2022 Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Youth name list unveiled

Los Angeles, CA (May 4th, 2022) – The 15th “Top Ten Outstanding Chinese American Youth Awards” selection hosted by the All America Chinese Youth Federation, the American Chinese Public Diplomacy Association, and the “Los Angeles Post” were officially announced honorees on May 4, 2022.

The theme of this year’s selection is “Peace & Harmony” . The organizer hopes that the new generation of Chinese and international students will become the youth force to promote exchanges and communication.

The organizer stated that this year’s selection continued the traditional procedures over the years. From nearly 200 qualified candidates, 24 candidates were selected to pass the primary selection. The organizing committee then directly interviewed the candidates who passed the primary selection one by one. A wide range of representative Chinese outstanding young people were selected based on factors such as personal achievements and industries. At the same time, since this year is the fifteenth anniversary of the selection activity, the organizing committee decided to add five more people to this year’s list.

The past year has been a year full of challenges and hope for Chinese youth and international students in the United States. It is full of restarts and progress. The organizing committee agreed that the professional achievements, personality traits and The sense of social responsibility is an outstanding representative of the millions of Chinese youth and international students in the United States. Their experience of hard work and struggle to grow will surely become a reference and motivation to inspire young friends to move forward.

According to the selection committee: “These honorees are outstanding representatives of the millions of Chinese youth and Chinese international students in the States. Their efforts to work hard and grow up will certainly be the driving force for inspiring young friends. Their characters and achievements show the qualities of contemporary Chinese youth leaders and future communities leaders.”

The selection of the Top Ten Outstanding Youth Award has become one of the most popular and influential event of Chinese communities during the Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month of May each year, showing the outstanding style and brand-new image of the young generation of Chinese.

2022 “Top 10 Outstanding Chinese Youth Award” awardees:

Duo Chinoiserie (Bin Hu and Jing Xia)

Duo Chinoiserie is a unique pairing that combines the Chinese guzheng and the European classical guitar. Bin Hu and Jing Xia, founders of this ensemble, reproduce the elegance of the “chinoiserie” style and bring the best of Eastern and Western culture together through music. Both musicians are internationally recognized in their professional fields. They hope this innovative collaboration can build new musical bridges that promote empathy and intercultural understandings for a more inclusive world.

Recently, their debut album “Chinoiserie: Building New Musical Bridges” featuring new compositions for the unique combination has been released by Navona Records. Moreover, they have been active in organizing community engagement events such as the “Embracing Our Roots to Build Solidarity” Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Concert for the AAPI heritage month. Their artistic creativities have been featured by media outlets including the All American Chinese Youth Federation, Tucson Life Style Magazine, and Arizona Public Media.

Jing Xia: A member of the Chinese Musicians Association, Jing Xia is a guzheng (Chinese zither) performer and intercultural art promoter. She was awarded the Golden Bell Award (China’s most prestigious musical award), the Master of Chinese Traditional Musical Instrument by the California State Senate, and the “Top 30 under 30” Selected Leaders for Future by the All American Chinese Youth Federation. She was selected to be featured in the 2016 Cultural and Artistic Achievement Stamp and Postcard Series released by China Post. Ms. Xia holds a Master of Music and Bachelor of Arts from the China Conservatory of Music. She is pursuing her Doctoral degree in Applied Intercultural Arts Research at the University of Arizona.

As a performing artist, Ms. Xia has toured in Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea and the USA. She is also experienced in artistic direction of Chinese music ensemble and event management. She actively promotes intercultural music activities by organizing and engaging in cultural events to exhibit the beauty of harmony beyond boundaries. Her artistic activities have been featured by media outlets including the NZ RNC, UK Chinese Journal, NZ Herald, All American Chinese Youth Federation, Tucson Life Style Magazine, and Arizona Public Media.

Bin Hu: Bin Hu has performed in Austria, China, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, the Philippines, Spain, and the United States as a soloist, chamber musician, and soloist with orchestra. Among the works he has premiered, one of the highlights of his career includes a world premiere of a guitar concerto composed by Jorge Rodriguez-Caballero with the Pärnu City Orchestra in Estonia.

