STATEMENT: Recap of AANHPI Climate Justice Convening in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — AAPI Victory Alliance just wrapped up its inaugural climate justice covening in Los Angeles, Calif with Charming Evelyn from Sierra Club LA as keynote speaker. The first of its kind conference brought together local leaders from across the country and created an opportunity for connection and collaboration among AAPI activists and advocates, while uplifting the voices of Native Hawiians, Pacific Islanders and other indigenous communities who have long sounded the alarm on climate change.

From AAPI Victory Alliance Executive Director Varun Nikore:

“The main takeaway from this first event, in a series of AAPI-focused climate justice activations, is that we now have the foundation of a strong national and local coalition who are ready to fight for, and deliver on, the progress we need to make to safeguard our planet and our democracy. Missing voices from the Asian American, Pacific Islander, and Native Hawaiian communities in the fight for climate justice means critical conversations and decisions lack the nuance and perspective in determining the most effective solutions. Our movement must do better to fill in these gaps in the bedrock of climate justice—and our organization is stepping up and leading the way to ensure it happens.”