in Management Department of Beijing Film Academy, but also the first real commercial genre in o-operation graduation projects of Beijing Film Academy in 2015.

He goes to Hollywood for further studies and receives the double MFA degree in directing and screenwriting from the New York Film Academy. In recent years, Tanxuan and his team have been committed to using Hollywood’s narrative mode to tell Chinese stories well.

The short film Lip Reader: Game of Detective directed by him win nearly 30 domestic and foreign awards, including the “Best New Wave Chinese Filmmaker” at the 23rd LA Shorts International Short Film Festival certified by the Academy Awards. In 2019, ICC Film Lab holds a signing ceremony for the feature version of Lip Reader: Game of Detective at the TCL Chinese Theater in Los Angeles. The short film Magician: Game of Detective directed by him wins more than 40 awards around the world including the “Best Short Film of the year – First Place” at the 15th Chinese-American Film Festival, and becomes the only selected short that is screened in the IMAX theater for the 9th Wuxi short Film Festival. Award-winning film. Magician: Game of Detective is based on the idea of using the principle of traditional ancient Chinese tricks to assist the FBI solving cases to combine both eastern and western culture elements, and is already in the process of developing the feature version.

He hopes to present Chinese culture in a special way that other filmmakers have not used before. These projects that mentioned before, creates an original movie universe of Game of Detectives, which is also a new commercial attempt.

At present, Tanxuan Shi has completed the filming of the indie film LIVE STREAM, which aims to explore the zombie sci-fi genre with Chinese culture, he combining the current popular live stream broadcast with the zombie elements favored by young audiences, and work with a lot of excellent Chinese actors such as Chen Tang who was in Disney’s Mulan.

Financial and investment services: (1)

Yankun Lin (Alex), Founding partner and chairman

Graduated from the University of Southern California with a master’s degree in financial mathematics from the USC. He studied in the United States for eight years and won the state basketball championship and the gold medal in the individual chess competition. Under the tutelage of the Nobel Prize in Economics nominee Michael J. P. Magill, he won the school’s highest honor several times and entered the principal’s list of recognition. FRM certificate holder, SAS certified senior programmer. He once worked in Fortune 500 financial institutions in the United States and the domestic TOP3 securities firm research institute, focusing on quantitative trading strategies and risk control system construction, creating a digital and intelligent value investment model. If the secondary market is the blood of the economy, then the primary market is the stem cell of the economy. We firmly believe that the primary market is the driving force behind China’s supply-side reform. Founded Deju Fund in 2018. Adhering to the value investment philosophy of being upright and surprising, starting with the end, advocating creative independent thinking and first-principles thinking, I believe that everything has an inevitable cause and effect relationship.

Deju Brothers venture Capital is an early stage venture capital institution focusing on TMT and large consumer sectors. The core team has a dual background of finance and industry, with members from middle and high level in the finance, consumer Internet, and technology industries. The consultant team brings together industry experts in retail channels, brand marketing, and product design and development. By virtue of differentiated investment strategies, and relying on the background and industrial resources of Ali, Meituan, ByteDance, Huawei, Philips and DNS, Deju Brothers venture Capital can give priority to collecting outstanding talents, excavating high-quality projects, and providing more capabilities for the invested enterprises. At present, it has invested in more than 20 high-potential startups such companies such as Blue Arrow Aerospace, MADGAZE, Nowwa Coffee, SNOW51, ZhenweiXiaomeiyuan, RAW.J, Grain Planet, etc. All the preliminary projects are currently receiving rapid development and subsequent capital favors.

Consulting: (1)

Yifan Bruce Zou served as an international project manager for the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development, specializing in Chinese investment and international trade. Born in China’s Jiangsu Province, Zou immigrated to the United States and lived in Windermere, Florida, for several years before moving to Kentucky in 2012. He attended the University of Kentucky and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance, minoring in international business. Zou studied at Patterson School of International Commerce and Diplomacy and later earned a master’s degree in public administration with an in-depth focus on public-private partnerships from the University of Pennsylvania. Zou is currently a doctoral candidate at Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania In June 2016, Zou started his career as an intern with KCED as an international commerce specialist, participating in trade seminars, overseas trade missions and trade shows to promote the state in international markets and serve as an ombudsman to foreign companies. He took a fulltime position with the cabinet in 2018. He was responsible for attracting new foreign direct investment to Kentucky and providing assistance to foreign-owned companies currently operating in the state, with his primary focus on China-related initiatives. He had spoken on various international economic development related panels. And he organized serval trade missions led by state’s key officials, events such as SelectUSA Investment Summit, China International Import Expo, China Smart Expo, U.S.-China Governors’ Collaboration Summit, and so on. Zou is currently working as an international business consultant who possesses the necessary skills in providing solutions and services to companies with challenges related to international payment and logistics, site selections, custom regulations, and tax incentives. His expertise may apply to the following markets: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia. Zou has visited over 20 countries and is fluent in English and Mandarin, and he speaks business Korean. He currently resides in Lexington, Kentucky.

