NEW BOOK ANNOUNCEMENT The New Silk Road. Challenge and Response

laAuthor: Richard T. Griffiths (Emeritus professor at Leiden University and the director of the ‘New Silk Road’ research project at the International Institute for Asian Studies. )

In 2013 China’s Belt and Road Initiative reawakened public attention to the issues of trade and transport. At the same time it stoked fears about China’s true intentions. This book examines developments in the lands lying between China and Europe. Richard Griffiths asks the question: what if China was not alone in funding new infrastructure or in facilitating trade, nor even the first? It answers the question: who has been building the ‘New Silk Road’?

‘This important book contributes to a more informed and better grounded distinction between what is “real” and what is “dream” in the Chinese BRI rhetoric…, an excellent platform to a deeper understanding of current and future Silk Road narratives.’ Prof. Claes G. Alvstam, Professor Emeritus Economic Geography, University of Gothenburg.

‘A valuable and distinctive contribution to the burgeoning ‘Belt and Road’ literature, this book shifts our perspective on the forces currently integrating the spaces of Eurasia.’ Prof. Charles Armstrong, Professor of History, Columbia University.

 ‘A must-read book with comparative insight, historical wisdom and intellectual sharpness!’ Prof. Baogang He, Alfred Deakin Professor and Chair in International Relations, Deakin University, Australia.

‘A book on China’s Belt & Road beyond China’s hyperbole and the West’s angst! Griffiths strips China’s bold initiative to its basics’, Pierre van der Eng, Associate Professor in International Business The Australian National University.

‘A highly recommendable read and excellent up-to-date reference source for students, scholars and practitioners alike.’ Prof. Michael Kaeding, University of Duisburg-Essen and Chairman of the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA), Brussels.

‘This really deep, engaging, critical and challenging book offers diverse examples of the flexibility of China’s initiative of “Belt and Road”… and demonstrates the interconnectedness Richard Griffiths, a brilliant and wide-ranging scholar, marches briskly through China, Central Asia to Europe and back. A glorious read.’ Prof. Alexey Maslov, Professor, Head of the School of Asian Studies, Russian National Research University “Higher School of Economics”.

‘The second book on Belt and Road Initiative by Professor Richard Griffiths is a great contribution to the studies of BRI. His analysis on roads, rail and pipelines especially provides a clearer view on the challenges and opportunities confronting China.’ Prof. dr. Xinning Song, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam, Renmin University of China.

Richard T. Griffiths, The New Silk Road. Challenge and Response

HIPE Publications, Leiden, May 2019

184 pages, 23 illustrations

Ebook (ISBN 978-9-4924-3906-2)….……….$8.95

Paperback (ISBN 978-9-4924-3905-5)……. $18.95

Hardback (ISBN 978-9-4924-3905-5).…….. $38.95


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