“AACYF Top under 30” list releases, Class of 2024

AACYF/LAPost Los Angeles (March 22, 2024) – The highly anticipated and closely watched “Top Under 30 Chinese-American Youth Elite List” (AACYF Top U30) for the year 2024 (the 8th edition), particularly focused on the younger generation of Chinese-Americans, students studying abroad, and the “returnee” community, was unveiled in Los Angeles on March 19 after a three-month selection process.

After the release of the Chinese version of the list, it has received widespread attention from various sectors of society. Numerous Chinese media outlets and social media platforms have extensively covered it, including national-level media such as People’s Daily, Chinanews, and China Daily, each providing their respective reports.

Co-hosted by the non-profit organization the All America Chinese Youth Federation and the Los Angeles Post, this annual selection is the first in the United States and overseas dedicated specifically to the younger generation of Chinese-Americans, students studying abroad, and the “returnee” community. It is considered one of the most authoritative and influential awards in the American youth entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The purpose of the selection for the “Top Under 30 Chinese-American Youth Elite List” is to encourage and support Chinese-American youth and students studying abroad in innovation, entrepreneurship, and professional growth. This year, Liu Feng served as the chairperson of the nomination committee. The expert judging panel comprised professionals with considerable renown and influence in various industries.

The judging panel, composed of prominent figures and experts from various fields, noted in their comments that in an era of rapid emergence of new industries, formats, and models, the young individuals on the list demonstrated outstanding performance in innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, courage, foresight, sustainable development, service, social responsibility, and personal expertise, showcasing the overall vigor, courage, and talent of the younger generation of Chinese-Americans and students studying abroad.

According to the organizers, each year the selection process begins with notifications released through the news media inviting nominations, recommendations, or self-nominations from the public. The judging panel conducts initial selection based on the materials submitted by each candidate, followed by individual interviews with the candidates who pass the initial selection. Finally, about one-third of the candidates who pass the initial interview are selected as entrepreneurial elites from various industries and young professionals in their respective fields. This year, a total of 942 candidates were nominated, with 186 passing the initial selection, resulting in a final inclusion rate of 4%.

The organizers particularly emphasized that due to the emergence of a large number of entrepreneurial groups and young elites in various industries, a new category titled “New Media Content Creators” was added this year. Additionally, due to the simultaneous inclusion of two co-founders from start-up companies, the total number of spots on this year’s list increased slightly. As the trend of innovation and entrepreneurship continues to extend to younger age groups among students studying abroad and the younger generation, the number of individuals on the “Top Under 25 Chinese-American Youth Elite List” (2024 AACYF Top U25) also increased, with their remarkable performances leaving a deep impression. This year’s list continues the tradition of previous years, retaining categories such as the “California Chinese Youth Elite List” (Cal C U30), as well as honorable mentions.

Among this year’s list are seven Harvard University alumni, four Stanford University alumni, four Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni, and four University of California, Berkeley alumni. The selected elites this year include internationally active young soprano Zhang Meigui, Chinese-American young pianist George Li, as well as noteworthy Ph.D. scholars such as Jiang Kaiyi, Shi Changmin, Li Bo, and Cao Hancheng from various prestigious institutions. Additionally, two brothers, each pursuing their careers on the East and West coasts respectively, and two former high school classmates from Shanghai who both made it onto the list this year, are among the highlights of this year’s list.

Cultural, Artistic, Film and Design Achievements: (4 individuals)

Zhang Meigui: Master’s degree from Mannes School of Music, New York. Contracted artist at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York. As a rising young soprano, she has quickly gained prominence on the international classical music stage in recent years. She recently played Juliet in “Romeo and Juliet” at the National Grand Theater in Beijing, China, and starred as Carolina in Mozart’s opera “Don Giovanni” at the Los Angeles Opera House. Zhang Meigui has successively won the prestigious “Prix Yves Paternot” at the 2019 Verbier Festival in Switzerland, the second prize at the 2020 Premiere Opera International Vocal Competition in New York, and the first prize at the 2021 Premiere Opera International Vocal Competition. She was selected as one of the 14 “rising stars” among young artists worldwide.

George Li: Harvard University graduate. Pianist with extraordinary performance skills and profound insights into music far beyond his years. He won second prize at the Tchaikovsky International Piano Competition in 2015 and the Avery Fisher Career Grant in 2016. George Li frequently collaborates with world-renowned orchestras and conductors and performs solo concerts at prestigious theaters or music festivals worldwide. He has also toured internationally with orchestras such as the China National Grand Theater Orchestra conducted by Zhang Xian.