Winning the first prize of the 2016 David Russell Bach Prize, a competition judged solely by GRAMMY Award-winner David Russell, has earned Hu a reputation as a Bach interpreter. As scholar and educator, Hu has been invited to conservatories and conferences in China and South American countries to present a variety of topics on Baroque performance practices on guitar. Moreover, his all-Bach CD, Ciaccona, produced by Eudora Records in Spain, has received critical acclaim worldwide.

Hu’s undergraduate studies were with Heiki Mätlik at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn, Estonia. He then moved to Salzburg, Austria to study with Marco Tamayo at the Universität Mozarteum and earned his Master of Arts degree with distinction. He currently holds a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Arizona and was part of the studio of Professor Thomas Patterson.

Jiannan Wu is an artist  specializing in sculpture. He served as the first Chinese assistant of renowned artist Jeff Koons from 2017 to 2019. He is now an Elected Member of American National Sculpture Society, Invited Member of American Medallic Sculpture Association, World Economic Forum Global Shaper of Dalian Hub, Founder of Art American China Project, and Faculty at New York Academy of Art.

His sculptures have received national and international acclaims and recognition as evidenced by extensive records of awards, art exhibitions, art fairs, publications, art reviews, auction and collections, etc. He won the Canada Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant,  Dexter Jones Award by American National Sculpture Society, the MFA National Competition, the Compleat Sculptor Award, MOZAIK Future Art Award, etc. His sculpture “The Curious Case” was awarded “The Best Original Sculpture in 2019” by Sculpture Magazine of China, “New Look”  was awarded “Best of Show Award” presented by Creative Quarterly 59 Competition, and  “Capital”  is recognized by the Pulitzer Prize-winning art critic Mr. Jerry Saltz. He was also selected as 2020 AACYF Top 30 Under 30 presented by All America Chinese Youth Federation.

In 2021, he served as the only Chinese judge of the Future Art Award in the United States, and a judge of the Art Award “BE YOUR OWN HERO” together with Hollywood star Benedict Wong. Devoting himself to art and culture communication internationally he has curated exhibitions in Beijing Enjoy Art Museum, Chengxi Contemporary Art Center, Dalian X Gallery, etc.

His works have been displayed at numerous exhibitions at renowned venues in U.S, Italy, Denmark, China and Germany, and collected through the Sotheby’s, Art Miami, Art New York, Art Herning, Art Shenzhen, Art Xiamen, etc. His Warner Bros. licensed public sculpture “Tom Fagan” will be permanently installed in downtown Rutland, Vermont, by the end of 2022.

Jianxun Wang completed his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at Virginia Tech in 2017, and then held a postdoctoral appointment at the University of California, Berkeley before joining the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (AME) at the University of Notre Dame as an assistant professor in fall 2018. Dr. Wang is energetic, hardworking, and intelligent. As an Assistant Professor in his third year, he has already demonstrated his strong capability and commitments to conducting high-impact research in scientific machine learning and data-driven computational modeling. He has received a 2021 NSF CAREER Award for developing data-driven cardiovascular modeling.

Dr. Wang has been working on integrating physics prior knowledge into AI algorithms and developing physics-aware machine learning methods to solve complex physical problems and support personalized healthcare. He has made substantial contributions towards physics-informed, data-enabled computational modeling. His research has been widely recognized by the community, and his work has been cited more than 1700+ times based on his Google Scholar profile. He continues to push forward physics-aware scientific machine learning towards solving impactful computational physics problems. In particular, his current research aims to pioneer a novel and transformative data-driven computational framework for personalized cardiovascular modeling. The success in this research direction will make a significant impact on cardiovascular healthcare and could help transform personalized diagnostics/therapeutics leading to a higher quality and longevity of life.

Dr. Wang has been devoted great efforts to educating the next generation of engineers and scientific leaders, and prepare them for careers in the era of rapid growth of data and computational powers. He has also been very actively engaged with professional societies in data science and computational physics. For example, he is elected as a committee member of USACM UQ TTA, served as Editor Board for Springer Nature, and organized many symposiums in professional societies.

Ningmu Zou, received B.S. from Nanjing University, M.Sc. from Georgia Institute of Technology, and Ph.D. from Cornell University, is currently a Chief Engineer at   AMD Inc., and Adjunct Professor of Electronic Engineering at Texas State University. As a researcher who first applied machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence technology to chip process improvement, physical defect prediction and microprocessor performance optimization, Dr. Zou has been focusing on the development and application of big data mining technology in high-end chip manufacturing for years. He has published more than 20 papers in top journals including Nature and Nature sub-journals, and his achievements have been highly appraised by many industry experts such as academicians of National Academy of Engineering Members, IEEE Fellows. He has won the Best Paper Award of AMD Global and North American R&D Conference several times, and served as a member of the academic committee of SPIE Photonics Asia, Optical Instrument and Technology and other international conferences.