Educational & Consumer Services: (4)

Jenny Yue Zeng, Founder & CEO of PAGE Eudaemonia, CCTV Star of Outlook English Speaking and Talent Competition National Champion out of 1.5 million contestants. Jenny is an alumna of Phillips Academy Andover ’13, Cornell University ’17, and Columbia University ’19. After graduating from Cornell University with a dual degree in Sociology and Performing & Media Arts, she continued her graduate study at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. During which she led her start-up PAGE Eudaemonia to win one of the grand prizes at Columbia EdTech Innovation Awards. 

Officially launched in 2018, PAGE Eudaemonia is committed to establishing authentic connections through education and cultivating aspiring young leaders to create positive influence in the world. With professional and systematic services, PAGE Eudaemonia strives to take on the responsibility to preserve and disseminate knowledge and goodness, to educate the next generation of global citizens, to promote a culture of broad inquiry beyond our own community, and to inspire our students and families to enhance the lives and livelihoods of everyone around the world. 

With family education as a medium, PAGE Eudaemonia aims to integrate the world’s top educational ideologies, resources, curriculums, and practices to provide students and families with the most globalized vision, the most diverse perspectives, and the most socially responsible education.

Jenny is also LP at EdBeta Fund, Forbes Global Alliance FGA500 Member, and Chaine des Rotisseurs Qingdao Bailliage Board Member. Since a young age, Jenny has dedicated herself to creating positive change in the society. Starting at 14, she has been working as the volunteer and ambassador of Qingdao Elim, the largest autistic children training center in China. Based on her outstanding leadership and civic duty, CCTV-12 Witness Program conducted a 30-minute exclusive interview on Jenny in 2012.

Yu Chengchao, the highest honorary bachelor of Syracuse University, the top 2% outstanding graduates of all majors, the project design has been exhibited as a college template for 3 consecutive years, and one of the first batch of students in the IB international high school curriculum system in China graduated with a high score of IB40. LEED GA registered green building designer of the US Green Building Council, founder of Yuanjian International Education. As one of the first domestic beneficiaries to receive education from the international curriculum system, the founder of Yuanjian has personally experienced the whole process of studying abroad, and has made every effort to assemble a team of top academic tutors in the industry to develop and polish a series of products based on “first principles”. Based on “first principles”, explore the nature of education planning and further studies, return to the logic of further education planning under the premise of fully understanding the international curriculum systems such as IGCSE, A-level, IB, AP, etc., and use deductive thinking combined with practical operations. Yuanjian’s service is based on “first principles”, based on a comprehensive understanding of the international curriculum system and application, combined with an excellent team of tutors, to bring the best results to students. We believe that only people who have experienced the whole process of international courses and study abroad, understand the working methods and admission standards of the admissions office, and are familiar with the growth and learning background of Chinese students can output the best results.

Haobin Huang is currently studying at Babson School of Business, majoring in Technology, Art & Entrepreneurship. Huang Haobin is currently the founder and CEO of Nanjing Weiyuan Zongheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., and a director of Beijing Zhiya Technology Holding Group Co., Ltd. Huang Haobin is also the co-founder and former Co-CEO of Beijing Keojia Co., Ltd. One of the members of Zhongguancun Youth Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Association. In today’s society, more and more students are faced with homogeneous competition, involution and other career development problems. The essence of these problems is that it is difficult for students to highlight their own advantages, differences and characteristics; even many students do not know their own What is the difference point of or how to develop your own difference point. At the same time, students are very confused about the career development trajectory of the people around them, immersed in useless social time, unable to really meet interesting people for common development. Under such fierce competition and unknown future, students now more than ever need a platform that can really help them achieve diversified development + effective social networking; thus, the half-zone was born.