Peng Tianying: Bachelor’s degree from Suzhou University School of Physical Education, graduate degree from the University of Duisburg-Essen in the UK. Actress, producer, and world wushu champion. Founder of Shanghai Yingcheng Film Industry, founder of the “Ying Wisdom” brand, and initiator of the non-profit organization “Global Hands in China.” She is the ambassador of love for China Children and Teenagers’ Fund and the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation.

Zhu Ziyuan: Dual Master’s degree in Design Studies and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Award-winning designer and multimedia artist. Founder of Make To:Gather, a non-profit organization aimed at empowering local innovation through human-centered design.

***Academic Research Achievements: (5 individuals)

Jiang Kaiyi: Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biological Engineering at MIT. His work in synthetic biology and gene/cell therapy has been groundbreaking and influential in the field. He has published articles in top journals such as Nature, Science, Nature Biotechnology, and Nature Materials, holds seven world patents, and companies incubated by him have received investments totaling tens of millions of dollars.

Shi Changmin: Postdoctoral fellow at Brown University. Focuses on developing safe high-energy density batteries and novel thermal management materials. He has published 16 papers in top journals of the Nature series and in materials and metallurgy fields, applied for two US patents, and received honors and awards 16 times.

Li Bo: Ph.D. candidate at the California Institute of Technology, co-founder and CSO of QuanMol, a startup leading AI pharmaceuticals. The drug design platform developed by him supports new drug discovery for over 10 biotech companies and laboratories with unprecedented precision and efficiency. QuanMol has received millions of dollars in seed funding.

Cao Hancheng: Ph.D. candidate in Computer Science at Stanford University. Recognized as an outstanding researcher in interdisciplinary studies at Stanford, his research spans computational social science and human-computer interaction. He has published over 30 academic papers in top conferences in various fields and has received multiple Best Paper/Best Paper Nomination awards at top computer conferences such as CHI and CSCW. His research has influenced the design of multiple product features.

Sun Yueyi: Holds Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Currently an assistant professor at Lafayette College. Research focuses on thrombosis and clotting disorders using fluid mechanics and bioengineering, with results published in mainstream professional journals. Her research will contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of future thrombotic and clotting disorders.

***New Media Content Creators, New Media: (6 individuals)***

Tara (他塔拉): Harvard University graduate. Personal growth blogger with 3 million followers, founder of the “World Trust” community in the United States. Tara’s videos cover topics such as overseas life, spiritual growth, and knowledge dissemination, accumulating over one billion views across all platforms and trending on the hot search list eight times.

Luo Ziqi (小虎篮球说): Master’s degree in Media from the University of Southern California. Currently a front-line reporter for the Los Angeles Lakers, creator of the sports basketball self-media “Xiao Hu Basketball Talk.” With 2.8 million fans across all platforms, she is one of the top self-media bloggers focusing on basketball. She has been interviewed by mainstream media multiple times and participated as one of the protagonists in the documentary “My Choice” on CCTV-13. Her short videos have accumulated over 600 million views worldwide.

Shen Jia’an(杰拉米Jeremy): Top creator on video platforms, pioneer of the Chinese awakening genre. With just a few dozen videos, he has repeatedly created explosive content, amassing over two million fans on social media platforms by 2023 and accumulating over 400 million video views. He was a guest on Zhejiang Satellite TV in 2020, Jiangsu Satellite TV in 2021, and won the series commercial video creation award at The One Show in 2023.

Chen Xuanzhou(JC宣舟): Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Riverside. Within one year, he attracted 600,000 fans with high-quality short videos conveying positive energy and personal charisma, becoming one of the most well-known independent self-media bloggers in Southern California.

Zhang Lexuan (香水教父): Bachelor’s degree from New York University, Master’s degree from Columbia University. He edits and releases perfume review videos on major platforms, hosts live broadcasts, and has garnered over 200,000 fans on Douyin alone with no investment. Co-founder and senior vice chairman of the global ESG pioneer organization.

Jin Wang (Asian Answers 佐治亚小帅): Graduate of Northeastern University in the United States, podcaster specializing in interviewing stories of how Chinese immigrants settle in North America (mainly the United States). He particularly focuses on uncovering positive stories of Chinese-Americans in American society and has released over 60 episodes, ranking among the top 2.5% globally.

