Local AAPI community leaders Endorse The Campaign to Re-Elect Sheriff Villanueva

LA county Sheriff Villanueva joined by local elected officials and Asian community leaders

SANTA FE SPRINGS, Calif., May 26, 2022 (LAPost) —  The campaign to re-elect Sheriff Villanueva hosted a press conference and community forum with the AAPI community by Paul Cheng, Mayor Pro Tem of Arcadia on May 25 in Santa Fe Springs campaign office. Elected officials and community leaders from AAPI community announce endorsements, as well as discuss the issues facing Angelenos with a focus on the rise in hate crimes and violence toward Asian Americans.

Eric Qin, Mayor of Walnut


Speakers represent AAPI grassroots communities across the political spectrum and diverse county. Sheriff Villanueva committed to present a true rainbow coalition of campaign staff, endorsements, and supporters. “Unity is not a catch phrase or pick up line for me. Bringing people together is what leaders do,” remarked Villaneuva.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva discussed current trends and topics involving hate crimes. Attendees include members of the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) community who have been partners in hate crime education. During this forum, the new LASD Community Advisory Council AAPI outreach group was intruduced as well as other community stakeholders who work to make Los Angeles County a safer place to live.

Paul Cheng (Right), Mayor Pro Tem of Arcadia

Jessica Martinez (Left 1), Councilmember of Whittier

The primary election is coming up Tuesday June 7th. To date no significant challenger to Sheriff Villanueva has emerged.

Sheriff Villanueva was elected in 2018 on a campaign of “reform, rebuild and restore.” Once in office Villanueva established the first of its kind policy to ban deputy “cliques,” equipped all deputies with body worn cameras, established a wage theft task force, banned transfers to ICE, and raised standards for internal promotions, new hires, and senior command staff. LASD is now the most diverse senior command and on patrol staff in its history.

Villanueva could cruise to an easy victory next month in the nation’s most populous county. He is banking on the Latino vote and angst about public safety to carry him to reelection on June 7 in the reliably left-leaning area — and he could avoid a general election if he wins more than 50 percent of the primary votes.

During the event, endorsements of the re-election of Sheriff Villanueva including

Eric Qin, Mayor of Walnut

Paul Cheng, Mayor Pro Tem of Arcadia

Jessica Martinez, Councilmember of Whittier

A survey of registered voters in the city of Los Angeles conducted this week by BSP Research, a Los Angeles-based polling firm, found that 55 percent of Latino voters had a favorable perception of Villanueva, compared to 24 percent who viewed him unfavorably. BSP Research estimates 1.2 million Latinos will cast votes in Los Angeles County during the general election, equal to a record turnout for the 2018 presidential election.