Tommy Ma is the co-founder and CEO of iDeal Technology LLC. He is also a limited partner at Eastern Spring Capital. Tommy graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in computer science and business. At school, Tommy received high academic distinction from Schreyer Honors College. He also served as the president of the United Product Vision Club, which empowers students to initiate startups and find internships or full-time job opportunities. Before iDeal, Tommy worked as a product manager on the WeChat team at Tencent and the blockchain team at Microsoft. iDeal is a fast-growing company that helps users achieve sustainable lifestyles within the local community. The company aims to provide the ultimate solution for trading used products among users. By connecting users with local service providers, iDeal strives to make deals convenient and cost-efficient. iDeal has gained more than 3000+ registered users in the states shortly after six months of the app’s launching. The company has a monthly average of 5000+ transactions.

Cross-border e-commerce: (1)

Jugang Huang graduated from University of Southern California of the United States. When he was an undergraduate in China, he had already been a successful continuous entrepreneur. Not only did he buy and sell second-hand books, but he researched and developed smart watches. In the period of studying abroad, he pioneered the “Private Domain” agency purchase model, which created sales of 10 million RMB. Thanks to the development of International trade under the Internet plus era, he started the most important entrepreneurship in his life in 2017 – Cross-Border E-commerce, and he founded a US company called JULI LLC. In the past five years, he has created countless brands and sold Chinese products overseas through third-party platforms, such as Amazon and Wal-Mart. With the accumulation of the supply chain and the geographic advantages of the United States, he has built an international logistics network. His group had created sales of more than 200 million RMB by the end of 2021, with 50 employees worldwide and global warehouses covering an area of 30,000 square meters. With his insight into e-commerce platform, he connected resources together to enable the flows to bring economic returns in a cost-effective way in the field of cross-border e-commerce, thus benefiting his partners.

2021 Cal C 30 under 30: (5)

Yiwei Lu graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA degree in film production, and University of Southern California with a Master’s degree in Visual Anthropology. Yiwei has been working as an independent curator since 2019, and she founded Yiwei Gallery to feature Asian artists in America. Yiwei is also a columnist for Chinese Photographers and Chip Photo Video magazines. She has published more than 30 articles about photography.

Yiwei has become one of the most eminent and distinguished independent art curators for the millennial generation.  Born and raised in China, she strives to highlight the works of primarily Asian and female artists, photographers, and multi-media creatives through outside-the-box approaches. Whether that’s creating a platform to promote a client’s digital NFTs or incorporating a silent auction raising funds for the animal rescue initiative of artist Mark Edward Harris, an Australian photographer who was in the trenches of the wildfire disaster, Lu is consistently showcasing her artist’s works in imaginative and creative ways that have generated notice worldwide. After  doing pop-up exhibitions in Los Angeles for three years, Yiwei Gallery has finally found a home in Venice Beach. In December 2021, Yiwei debuted her exhibition titled “NATURAL WOMEN” which featured artists Shelley Jordon, Moeko Maeda, Sasinun Kladpetch, and Ruby Yang that bridged the gap between four different generations of female artists from four different countries with all different mediums focusing on natural materials including paintings, sculptures, ceramics and glass.

Peng Zhao graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the University of Southern California. He had the diverse, cross-industry professional experience in six different industries, including technology, finance, management consulting, entertainment, marketing, and education. He is an actor, producer, MC and the TOP 6 Debaters on the show U Can U Bibi North America. He is also a marketing and sales consultant, speech coach, and career development consultant.

He is a serial entrepreneur and awarded as Hurun US Innovation Outstanding Awards in 2021. He is the co-founder and COO of Uoffer Consulting, a one-stop career development education platform dedicated to helping global young talents to realize their career dreams. There are 300+ experienced career mentors coming from global TOP companies such as Google, Amazon, Meta, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, McKinsey & Co, etc in this platform. His team have helped more than 2000 talents find their dream jobs.

He is also the founder of ITCI (International Talents Career Insights), a non-profit organization providing continuous intellectual and social resources to support the talent’s international career development, leadership, and competitiveness. ITCI provides an equal, diversified, and high-end platform for global talents by connecting with the famous scholars in the academic field and elite leaders in the business field. ITCI supports the members to improve their overall competitiveness, expand their network in the workplace, discover business opportunities, and promote communication and cooperation by providing research topics, high-quality forums, and networking activities. ITCI covers finance, international trade, the internet technology, biotechnology, culture and media, real estate, healthcare, and international education industry, etc. Currently, ITCI has over 30,000 members and partners worldwide, mainly from leading companies and academic institutions in all major economies.

