Evusheld is out as COVID prophylactic

The FDA has removed authorization for the antibody combination known as Evusheld, which was previously used to protect immunocompromised people who were unable to generate sufficient antibodies after vaccination on their own.
In response, the CDC has urged people with weak immune systems to wear masks and social distance, reports Spencer Kimball at CNBC.
The move was not unexpected, given the Evusheld antibodies are no longer a good match for the most prevalent strains of the coronavirus.
“Still, the withdrawal amounts to another blow to the nation’s toolkit for fighting the coronavirus,” writes Andrew Joseph at STAT. “The virus’s evolution has also left the country without any antibody therapies for patients once they’re infected.”
Antivirals such as Paxlovid are still an option.
The FDA advised clinics to hold onto Evusheld supplies in case it proves useful against some future variant.
Drugmakers are working on updated antibody treatments. Evusheld provider AstraZeneca says that if all goes well in its trials, a new prophylactic that works against a broader range of variants could be available later this year.