RNC Statement on Joe Biden Hosting Millionaire K-pop Singers at the White House

Washington DC (May 31, 2022) – Today RNC released statement below:

Hate crimes targeting Asian Americans increased nationally by 339 percent in Joe Biden’s first year in office. What is his solution? Invite K-pop boy band BTS to the White House.

Joe Biden hosting superstars from another country while allowing working Asian Americans to suffer under rising violent crime proves he is completely out of touch.

Since coming into office, Biden has surrounded himself with radical defund the police supporters who don’t care if violent criminals are let loose on our streets to perpetrate anti-Asian crime. The consequences for Biden’s failure to stop violent crime are huge. Democrat-run San Francisco saw a 567 percent increase and New York City saw a 361 percent increase in anti-Asian hate crimes last year.

Democrats are soft on crime and do not care about working Asian Americans who live with the consequences of Democrat failures to stop violent crime.

“Joe Biden would rather spend time with superstars than stop anti-Asian crime. Wealthy K-pop stars from another country have nothing to do with rising crime facing Asian Americans every day. Joe Biden has deprioritized Asian Americans since his first day in office and he does not care.” – RNC Spokesperson and Director of APA Media Nainoa Johsens