Xuefeng Hu, founder of LA Stories. Xuefeng is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Southern California, conducting research in artificial intelligence and computer vision. Xuefeng obtained his Master of Science degree from the Columbia University and dual Bachelor of Science degrees from both University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) and Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

In 2019 Fall, Xuefeng founded LA Stories, which is a non-profit public forum aims at interdisciplinary and cross-background knowledge sharing and impartial discussion of public issues in the Mandarin-speaking community. LA Stories hosts lecture talks, screenings, and discussion panels in various topics. Since 2019 Fall, LA Stories has hosted or co-hosted more than 20 online and in-person events with scholars and cultural celebrities such as Song Ke, Lü Pin, Yao Lin, etc. LA Stories has more than 1500 audiences registered in Mailing List and WeChat Official Account page and has co-hosted 10,000-views online events with forums from San Francisco and New York. LA Stories has been gaining an increasing recognition and influence in the young Mandarin-speaking elite community in the greater Los Angeles area.

Zhongwei Zhang (Well), went to the United States for school in 2017 and obtained a double bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Applied Mathematics from the University of Southern California in 2021. During that period, I have worked in the world’s leading consulting company, investment bank, and start-ups. In the same year of graduation, I received offers from Duke University and the University of California, Berkeley, majoring in financial engineering. At the age of 16, I realized the differences in education and entrepreneurial mindsets between China and the United States when I was working as part-time. Therefore, I founded the non-profit organization named CollegeClassroom at the age of 18. Through customized curriculums and simulated foreign teaching models, contents involving business, philosophy, and science were shared with middle and high school students in China, including Jiangsu, Shanghai, Sichuan, Guizhou, and other impoverished areas. The purpose is to enlighten young students to think in a wider field and to help them in career choices in the future. My passion for education also led me to set up my startup TutorSpace in May 2020 after the pandemic started. In my senior year, I led a team to develop products while also taking care of my studies. The online tutoring platform Tutorspace was released in 2021 to help college students solve their academic problems and sense of belonging needs while working from home. Up to now, the platform has achieved more than 150 academic tutoring consultations, receiving widespread attention in the Greater Los Angeles area. In the fall of 2021, I returned to China to join the top accelerator MiraclePlus (previously known as Y Combinator China) after giving up the opportunity for graduate study. I am responsible for investment research work and also lead the “Campus Ambassador” program. The project aims to approach and pay attention to student groups and their entrepreneurial thinking capabilities from the world’s top universities globally. We take the social responsibility of cultivating the entrepreneurial thinking of young people in colleges, in order to achieve “Motivating innovation from the source”. During the project, I helped over 500 start-up companies and student start-up teams and provide them the venture capital opportunities. Meanwhile, through the program, I established contacts with dozens of top universities globally and more than a dozen youth entrepreneurial organizations.

Sun Yongquan(WingK), master’s degree from New York University Stern School of Business, co-founder of ISA International Student Association, co-founder and partner of Xianghao Capital Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. During his studies in American high school, he co-founded the ISA (International Student Association), established charted schools across the United States, provided internship and volunteer opportunities, and initiated ISA activities and seminars to achieve good cooperative relations with educational institutions.

In addition, Xianghao Capital, founded during his senior year, is a company focusing on primary equity investment, absorbed in technology and pharmaceutical fields, adhering to the concept of “high-quality, original, industrial platform” to invest in China’s outstanding growth enterprises including Lansus Technology, Qyuns Therapeutics, Thousand Oaks Bio, etc. Xianghao Capital is committed to becoming a Chinese family office investment platform, creating a new model of investment + investment banking, becoming a top-tier partner of Chinese GPs. It creates an investment ecological model that includes people, business, environment and organization, and uses structural value investment to create value, which constantly subverts itself and reshapes the industry, thereby creating maximum return value for investors and empowering society at the same time

AACYF 2021 U30 Honor Roll (10)

Cynthia chen, Executive Director of Pulnovo Medical. Achieved her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology through Emory University and Master of Public Health degree from Columbia University ,Mailman School of Public Health .She has worked at World Health Organization’s headquarter in Geneva, Switzerland , and United Nations’ WHO liaison office in New York. She joined Pulnovo Medical in 2020,a Global OTM Innovative Platform, a globally recognized device pioneer in the treatment for cardiopulmonary disease.She lead the team and recently successfully raised millions of dollars through OrbiMed, Cenova Capital,Lilly Asia Ventures,and Gaorong Capital.


Qianwen Yu (b. Guilin, China) is an interdisciplinary artist and animator based in Chicago, IL. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film, Video, New media, and Animation at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2020. Her artwork and animation have been shown internationally in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, China, France, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Croatia and Mexico, including Hyde Park Art Center, Woman Made Gallery, Anifilm Festival Liberec, Supertoon International Animation and Comics Festival, Anibar International Animation festival, Austin Lift-Off Film Festival, CICA Museum etc. She is also the winners in 2020 GAMMA Young Artist Competition and the International Underground Music Festival.