***Consumer Technology, AI Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, WEB3, etc. (11 individuals)***

Wang Bingyi: Ph.D. in Physics from Stanford University. Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Skywalk, a deep-tech startup dedicated to building intuitive interactions between humans and artificial intelligence. Skywalk has received SBIR funding from the National Science Foundation and raised over $1 million in pre-seed financing.

Song Yachen: Bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University, founder and CEO of VAST, an artificial intelligence content generation company. The company owns the world’s largest native 3D dataset with tens of millions of high-precision items, and its AIGC technology capabilities lead globally.

Wang Lifan: Graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, Computer Science major. Co-founder of FlowGPT, one of the fastest-growing AI platforms. His innovative approach has attracted millions of monthly visitors and secured over $10 million in financing from top venture capital firms within a year.

Yang Runde: Cornell University graduate, founder of Dream Voyage, an artificial intelligence startup. The company received pre-seed financing from top venture capital.

Su Han: Bachelor’s degree from New York University Shanghai and Master’s degree from MIT with a full scholarship. He founded Privoce, Inc., and developed Voce, a chat software that supports private deployment and custom AI chatbots. It has been deployed on over 80,000 servers globally and is the most popular private chat solution for home clouds (NAS) users.

Wang Xiao & Long Bai: Co-founders of Mingque (Taipu Technology), a leading company in the field of collaborative software for parties A and B in China. Within two years, the company received investment from several well-known venture capital firms. In early 2024, Mingque was fully acquired by a leading technology industry investment information platform and think tank. Wang Xiao: Current CEO of the company, Master’s degree from Stanford University, Bachelor’s degree from Nanjing University Kuang Yaming College. Long Bai: Current COO of the company, graduated from the Foreign Affairs College and Waseda University in Japan.

Chen Lifu: Master’s degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, founder and CEO of Buysmart, an innovative company leading the field of AI-driven e-commerce. Completed tens of millions of RMB in angel financing, with a company valuation of hundreds of millions.

Chen Yu: Ph.D. in Computer Science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, co-founder of Anytime AI, an innovative artificial intelligence company. The company focuses on developing virtual legal AI assistants for legal professionals and has completed angel financing.

Zhang Bohan: Bachelor’s degree from Peking University, Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University. Co-founder of OtterTune, which uses AI for automatic database tuning and cloud resource optimization to improve database performance and reduce cloud costs. The company has raised $15 million in financing.

Hu Yinmeng: Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University, Master’s degree from MIT. Co-founder and COO of PredX.ai, an AI-enabled event trading platform. Completed pre-seed financing.

***New Energy, Environmental Protection, etc. (2/3 individuals)***

**Zhang Qi**: Bachelor’s degree from Northeastern University in the United States; Founder of Shaanxi Zhongtian Yike Smart Energy Co., Ltd.; Focused on the layout of the new energy field, committed to the sustainable utilization of energy, innovative technologies in wind, solar, and electric power, local innovation and utilization of energy, and energy storage technology; Currently, successfully obtained R&D funding of 30 million yuan, used to promote cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the field of technological research and development.

**Na Rongyu & Yang Kaixi**: Co-founders of EcoForge, which promotes the popularization and large-scale production of healthy and environmentally friendly building materials through technology. EcoForge, as the only team with Chinese founders, was selected for the largest climate technology startup incubator in the United States, Greentown Labs, in 2024. Na Rongyu, Bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Art University (AAU) in San Francisco, and dual master’s degrees from Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design. CEO of the company. Yang Kaixi, Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon and master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Co-founder and honorary chairman of the Penn Entrepreneurship Club.

***Cultural Industry and Media: (3 individuals)***

**Li Jiaoyang**: Graduated from Goldsmiths, University of London, and New York University. Poet, interdisciplinary artist, curator, and publisher; Co-founder of Heavy Sound Society and Heavy Sound Sisters Bookstore.

**Cai Yixuan**: Graduated from the Architecture Department of Rhode Island School of Design. Artist, curator, and cross-disciplinary designer. The digital art studio Black Void she founded is dedicated to responding to issues such as climate change, interstellar species, and digital life using new technologies (algorithms, blockchain, artificial intelligence).

