Hahn Launches New Longer Swim Season for LA County Pools

Season extended from ten weeks to five months, six days a week

Hahn pool 1

Cerritos, CA June 14, 2024 – This afternoon, Los Angeles County Supervisor Janice Hahn welcomed residents to the Don Knabe Regional Park Pool for a press conference and pool party to kick-off the County’s pool season.  Hahn pushed to extend the  traditional ten-week pool season, and this year,  LA County public pools will be open six days a week for five months from June through October 31.

“Some of our hottest days come in September and October, but under our old ten-week swim season, our pools were locked up and out of reach of residents by then. That made no sense,” said Hahn, who led the Board of Supervisors in extending the swim season. “Now everyone from kids to seniors will be able to make the most of their local pool and everything they offer.”

Hahn kids pool

Today’s pool party included music, giveaways, and free refreshments. After a brief program to open the event, Hahn blew a lifeguard’s whistle and opened the pool to families in attendance.

“This summer, we are thrilled to reopen all our pools for the first time in 5 years and present an exciting lineup of aquatic programs for everyone,” said Norma E. García-Gonzalez, Director of LA County Parks. “Our team has grown with over 580 new lifeguards, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all. We aim to make swimming accessible and fun, promote essential water safety skills, and provide a vibrant, cool space for the community to stay active. Join us for a unforgettable aquatic season at LA County Parks!”

To make this new swim season possible, LA County Parks and Recreation, which manages a total of 41 pools across 30 locations countywide, pushed to recruit more pool lifeguards than ever before and Hahn wore an LA County Lifeguard uniform to highlight their success. Hahn led an effort to increase the starting pay for pool lifeguards by 20% to $23.86 hourly and the department worked to streamline the hiring process.  This year, the department hired 356 new pool lifeguards and rehired 224 returning lifeguards — totaling close to 600 pool lifeguards.

The County also invested in new lighting at pools to ensure swimmers can enjoy the pools even as the sun rises later and sets earlier in the fall. Activities available at LA County pools include low-cost swim team programs, senior aquatic exercise, and a first-ever Summer Parks After Dark pool events series, among others.

A complete list of Los Angeles County pool facilities can be found at: parks.lacounty.gov/aquatics