Orange County Register Endorses Ashleigh Aitken for Anaheim Mayor

Anaheim, CA – Anaheim, CA – The Orange County Register has endorsed Ashleigh Aitken’s campaign for Anaheim Mayor. Aitken, a former federal prosecutor and the candidate for Mayor running on a reform platform, has secured endorsements from a diverse coalition of supporters, which also includes Anaheim firefighters, paramedics, and municipal employees.

In announcing the endorsement in their Sunday edition, the Register called for a “clean sweep” at City Hall. They wrote:

“For mayor, we endorse Ashleigh Aitken. An attorney and long-time Anaheim activist, Aitken is a moderate Democrat committed to fiscal restraint. Most importantly, Aitken’s the unabashed reform candidate. “The former mayor and his tightly knit ‘cabal’ were allowed to run roughshod at City Hall, and create a culture of intimidation for staff, management, concerned residents, and the smaller business community,” she told us.

Her main challenger, Mayor Pro Tem Trevor O’Neil, talks a good game about his conservatism — on issues ranging from rent control to pension liabilities — but defends various giveaway deals and has a penchant for describing subsidies as incentives. Looking at the campaign donations O’Neil has returned is telling – from the Chamber of Commerce and leaders of the Angels.”