**Shi Boyang**: Undergraduate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). DJ/Producer; Founder of Shanghai’s dop music, who has curated a series of music projects aimed at helping more musicians achieve their musical dreams and building cultural bridges between China and the rest of the world. He has released hundreds of records to date, held multiple tours, and successfully brought domestic artists to international stages, bringing Chinese music to the world.

***Education and Educational Technology Services (5/6 members)***

**Song Danyang**: Graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University and a master’s degree from the Rhode Island School of Design; Ceramic artist and educator; Currently serves as the head of the ceramics studio and lecturer at the New York Visual Arts Academy.

**Dou Dou & Tang Shuai**: Co-founders of the innovative career education company “Visions Alive”, focusing on empowering Chinese teenagers and families in career exploration and mental growth. Dou Dou is the current CEO of the company, holding dual bachelor’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a master’s degree in education from Harvard University. Tang Shuai is the current COO of the company, with a bachelor’s degree from Boston University and a master’s degree in education from Harvard University.

**Wang Pengyi**: Bachelor’s degree from Babson College; Founder of MyMentor and co-founder of Equil Ai; Successfully completed angel and Pre-Series A rounds totaling $5.5 million in financing, creating China’s largest online platform for foreign schools.

**Wu Lei**: Studied educational policy and analysis at Harvard University; Serial entrepreneur; Founder and CEO of Realix.AI, aiming to change the traditional leadership training industry through AI integration.

**Hou Xiaowei**: Master’s degree from the University of South Florida; Founder and Managing Director of Guangzhou Wisdom Information Consulting Co., Ltd., dedicated to empowering student development through career planning.

***Enterprise Manufacturing and Consumer Services (2 members)***

**Gao Shida**: Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA); CEO of Dahe Aquaculture (Dalian) Co., Ltd., and Dalian Jingang Aquaculture Co., Ltd. Dahe Aquaculture (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a leading international enterprise in the algae field, with profits exceeding one billion yuan under Gao Shida’s leadership in 2023.

**Zhang Weiye**: Graduate of Babson College; Legal person of Suzhou Baisilai Bo Cultural Technology Co., Ltd.; Founder of Fingerella and BathLab; Current annual turnover exceeds 10 million RMB.

**Li Manlu**: Bachelor’s degree from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco; Founded Zirunyu brand in 2020; Established Beijing Shengjie Biotechnology Co., Ltd., raising millions in funding and accumulating over 100,000 users worldwide.

***2024 Top Under 25 Chinese American Elite List (AACYF Top U25) (15 members)***

**Yu Xinyi**: Master’s student in Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Founder of AWDPI Asian Women’s International Development Plan; Co-founder of the SRP Social Responsibility Family Program at the Beijing Yixingzhe Public Welfare Foundation.

**Wu Dazhong**: Bachelor’s degree from Hunan University, Master’s degree from Columbia University. Founder and Chairman of the non-profit organization Global ESG Leadership Association, aimed at building the world’s largest comprehensive platform for research, practice, and communication of ESG and sustainable development for youth. Co-founder and Chairman of the Wecosmic content creation brand.

**Yu Jiayi**: Undergraduate and Master’s student at the Stern School of Business, New York University, ranked first in the major. President of the Student Union at the Stern School of Business, New York University; Has over a million followers on all media platforms, with a total video playback exceeding five hundred million; Invited to participate in numerous well-known variety shows.

**Zhao Siqi**: Senior student majoring in Finance at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Founder and CEO of Guangzhou Kunxiao Culture Media Co., Ltd.; Co-founder of Shenzhen Baicheng Culture Communication Co., Ltd. Known as “Zhao Shasha” on personal social media accounts, sharing content related to female growth and entrepreneurial financial literacy, with over tens of millions of readings.

**Willington Liu **: Actor born and raised in Los Angeles; Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performing Arts from the California Institute of the Arts. Selected among 15,000 applicants to participate in a training camp with 30 others, subsequently portrayed the centurion Xizaki Zhizhutai in one of China’s largest film trilogies, “The Investiture of the Gods Trilogy.”

**Cen Rongkang**: Undergraduate from Shanghai International Studies University, Master’s degree from Columbia University; Co-founder of the California-based education technology company Beecoming. Beecoming provides international students with a new set of learning and college admission pathways, making world-class education accessible through the introduction of AI and AR technology. Has received angel investments from top Silicon Valley VCs and leading investors.

