New Poll Shows Gun Violence Prevention Top Non-Economic Issue for AAPI voters

WASHINGTON — new poll from AAPI Victory Alliance, and a coalition of progressive partners, shows gun control to be the top non-economic issue for AAPI voters in the 2022 midterm elections.

AAPI Victory Alliance Executive Director Varun Nikore issued the following statement:

“Gun violence is a horrible, preventable tragedy that highlights the pressing need for action in Washington so everyone feels safe in their communities nationwide. After the horrific Uvalde shooting, rather than taking steps to prevent gun violence, Texas schools have taken steps to enact reactive state legislation like sending DNA kits to parents to identify their kids’ bodies in cases of emergency. This issue will be a decisive one for AAPI voters in the midterm elections—and one that does not fit neatly into the crime narrative that Republicans are peddling. Amongst all AAPI sub-ethnicities, gun control is the top non-economic issue because of its rapidly rising effects on communities of color, like ours.

“In the fight for safer communities, every thoughtful action to prevent gun-related violence and accidental injury or death is a step forward in saving lives—our lives. AAPIs are going to look at candidates who support them on this issue—and reject those who don’t. Beyond the midterms, this will also affect states holding elections next year with large AAPI populations, like Virginia and New Jersey.

“The U.S. has experienced over 400 mass shootings this year alone; Americans need Congress to step up and help the Biden Administration and Congress to pass gun control legislation to end gun violence now.”