2024 The 20th New Silk Road China International Children’s Model Competition Los Angeles Region Grand Finale

LAPost/Los Angeles, Ca (June 13, 2024) – On May 25th , 2024, the grand finale and award ceremony of  2024 The 20th  New Silk Road  China International Children’s Model Competition Los Angeles Region Grand Finale were held at the Sheraton San Gabriel Hotel. 81 groups of contestants shone brilliantly on the dreamy stage.

This year’s Los Angeles Region of the [New Silk Road China International Children’s Model Competition] was exclusively hosted by [East West Performing arts Alliance inc.](EWPAA), and co-organized by the four major campuses of the New Silk Road (USA) Supermodel Academy. The New Silk Road (USA) Supermodel Academy is also the only designated pre-competition training institution for the [New Silk Road Competition].

At the finale and award ceremony, the founder of the [EWPAA] Yang Yang, Public Relations Director Jimmy Hope, Executive Director Viki Lang, Stage Art Director Yilin Wang, General Director Michelle Liu, Executive Director Zax Wang, Music Director Jason Li, and Training Mentor Michelle Wang received recognition from the Los Angeles County Government for their hard work over the past few months.

The judges for the Los Angeles Region finals were: AKFN Australia Kids Fashion Week leader/2021 LV New Product Magazine Cover Model/International Supermodel Huizi Yu; Senior Fellow of the British Royal Teacher Association/International Judge of the China International Standard Dance Federation (CBDF) CC CHEN; CIP Registered International Certification Model Mentor/2018 Miss Tourism World Runner-up/Famous Model Elynne Wang; US Professional Dance Champions Marek Klepadlo & Nina Zhiting Yang; Best Actor at the Chinese Asian Film Festival/Member of the Chinese Artists Association/Famous Actor Melody Zhang; Hollywood Contracted Actor/Producer/Founder of CIEL TALENT MANAGEMENT/Agent of Four Famous American Agencies Ciel Shi; Hollywood Famous Model/Elite Model Management Contract Model Lindsay Rienstra.

Distinguished guests who attended the event included: Council Member Mr. Tony Ding of City of San Gabriel,Council Member Ms. Eileen Wang of Arcadia City,Executive Director of Roundtable of Southern California Chinese-American Organizations(RCAO)Ms. Lian Lian Lin,President of the Southern California US-China Economic and Trade Cultural Arts Association Mr. Wei Sun,National First-Class Actor and Famous Director Mr. Jinbang Su, Famous Chinese-American Hollywood Director Mr. Yaoning Sun,Artistic Director of the Galaxy Art Group Ms. Lucy Wang,President of the US-China Economic and Cultural Arts Promotion Association Mr. Eddie Chen,Director of The Los Angeles Post Mr. Richard Ren,Marketing Director of Math One Air Charters Inc. Mr. Jerry Mao,Young Director and Two-Time Winner of the Chinese American Film Festival “Golden Angel Award” Mr. Tanxuan Shi.

Representatives of diamond sponsors attending the event included: Founder/CEO of THE ONE PIONEER-Alex Song;Founder of Starlit Aesthetics-Mimi Bao、Co-Founders-Sammi Cha & Loey Deng;North America General Manager of LY-USA Travel-Michael Pan; Billionaire Real Estate Broker of RE/MAX-Jason Wei;and gift sponsors from [South Coast Plaza], [YU TAI XIANG], [REACH RENTAL], and [Fantuan Delivery], which prepared exquisite exclusive gifts for all the participating children.

At the finale and award ceremony, the official establishment of the [New Silk Road (USA) Supermodel Academy] was also announced. The four campus principals—Ontario Campus Principal Yilin Wang, Walnut Campus Principal Connie Sun, Irvine Campus Principal Eve Xu, and Acting Principal of Chino Hills Campus Michelle Wang—collectively appeared. Since its establishment, the [New Silk Road Supermodel Academy] has adhered to the professional and innovative educational philosophy, providing excellent model contest training for global teenagers. In the big family of the New Silk Road, outstanding young models from around the world gather, interpreting the brand spirit of the New Silk Road with confidence, elegance, and professional quality. We look forward to more children in the Los Angeles area with modeling dreams joining the big family of the New Silk Road Supermodel Academy.

The competition segments this year were divided into three parts: “New Silk Road Logo Clothing,” “Self-selected Clothing,” and “Evening Wear.” The runway music for the “New Silk Road Logo Clothing” segment was all original compositions by young musician Zihao Fang.

After fierce competition, the champions for each age group were:

【3-5 Age Group】

Charlene Liu (female), Aries Liu (male)


【6-7 Age Group】

Scarlett Liu (female), Ryan Alexander Young (male)

【8-9 Age Group】

Charlotte Cong (female), Nicholas Liu (male)

【10-14 Age Group】

Claire Wang (female), Edwin Liu (male)


【15-17 Age Group】

Celine Xin (female)

【Parent-Child Group】

Winnie Li (mother) & Ella Ye (daughter)

For the first time, 10 L.A. city Spokesperson were selected this year: Andrea Chen, Stella Fei, Gloria Le Yang, Nicholas Liu, Zoey Castro, Ryan Alexander Young, Charlene Liu, Scarlett Liu, Charlotte Cong, and Livia Sun. Over the next year, they will represent New Silk Road in recruiting top contestants from the Greater Los Angeles area. Ciel Shi, agent of four renowned American agencies and judge of this year’s contest, also called back over 20 young contestants on the spot, hoping they could participate in film/TV commercials shooting.


The event was hosted by Yang Yang, founder of the EWPAA, and excellent actor Patrick Ip, with the EWPAA’s Music Director Jason Li serving as the special warm-up guest. Other performance guests were also outstanding youth from the Los Angeles area: Infinity Dance Academy created three original dances for the contest, led by champion student Rui, electrifying the audience with a group of young dancers; Anthony Wang (age 13), the 2023 champion of Hunan Golden Eagle Cartoon TV’s “Let’s sing kids” Los Angeles Region, 2023 “Cultures of China Water Cube Cup” Chinese Song Contest Los Angeles Region Gold Award, and Global Finals Silver Award Winner, brought the song “Hall of Fame,” showcasing a kingly stage presence; excellent young dancer Athena Woo moved the entire audience with a stunning solo dance. A glamorous red carpet segment was also set up, and the young members of the Galaxy Art Group Los Angeles Youth Region: Jaylen Ma (age9), Victor Zong (age15), Kenzie Wu Laing (age15), Anthony Wang (age13), and Susanna Liang (age15) successfully completed their red carpet hosting duties.

New Silk Road is the pioneer and builder of China’s beauty economy, a nationally renowned brand in the international fashion industry, and a leading enterprise in the domestic fashion industry. The New Silk Road China International Children’s Model Competition is the most internationally influential children’s contest stage. The U.S. main division is hosted by the [New Silk Road Industry Group], [USA J.I.A. International Culture and Media Group], and the [American Dancers Association]. Outstanding contestants from the Los Angeles division also achieved remarkable results at the U.S. finals held in New York on June 2nd! In August, top contestants will represent the Los Angeles division to compete in the global finals in Beijing. We look forward to their triumphant return.