Ensheng Dong is a PhD candidate and Louis M. Brown Engineering Fellow of the Department of Civil and Systems Engineering (CaSE) and the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University. He is also a member of the Infectious Disease Dynamics (IDD) group at the JHU Bloomberg School of Public Health. He is interested in interdisciplinary research on network science, mobility modeling, spatial analysis, geo-visualization, and infectious diseases. Ensheng Dong has been interviewed by CGTN, NPR, CNN, TIME, WSJ, Nature and other mainstream media in the US and the world for his contribution on the creation of the first global real-time coronavirus surveillance system. With 3.6 billion views in 18 months, the dashboard is recognized as one of TIME’s best inventions in 2020. Members of the public health community worldwide rely on this dashboard for informing, planning, and decision-making on public safety.

Ms. Margaret (Jingzhu) Yang, founder of AmeriChina Group (Fenghua Times Group) in New York, founder/Director of Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival. After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Wuhan University, she has studied at Columbia University in New York to obtain a master’s degree. She has also took the art history appreciation course at Sotheby’s School of Art in New York.

AmeriChina Group, founded in 2014, has focuses on international high-end entertainment, cultural and fashion event planning, marketing and other services. The company’s business includes New York Fashion Week, Cannes Film Festival, Emmy Awards Ceremony, Victoria’s Secret Angel Show, American President Barack Obama’s meeting, Buffett’s shareholder meeting as well as Hollywood star night, etc.

In 2017, the Fenghua Times film brand has established. The short film “Maria” produced in the same year has shortlisted for the short film corner of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, also won the Best Short Film Award at the 2018 New York Independent Film Festival and the 2018 Norwegian International Film Festival’s Best International Short Film Award.

In 2017, Margaret has co-founded the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival with the professionals of the film industry in Los Angeles to support the young Chinese filmmakers to win praise in the industry. She then became the director of the Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival.

Tian Liu, Multifaceted, creative, and high-impact professional with 10+ years of experience in video and production, combined with newly-acquired passion in entrepreneurship and business management. Leverages strong familiarity in modern marketing and advertising alongside experience in creative operations to boost brand recognition, sales, and market influence for client’s offerings. Sets and drives long-term and short-term business strategy by handling finances, business development, operational functions, and P/L Management. As a female Chinese cinematographer Tian Liu is an acclaimed Chinese cinematographer and photographer whose knowledge and experience have contributed to numerous film projects, both short and long-form, and whose still photography has been published in numerous international publications, including China Daily, Vogue Italy, and more. This year’s Cannes Film Festival will be screening Tian’s most recent film, “The Best Date Ever,” directed by Cherry Cao. Having developed her passion for the visual arts and put this passion into practice early, Tian has already amassed 17 years experience in photography. She won more than 50 awards for the best cinematography. Her areas of expertise include narrative film, fashion films, reality TV, and documentaries. Tian has served in the capacity of cinematographer on over 40 film projects, a number of which were captured on 16 or 35mm film, making Tian one of the very few female cinematographers of her generation versed in and loyal to motion pictures’ original medium.

Serene Wang, Founder and CEO of Elitelinks, a company that believes that international connections and long-term success start with an ability to communicate. We educate over 1mm students per year in ESL/education consulting/career mentoring. We work with corporations and students to provide tailored college test prep courses, career mentor sessions and navigate the universities. Our company’s approach reaches over 1mm students in China and North America. 

Best-selling author of Vocabulary in Context, Tackle TOEFL Reading, language learning.

Top education influencer on Chinese social media with over 1 million followers on Sina Weibo.  


Advisor for the U.S. and international companies on topics ranging from test preparation courses, scaling on-line education, student outreach in China, and North American markets. EliteLink’s live-streaming classes typically have more than 20k interactively participating students. Her past corporate clients include Apple, Google, Bank of China, and Bloomberg.


