ELAC Awarded as 2023 Equity Designation for Excelling in Equitable Course Placement

MONTEREY PARK, CA – East Los Angeles College (ELAC) has been recognized as a 2023 Equity Designation of Excelling in Equitable Course Placement. Specifically, ELAC was given this award because their exemplary work in supporting 100% of ELAC Black and African American students to enroll directly in transfer-level English. ELAC was one of 56 California community colleges to be given this award from The Campaign for College Opportunity.

Equitable placement practices have proven to be highly consequential for increasing access to transfer-level coursework, maximizing student success, and closing racial/ethnic equity gaps. By starting in transfer-level English, completion rates have tripled for Black students and more than doubled for Latinx students. In math, completion rates have quadrupled for Black students and Latinx students.

“East Los Angeles College is honored to receive this award. Equity, inclusion, access, and success for all our students, particularly our black and students of color, is a priority for our college, given the communities that we serve. I want to thank all our faculty, staff and administrators who helped us to reach this milestone and I will continue to strive to make ELAC open and accessible to all”, said ELAC President Alberto J. Roman.


The Campaign for College Opportunity is a California non-profit bipartisan policy and research organization focused on a single mission: to ensure all Californians have an equal opportunity to attend and succeed in college in order to build a vibrant workforce, economy and democracy. For more information, visit http://www.collegecampaign.org/Facebook.com/CollegeCampaign, or follow @CollegeOpp.

About East Los Angeles College: ELAC is the largest of nine two-year community colleges within the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD), www.laccd.edu. More information about ELAC is available online at http://www.elac.edu/. Follow ELAC on social media, Instagram @ELACHuskies, and Facebook @Eastlacollege.