Eye-Catching Young Magic Star Mick Yuhao Chen

Hollywood, CA (February 19, 2024 LAPost) – The Magic Castle in Hollywood is known as a mecca for magicians. It is the dream of magic lovers from all over the world to be invited to perform on stage here. Recently, the 2024 Asian Magic Festival was grandly held here. Among the magicians who were fortunate enough to be invited to perform this year, there is a young magic star who is very eye-catching. His name is (Mick Yuhao Chen) Chen Yuhao.

The world famous magician Shawn Farquhar awards gold medal winner Mick in PCAM annual contest in 2023 (Photo by: Alex Chen)

The world famous magician Shawn Farquhar said, ” Mick Chen has the possibility to be a rising star of magic. His recent Gold Medal win at the PCAM convention is proof he’s on the right path!”

Chen Yuhao, a 14-year-old boy who officially became a student of Hu Jinling in April 2023, won the youth group stage magic gold medal in the annual magic competition held by the Pacific Coast Magicians Association in San Diego in November of the same year.

Mick preforming in Hollywood Magic castle  (Photo by: Alex Chen)

In 2024, Chen Yuhao was fortunate enough to be mentored by the famous magician Dale Shalvak, and was invited to perform at this year’s “Asian Magic Week” event. Chen Yuhao’s work at this year’s art festival, “Han Mo Dong Feng”, shows a handsome and unrestrained American boy full of fantasy.

He stumbles upon a strange Chinese bookcase, and his curiosity drives him to embark on a journey of exploration. The boy picked up the brush, and the brush would automatically write Chinese characters and English. When the boy was surprised, he discovered a strange mask. He slowly put on the mask, and suddenly he found that he had transformed into an ancient gentleman wearing a long gown. So everything seemed to be injected with magic, the flying brush, the words in the book that changed into flowers, objects, endless silk scarves, and the huge umbrellas that popped up out of thin air were full of surprises.

Mick on the stage  (Photo by: Alex Chen)

In the end, the boy was in a bigger world The image of an astronaut in the dream made the audience experience the magical world together in 7 minutes and witness the growth of a teenager at the same time.

Chen Yuhao loves magic very much. He believes that magic can not only bring joy to people and enrich daily life, but also make people interested in things happening around them and enrich their imagination, which is especially beneficial to the mental development and growth of teenagers. So he started a magic club at his new ninth-grade school last year. Magic Club holds regular events. Chen Yuhao teaches some magic tricks in the club and explains the tricks of magic performances, attracting many magic-loving students to participate.

Mick on the stage (Photo by: Alex Chen)

A mentally retarded teenager named Liu made friends with Chen Yuhao. This mentally retarded boy performed the little magic tricks he learned at home in an orderly and rhythmic manner. He doesn’t look like a mentally retarded child at all. Much to the amazement of her parents. Chen Yuhao also extended the activities of the school magic club to social welfare activities. He is often invited to perform magic at family and company gatherings, so that more people can understand and like magic, and more people can support and participate in social welfare activities.

Mick and his master ,famous magician Hu Jinling (Left 2) (Photo by: Alex Chen)

Now Chen Yuhao has more thoughts about the art of magic. He wants the art of magic to bring surprise and joy to people while truly entering people’s lives. To that end, he recently got in touch with a foundation for children with autism. He plans to lead magic enthusiasts from his school’s magic club to regularly participate in learning activities for autistic children. He hopes that through magic performances and teaching some magic tricks, he can enrich their imagination and do something to improve their mental health. meaningful thing. We look forward to his success.