2021 Masie Learning Consortium, Learning Fellow. (Other learning fellow includes former BBC, CLO, McDonald CLO, and Comcast CEO) She is the first Chinese learning fellow at this consortium. Speaker at many international conferences and universities on workshops related to tech-based, scaled education, ESL, career coaching and cultural sensitivity training and program development.

Arvin Sun is the founder and CEO Amigo. He also is a longtime champion of internet serial entrepreneur and innovation culture. He has 10 years of Internet entrepreneurship experience in China and USA. He spent years growing businesses in the food delivery space, and now he focuses on pet education.Take the mission to empower millions of pets worldwide with a fun and flexible education!

As chowbus’s West Coast Senior General Manager since 2020, he helped chowbus raise $63 million in three months. He has been working to help small and medium-sized restaurants digitize their meals. During the pandemic, he provided food delivery services to more than 800 Asian restaurants and jobs to more than 6,000 drivers. Cooperate with the San Gabriel City Government to provide financial support, commission discounts and other services for restaurants. Provide COVID-19 vaccination applications for hundreds of drivers to keep restaurants and users safe. It maximizes the healthy diet of Chinese in Los Angeles and the west Coast during the epidemic. Before that he served as Chief Executive Officer Gesoo In 2018.

Jiahan (Peter) Cheng immigrated to the United States at the age nine. Born with cataracts, Peter underwent 8 surgeries, achieving 20/200 vision. Peter’s visual Impairment became a unique gift to help him see and give back to the world through a lens of gratitude.

Peter has a passion for community service. In 2019, he founded the nonprofit Chinese American Volunteer Association leading over 400 students to make remarkable contributions to the local community–helping many quality for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  During the pandemic, he organized donations of PPEs and love envelopes to front line workers. He also provided psychological support for teens by hosting 9 social clubs and complimentary courses. 

For his church, Peter drumed for the worship team, engineered live sound, and lead the youth ministry. Peter never let his disability limit his abilities; he enjoyed photography, sailing, and flying planes.

With an optimistic character and relentless perseverance, Peter overcame academic hardships and ranked top 2% of his class of 1000+ students. Throughout the years, Peter has won numerous awards. He led a team to engineer “Seeing Reality”, an aid device for people with visual impairments, winning 1st in the 2019 Riverside County Science Fair. As president of his school’s FBLA, Peter lead another team to produced a video about the art of giving-winning state champion & 3rd internationally. Peter also became the youngest member to serve on the Eastvale Camber of Commerce Board of Directors; receiving congressional recognition. 

In the most difficult year to receive university admission, Peter was admitted to the top 1 psychology major in the United States at the UC Berkeley. He is aspired to become a psychologist and plan to serve the US Millitary. Peter’s goal is to better this world by spreading the joy of giving through a lens of gratitude.

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of the selection, five special awardees have been added this year’s honor roll:

Xiao Xue, B.A. in Economics from Rice University, and MBA from Yale University. She was admitted as a Yale Silver Scholar directly after college, an honor program that accepts only several people worldwide every year. In 2017, she participated in the forth season of the show “I am Speaker”, and her speech was pushed by Tencent News to 1.2 billion WeChat users. In 2018, she represented Yale University to participate in the show “Who’s still standing”, awarded Top 8 globally. In 2019, she founded Smile Habit, helping young people to improve their learning ability and working competitiveness, so as to accelerate their growth and build a better future. In the past three years, she has held more than 500 online and offline sharing sessions, influencing millions of young people, and has tens of thousands of paid students. She is also an influencer with more than 2 million followers on social network and her videos have cumulative 300 million views. Her inspiring stories have been reported by People’s Daily and other top media. She was invited to speak at Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Central Academy of fine Arts and other major universities. In 2020, she was listed AACYF “30 under 30” and APEC Voices of the Future “Innovators”.

Grace Yuehan Wang, is praised as “a young star scholar who will bridge the academic world between the United States and China” by world-renowned social scientist Manuel Castells.

Dr. Wang currently is a grant holder of South African National Research Foundation, Department of Science and Innovation. She obtained her doctoral degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, and was the prestigious Wallis Annenberg Chair Fellow in Communication, Technology, and Society. Previously, she studied at Boston University (master’s degree with honours) and the University of California, Los Angeles. She was also a visiting researcher to Media Law and Policy program at the Oxford University and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbour.