**Lai Qijian**: Undergraduate from the University of California, Davis, Graduate from Columbia University; Founder and CEO of the dance studio DanceHolic; Dedicated to creating a community for Chinese women to provide psychological support and reduce physical anxiety. Currently has headquarters in Manhattan, New York, and a branch in Davis, California, serving over a thousand women.

**Li Wendada (Wendell)**: Bachelor’s degree in Informatics from the University of Washington; Founder and CEO of NetPrism Inc.; Its product, BuyScout, is the world’s first dialogue-based shopping guide solution that applies large language models to online retail and has completed seed funding from a renowned investment company. Its predecessor, Restock Alerts, once ranked 7th on the Apple App Store.

**Tao Runkai**: Master of Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania; Outstanding graduate of the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; Founder and CEO of Joyful Education Technology, founder of Currigers English Education Society, co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Joyful Unbounded. Started building personal IP “Little Tao Teacher” on major social media platforms at the age of 17.

**Cheng Jin**: Undergraduate from Syracuse University; Dedicated to becoming the founder of Kermise, providing sustainable development solutions for architecture. Has established long-term cooperation with more than 30 entities in China.

**Gao Zhirun**: Master’s degree in International Finance and Economic Policy from Columbia University. Co-founder of the Mint Finance digital banking and investment platform for international students; Co-founder and Joint Chairman of the Columbia University Chinese Investment Society (CCI). (Financial Investment Services Category)

**Xu Hanyang**: Undergraduate from Waseda University, currently pursuing a Master’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Co-founder and COO of Fuyun Education Consulting Company, providing multidimensional and multi-perspective educational experiences.

**Xia Haoxuan**: Undergraduate from the University of California, Berkeley; Blogger of the “Stand Out” channel, sharing experiences of personal height growth, providing consultations and guidance, and focusing on the overall health and quality of life of students. Blogger of the “Wall Street Little Brother Channel” and founder of the job-seeking agency Bulge Bracket Elites.

**Liu Haoyang**: Graduate student in Information Networking at Carnegie Mellon University; Involved in the development project at Stanford SLAC National Laboratory under the US Department of Energy, serving as the technical lead, providing technical support and leadership.

***2024 AACYF Cal C Top U30 (15 members)***

**Cui Changze**: Bachelor’s degree from the School of Computer Science, Huazhong University of Science and Technology; Master’s degree in EECS from the University of California, Berkeley; Technical lead of the founding team of Web3 wallet infrastructure company fun.xyz, with a seed round valuation of $60 million. Authored 8 blockchain-related articles and patents.

**Qian Youjia**: Bachelor’s degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), California; Music visual art director. Collaborated with several internationally renowned brands to create unique visual identities. Produced music videos that achieved tremendous success on global digital platforms, with millions of views.

**Cai Jiarui**: Emerging fashion designer dedicated to integrating various art and niche cultures into streetwear; Founder and creative director of the streetwear brand RONR (Ruby Or Not Ruby).

**Liu Siyun**: Master’s degree from the New York Film Academy; Founder of Temper Media, a diversified media and marketing company focusing on cultural exchange and art promotion, aiming to build cultural bridges between Asia and North America.

**Li Dongjin**: Master’s degree in Performance Production from the University of London; First Chinese magician to host a close-up magic solo show in the UK. Twice invited to perform at the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood. (Personal artistic achievement)

**Jin Shihan**: Master’s degree from Yale University, currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Southern California; Served as the music director and principal conductor of the USC All-Campus Symphony Orchestra in 2022-2023 and 2024-2025, active as a new-generation student conductor and cultural ambassador for Chinese music culture on mainstream stages. (Personal artistic achievement)

**Hao Lingxue**: Master’s degree from the Savannah College of Art and Design; Photographer and visual designer. Deeply portrays the life stories and thought patterns of depression patients through a unique perspective. Winner of the Paris Photography Prize and Analog Sparks International Film Photography Award. (Personal artistic achievement)

**Tang Xidong**: Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Master’s degree from Harvard University; Founder and CEO of Applify AI, an AI platform providing personalized assistance, academic guidance, and comprehensive job search services for students, the company has completed a million-dollar seed round of financing. (Educational technology services)

**Lin Qingjiani**: Bachelor’s degree from the Claremont Colleges Consortium, currently pursuing a master’s degree in asset management at Yale University; Serial entrepreneur in the education industry for 8 years, founded Yun Education Technology in 2019, establishing a B2C online vertical study abroad education AI information platform based on the “platform + service” model. In 2021, independently founded Deeroffer Study Abroad. Currently, a co-founder of the Hulue Education Family Office. (Educational technology services)

