Book Excerpt: Innovation on Tap

Stories of Entrepreneurship from the Cotton Gin to Broadway’s Hamilton

Monday, November 4, 2019 – 11:10am

What do Eli Whitney, Willis Carrier, Elizabeth Arden, Emily Rochon, and Brenna Berman have in common? These are among the folks that Eric Schultz has invited to his imaginary ‘happy hour’ to explore multiple aspects of innovation, in an engaging, conversational, and enlightening way, in his new book, Innovation on Tap.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have these inventors and innovators join a conversation today—trading the kind of ‘behind the scenes’ stories that only seem to be revealed with a glass (or two) of beer or wine? How would they frame their opportunities and obstacles? What qualities and circumstances contributed most to their success? Are any of them still relevant today?

Schultz invites all of us in to network with these 25 remarkable characters, discussing innovation in mechanization, mass production, consumerism, sustainability, and digitization, with a surprise guest that will keep us all ‘in the room where it happens:’ Lin Manuel Miranda, highlighting his model for innovation and community.