COVID wave hits Dems just as they’re scaling back health protocols

A growing list of high-profile Democrats are coming down with COVID-19 just as President Biden and party leaders are set to roll back public health precautions designed to combat the highly contagious virus.


The rash of positive cases — which has hit both members of Congress and prominent figures in the administration — is not so much a health concern for the affected policymakers, who all say they’re vaccinated, boosted and showing no symptoms that might require hospitalization.


But the untimely wave has created new political headaches for Democratic leaders as they seek to move the country back to something approaching normalcy — a delicate dance in the midst of a challenging election year when both chambers are up for grabs; Republicans are clamoring to end what they consider onerous health protocols; and COVID fatigue has emerged as its own epidemic after more than two years of social restrictions, health care uncertainties and economic upheaval triggered by the global pandemic.