Dr. Wang’s research appears on Global Media and CommunicationInternational Journal of CommunicationJournal of International Migration and Integration. She is a member of international academic associations like International Communication Association, American Sociological Association and American Society for Public Administration, where she serves as reviewer and conference panel chair. Dr. Wang has by far published 8 single-authored English academic journal articles and 3 credited popular press articles on the topic of China, Shenzhen, innovation, technology and human capital. As a young global scholar, Dr. Wang’s interview also appeared on China-Africa development and business

Dr. Wang also writes and publishes in Mandarin. Her work: From Silicon Valley to Silicon Delta: Case study of Shenzhen as an informational city is published in 2020 China Bluebook of Culture and Technology and Tencent: games, finance, and digital content is included in 2020 Report on Development of China’s Media Industry.

Besides academic presence, she is the creator of media platform, Network Media, to advance the understanding of development, innovation and technology in developing countries. Currently, Network Media Twitter account has over 1000 followers and its Instagram account has over 7000 engaged followers.

Taylor Tang. Serial entrepreneur. Early stage investor.

Taylor is the founder and CEO of Crossing Media, a company specializing in e-commerce live-broadcasts of collectible products. The company’s sales volume on TikTok live is currently ranked first in the United States and third in the United Kingdom, with a month-to-month growth of 100%. The company has raised millions of dollars in less than a year.

Taylor also founded StudyHigh Education in 2017, the largest study abroad tutor service company in California, as well as RealHype in 2020, a company dedicated to exporting and commercializing Hollywood celebrities and their personal IPs on Chinese social media platforms.

In addition, Taylor is also an early stage investor. In 2018, Taylor set up his own early stage fund, IgenFusion Capital, focusing on the Sino-US cross-border industry as well as the currently trending Web3.0 industry. Portfolio companies of IgenFusion Capital include: Suntisfy, a cross-border E-commerce brand; Theta TV, a blockchain live broadcast company; LGD Gaming, a professional Chinese Esports organization.

Robert Luo, the Co-founder and CEO of Mi Terro, is a three-time entrepreneur. He has many years of experience in business development, marketing, and sales. He is a Forbes Under 30 Scholar, an Entrepreneur Hall of Fame at the University of Southern California Marshall School of Business, a recipient of “25 Under 25” by Social Entrepreneur Magazine, a recipient of the All America Chinese Youth Federation “Top 30 Under 30”, a GreenBiz “30 Under 30” honoree, an Eco-Business A-List Youth Honoree, a 2020 APEC Voice of the Future honoree, a SOCAP – Social Capital Markets 2020 Game-Changing Founders of Color, IFSA “25 under 25,” Global Shaker’s Sustainable Fashion Innovator 2019, Global Good Fund Fellow, and Top 100 Asian American Emerging Leaders by theboadiQ. He owns 2 patents. He has raised more than $2M USD.

Mi Terro is a synthetic biology and advanced material company that powers big data to create home compostable, plastic-alternative biomaterials made from plant-based agricultural waste – this is a first-of-its-kind approach. We are excited to see such a significant leap forward in our ability to manipulate nature’s most diverse and abundant building blocks.

Jianying (Peter) Man, from Shandong, China. Graduated from USC majoring in Mathematic Finance. Board Chairman of SWCSSA (non-profit 501 C3 organization); hosts more than 10 activities every year (SWCSSA Basketball Competition Cup, California China Forum) to enhance students’ lives. Connected more than 43 CSSAs to consolidate resources and improve collaboration. Also: Founding Partner of Ying Fund (Identify and boost more than 30 early-stage startups with high potential growth in fields of consumer, entertainment, health, retail). Lead professionals’ group to launch tailored go-to-market strategies and financial models for start-ups, which contribute to rapid scaling and achieving Series A round; accelerated growth for companies like Jiko Group Inc, Kula Bio Inc, Suntisfy Inc, Fantuan, and unicorn companies GrubMarket, Noah Medical. Co-founder of See Health LLC( See Health makes healthcare more accessible, efficient, effective, and transparent, helping clients find healthcare providers globally and provide A-Z solutions, with specialized in the treatment of critical conditions like cancer and cardiac and neuro-related, rare diseases; work with the top-ranked hospitals (Mayo Clinic, NYP) in patient care around the world and monitor ratings and hospital performance closely to keep on top of current listings);  World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress Awards (Best Referral Service Cooperation Award & Best Patient Experience Practice Award)