Taipei First Girls High School marching band returns to perform at Rose Parade after 18 years

LAPost/Arcadia, CA (December 28, 2022) – The Taipei First Girls school’s Marching Band, Honor Guard, and Color Guard (TFGMHC) , which arrived in Los Angeles less than 24 hours ago, performed at the welcome ceremony hosted by The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles at Arcadia High School at noon on the 28th. With its precise rhythm, changeable formation, and seamless group performance, the TFG Southern California alumni and Taiwanese folks were very excited. It left a deep impression on the local mainstream media present.

TFGMHC returns to perform in Los Angeles’ annual Rose Parade after an 18-year hiatus to take on their new mission overseas, showcasing their skill and talent at the worldwide broadcasting annual parades.

The 134th Rose Parade will be held on Jan. 2, 2023, one day after New Year’s Day in keeping with the “Never on Sunday” tradition kept since 1893, according to the nonprofit Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association. According to the itinerary announced by the organizing committee today, the order of appearance of TGF will be 64th.

At the invitation of the parade’s organizer, a team of 135 students and teachers from the school’s Marching Band, Honor Guard, and Color Guard (TFGMHC) arrived at LAX on Dec. 27 heading out onto this 12-day journey with stops at three events.

Director General Louis Huang, Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Los Angeles

“TFGMHC team members are  all goodwill ambassadors, representing Taiwan’s truth, kindness, beauty, confidence, perseverance, and vitality, so that the world can see the most beautiful side of Taiwan. He wished the students to enjoy the performance to the fullest.” Director General Louis Huang said.

Music Director Ellen Swagerty, Tournament of Roses

Principal CHIH-YUAN CHEN (陳智源), Taipei First Girls High School 

The students have been preparing for this moment for a long time. This is the first time the TFGMHC Team has visited Los Angeles after 18 years to represent Taiwan on the stage of the world-renowned rose parade. “This is a very rare opportunity, what an honor and Luckily.” CHIH-YUAN CHEN said that the TFGMHC girl was originally invited to participate in the 2021 Rose Parade, but it was postponed for two years due to the epidemic. The spirit of TFG is to convey love and warmth.”

Band Director Kevin Sherrill, Arcadia High School

Captain Debbie Chen, Taipei First Girls High School Alumni Honor Guard and Color Guard

The founding captain Linda Oyoung, Taipei First Girls High School Alumni Honor Guard and Color Guard

Student representatives (From Left): Honor Guard: Black gun, Miss WEI-CHEN HSIAO (儀隊代表:蕭維禛同學-黑槍); Color Guard: Captain, Miss SHAO-TONG LU (旗隊代表:路紹彤同學-隊長); Marching Band: Clarinet, Miss HSIN-LUN CHUNG (樂隊代表:鍾欣倫同學-豎笛)

According to the student representatives, after returning to Taiwan after completing this trip, they only have one week of school time to take the final exam, so they all carry textbooks in their backpacks.

Despite the academic pressure from top Asian high schools, they still couldn’t hide their excitement and anticipation. Such an opportunity is very rare for any high school marching band, even for American high schools.

On Dec. 30, they’ll be performing at a local college, then the Rose Parade on Jan. 2 and a grand finale performance hosted by Disneyland on Jan. 3 before returning home safe and sound on Jan. 7.

Before departing for the event, the team met with President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) at the Presidential Office on Wednesday.

The TFGMHC, established over 60 years ago, is often invited to participate in major competitions and celebratory performances both at home and abroad, TFG said.

The last time the TFG students marching band appeared at the Rose Parade was in 2005, also participating in 1996.

This well-known team includes the marching band (established in 1959), the honor guards (established in 1963) and the color guards (established in 1998). The members are students with outstanding academic achievements and excellent conduct.

In the 2023 Rose Parade, 21 marching bands will appear in the 86 sections of the parade. Green Band Japan , approximately 180 students from Gifu, Japan same as Taiwan from Asia will be coming to perform in Pasadena at Bandfest on Dec. 30 and the Rose Parade on Jan. 2.

Looking forward to and wishing these best girls, best girls marching bands of course, from Taiwan to shine in 2023 Rose Parade.