**Wu Haoran**: Dual master’s degrees from Stanford and Oxford Universities; Founder of the Stanford China Education Practitioners and Innovators Association. (Social welfare)

**Li Zijiao**: Master’s degree from the University of Southern California; Co-founder of Metaverse AI. The company focuses on AI digital life, data engines, and mixed reality technology to build an open metaverse. Received millions of dollars in investment from famous Silicon Valley funds. (Consumer technology, AI, algorithms, Web3)

**Jiang Yuchen**: Graduated from the University of California, Berkeley; Co-founder and CEO of OpenLayer. OpenLayer has received support from Geometry, a16z CSX, and other well-known funds and angel investors. It has also received funding from the Ethereum Foundation PSE, Optimism Foundation, and Arbitrum Foundation.

**Jiang Shangjun**: Bachelor’s degree with high honors in Statistics and Media Studies from the University of California, Berkeley; Master’s degree in Design Engineering from Harvard University; Co-founder of HarvardXR. (Technological media innovation)

**Li Zhuorui**: Graduate student in Environmental Engineering at Stanford University; Co-chair of the Stanford China Education Practitioners and Innovators Association, co-founder and host of the Global Outlook Forum NGO, founding member of the Meiya Sustainable Development Foundation. (Social welfare)

***2024 AACYF Top U30 Honorable Mention (6 members)***

**Zou Yiping**: Master’s degree from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Founder and CEO of Shanghai Blueshirt Technology Co., Ltd., focusing on seven major areas including artificial intelligence.

**Du Yu**: Ph.D. from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, visiting scholar at Columbia University, of Tujia ethnicity. Founder of the Unknown Tech Group, author of the bestselling books “AIGC: The Era of Intelligent Creation” and “WEB3.0: Empowering the New Era of Digital Economy.”

**Chen Yushi**: Bachelor’s degree from the University of Tulsa, Ph.D. from the University of Sussex, UK. Author of “Transformation: Metaverse and Digital Economy” and editor of “Breakthrough: Blockchain and Digital Economy,” an expert in the ISO Sustainable FinTech Working Group.

**Hu Yue**: Master’s degree from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, serial entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of Changyao Innovation, focusing on building a globally leading brand of courtyard robots, with products scheduled for mass production and listing this summer. The company is nearing completion of its second round of investment.

**Zhou Jinglun**: Dual master’s degrees in Law and Social Policy from the University of Pennsylvania. Founder of Sandrat Technology, Chairman of the Shenlu Enlightenment Public Service Center, lead researcher of the “Vision Element System” providing diagnostic and therapeutic services for autism patients through emotional computing. Several of its subsidiaries have completed Pre-Series B financing.

**Liao Aijia**: University of Richmond graduate, Product Manager at Metanomoly, an innovative company in the Generative AI field specializing in artificial intelligence visual narrative exploration.

The selection of the “Top U30 Outstanding Award” aims to encourage and support young Chinese and international students in innovation and entrepreneurship, recognized as one of the most influential and authoritative awards in the US entrepreneurship ecosystem. Members of the expert committee include: Councilor of the Committee of 100 and the first Chinese-American female mayor in the United States, Chen Liwan; contemporary Chinese art master Wu Huan; renowned economist and co-founder of Hongtai Fund, Sheng Xitai; Professor Huang Nansong, Vice President of Guangzhou South China Institute; Professor Liu Xiaoyan, Lifetime Professor at La Verne University (ULV); Professor Xu Lei of California State University, Fullerton; Executive Director of the English-language “Los Angeles Post,” Ren Xiangdong; Founding Partner of Fusion Fund, Zhang Lu; Managing Partner of Taihill Venture, Yu Tianyi; Young filmmakers recognized in their respective industries, Shi Tanxuan and Ge Duolin; Young entrepreneurs Gao Yifan and Ma Yixuan. Liu Feng, Founder and Chairman of Huetu Education Group, serves as the Chairman of the Nominating Committee for this year, with committee members including industry elites who have gained considerable recognition and influence across the United States.

This year’s selection also received support from institutions such as the Art Bridge Foundation, Xiaolin Network, and Haoxuechang. (By: Richar Ren/LAPost)