Supervisor Barger Responds to Homelessness Funding Recommendations

In the ongoing effort to combat homelessness in Los Angeles County, Supervisor Barger issued a statement after the Board of Supervisors approved $532,613,000 in homelessness funding for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year.

“We’ve dedicated a lot of our time, attention, and resources to address the homelessness crisis,” Supervisor Barger said. “We must renew the public’s confidence in the County’s ability to serve both our communities and the people who are living on our streets. While Los Angeles County is also in the process of implementing the Blue Ribbon Commission on Homelessness’ recommendations, today’s vote reinforces my commitment to work alongside all 88 cities in the County to find localized solutions.

I am deeply encouraged that we have developed a collaborative, flexible new framework that will guide our Measure H funding, which will help the County alleviate the burden presented by previous Measure H budget timelines. It also provides the Board with much-needed nimbleness by allowing the CEO’s Homeless Initiative team to submit mid-year budget adjustments and allows us to transition programs and services as necessary. We’re moving in the right direction.”

The Board’s vote includes $466,753,000 in Measure H funding, Los Angeles County’s quarter-cent sales tax approved by voters to address the homelessness crisis, and $65,860,000 in State Homeless Housing and Prevention funding.

You can view the funding recommendations here.