Trump 2024 announcement could open door further to challengers

The lukewarm response to former President Trump’s announcement that he will once again seek the White House could provide a key opening for other Republicans still on the fence about whether to challenge him in 2024.


While the Tuesday campaign launch drew praise from Trump’s most loyal allies, the otherwise skeptical responses to an unusually restrained performance reflected the former president’s seemingly weakened position in the GOP after a lackluster midterm election performance.


That could open the door even wider to a hard-charging Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), riding high on his midterm win with the wind at his back — as well as to other would-be challengers.


“I think there are a lot of people today looking at that speech and seeing an opening,” one Republican strategist said. “He’s up there trying to explain the midterms, calling himself a victim. I think it came off as kind of a show of his weaknesses rather than a well-articulated argument for running again.”