Facebook takes down Bannon-linked network

Facebook removed a network of pages linked to former White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon that were spreading misinformation about voter fraud.

The company removed seven pages which collectively had more than 2.45 million followers, according to activist organization Avaaz, which notified Facebook of the network of Bannon-linked pages on Friday as part of the group’s investigation into election disinformation.

Asked about removing the network, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed the company “removed several clusters of activity for using inauthentic behavior tactics to artificially boost how many people saw their content.”

The Washington Post was first to report on the update on the removal of the network on Monday.

The pages sought to “delegitimize the election with claims of ‘voter fraud’ and ‘Stop the steal,’ ” Avaaz said in the message to Facebook last week.

The removed pages were taken down as part of Facebook’s enforcement against spam-like and abusive behavior.