A New Chapter in Sino-American Cultural Exchange: ‘Chinese Traditional Culture Enters American Campuses’ Lecture Series Successfully Concludes at UCLA, Warmly Welcomed by the School and Local Students

On October 22, 2023, the lecture series “Chinese Traditional Culture Enters American Campuses” successfully concluded its run at UCLA this evening. The event was hosted by the non-profit organization Culture and Arts Federation of America, the US Overseas Student Union, and the Southwestern Chinese Students and Scholars Association. Famous Chinese crosstalk actor, Degang Guo, was invited to deliver a profound feast of traditional culture to the Chinese students studying in the U.S., with nearly three hundred students in attendance.

The event venue was filled to capacity, with students and audience members reacting enthusiastically to this cultural exchange activity. During the two-hour lecture, Degang Guo explained the historical background and artistic characteristics of crosstalk in a manner that was both profound and simple, showcasing the endless charm of this art form with his unique humor and talent. His lecture not only had the international students in the audience in stitches but also gave them a deeper understanding and appreciation of Chinese traditional culture.

This event provided a platform for international students to learn about and understand Chinese traditional culture, showcasing the profound and unique charm of Chinese culture. The lecture served as a bridge for cultural heritage, enabling Chinese students studying abroad to better understand and carry forward their cultural roots, providing spiritual support and motivation for their studies and lives in a foreign land.

At the beginning of the event, Professor Georgiana Galateanu, representing Monroe Gorden, the Vice Chancellor of UCLA, delivered a passionate speech. She extended a warm welcome to Degang Guo and expressed her deep gratitude for his efforts in promoting Chinese traditional culture. She mentioned that UCLA has always been committed to promoting international cultural exchange. “We firmly believe that by hosting such events, we can not only promote the development of cultural diversity on campus but also provide our students with a platform to fully understand the world. We are extremely grateful to Degang Guo and his team for their arrival; their dedication and effort have made this cultural exchange event a complete success.”

To commend Degang Guo for his outstanding contribution to achieving this goal, UCLA decided to confer upon him the honorary title of “Global Cultural Ambassador”. Professor Georgiana Galateanu presented the certificate to Degang Guo on stage and read the thank-you letter. Monroe Gorden, Jr. mentioned in the thank-you letter that UCLA values cultural exchange with China and has always been committed to promoting mutual understanding and respect between Chinese and American cultures.

The successful organization of this event has greatly enriched the cultural lives of Chinese students studying in the U.S., providing them with an opportunity to gain a deep understanding of Chinese traditional culture and crosstalk, and making a positive contribution to Sino-American cultural exchange. In the future, we look forward to seeing more such cultural exchange activities, continuously enhancing mutual understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and the United States, and jointly promoting deeper Sino-American cultural exchange.