Combining traditional techniques, such as weaving and hand-drawing with modern ones, Qianwen takes experiments from 20th century Modernism in animation, weaving, sound, and architecture and reimagines them in the contemporary moving-image arena. Her artwork combines different human sensory dimensions, such as touch, vision, and acoustics, and tries to blur the boundaries between different fields of weaving art, animation, film, sound, and space.

Her clients include the Art Institute of Chicago, Sony Music, Warner Chappell Production Music, Carpark records, Conner Prairie Museum, Fashion brand ‘Ports1961’, Canadian band Blue Rodeo, indie songwriters and musicians etc.

Shen Minghao, Graduated from University College London, UK

Founder & Chairman of Shanghai Yipu Culture Media Co., Ltd.

I began to start my own business in university. I experienced difficulties and setbacks, endured hardships and went through many detours, but I finally made achievements. Open multiple online shop Taobao shop. After graduation, I started to engage in new media operation. I successfully operated millions of fan accounts on Douyin and Kuaishou platforms, and assisted post-2000 college students to incubate “We Media” accounts. I helped students incubate accounts from 0, and realized the growth of dozens of accounts from 0 to 50,000 fans.


Li Meixuan, Bachelor of York Business School, Canada, CEO and founder of OFFERPLUS education platform in Canada and Shanghai Yanlu International Education, continuous entrepreneur in the field of catering and education.

Sun Shangjiao, PhD candidate of University College London, Master of George Mason University, Bachelor of Architecture, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology. Founder of Shanghai Erlun Education Technology Co., Ltd. and New York Fifth Avenue Education Technology Co., Ltd.

She was a member of the Harvard Forum in 2017 and a member of the Wharton Summit in 2018. Participated in the Yale University Consulting Competition and won the championship. In the same year, he became the general manager of admissions for Elite Preparatory Academy in China and was in charge of education planning services for high-net-worth family clients of several Chinese and American family funds.

In 2016, she was hired as the chief study abroad consultant of Manhattan Chinese Education Group in New York. He led the team to develop study abroad service products more suitable for Chinese students. He served a large number of international students and was well received by Chinese students. The admissions officers and school directors of the world’s top universities such as the University, Brown University, and Dartmouth College have in-depth communication and exchanges and maintain a good cooperative relationship with the New York Chinese Foundation.

In 2019, he served as the general manager of Shanghai Erlun Education Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for the company’s educational product development and project product planning. During his tenure, he led the team to establish top famous schools such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Hong Kong and Macau to apply for project development. Participate in the internationalization of Professional education in Henan and Shaanxi Education Bureau in 2021 and has grown together with the company until now.

He Haokun, Bachelor of University of Oregon, founder of Guangdong Mutual Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd. The company focuses on emerging formats such as cultural industry, e-commerce + live broadcast.

Chengqi Tian, Columbia Startup Accelerator in China (CSAC): I initiated the CSAC accelerator camp. In one month, it provided 20 selected startup founders with tutoring sessions from the best investor mentors on the market, business resources from their specific fields, and fundamental startup courses. It initiated the CSAC fellowship internship program in which we sourced high-quality science and technology startups by capitalizing the personal influence of those fellows on campus; specifically we designed a complete training system for the fellows and a systematic investment advisory service product for the startups.

Yuxin Hao, City University of Hong Kong (master degree) the summer-term exchange student(university of Washington)

co-founder of lifuji Food Co., Ltd of Shanxi and co-founder of guangzhiyuan Technology Co., Ltd Of Shanxi, Youth Project Representative of the United Nations, one of core members for food and cold-chain industry association of Shanxi, FGA Association of Forbes, one of members of Young Entrepreneurs’ Association of Shanxi, one of members for Young Entrepreneurs Club, Overseas Education College and Guangjian college of Shanghai Jiaotong University, a long-term volunteer of Shanxi Charity Association and a volunteer of several social organizations in Hong Kong.

Li Jiaxi, Bachelor of Cambridge University, Chairman of Hainan Huanya Chaoyin Culture Communication Co., Ltd., and CEO of STAR LINE Private Aircraf Club, the first private jet club in Xi’an.

AACYF is 501(c)3 organization launched its Top 30 under 30 list since 2017. Each year the list recognize 30+ professional talents, business and industry future leaders.