“AACYF Top 30 under 30” list releases, Class of 2023

Los Angeles, Ca, March 20, 2023 – The annual “AACYF Top 30 under 30” list, which has attracted much attention from all walks of life, especially the new generation of Chinese, overseas students and “returnees”, has gone through a 3-month selection process , to be revealed on March 19, 2023 in Los Angeles.

The annual selection, jointly hosted by the non-profit organization All-American Chinese Youth Federation, the “Los Angeles Post” and other organizations, is the first professional award in the United States and overseas that is specially set up for the new generation of Chinese, overseas students and “returnees” groups. , is considered to be one of the most authoritative and influential awards in the youth entrepreneurship ecosystem in the United States.

The selection of the “National Chinese Youth Under 30 Elite List” aims to encourage and help Chinese youths and foreign students to innovate and start businesses; to empower outstanding youths’ career development and professional growth. The chairman of the nomination committee of this year’s selection committee is Dong Kehan, and the members of the expert jury include professionals with considerable reputation and influence in various industries.

The judging committee composed of social celebrities and experts from various industries pointed out in their comments: In the era of rapid emergence of new industries, new formats, and new models, the young friends on the list are outstanding in innovation, entrepreneurship, leadership, foresight, service, and society. Excellent performance in terms of responsibility, personal professionalism, etc., which fully demonstrates the positive, hardworking, energetic, and talented overall style of the new generation of Chinese and international students.

According to the introduction of the organizer, the announcement of acceptance of nomination, recommendation or self-declaration will be released to the public through the news media at the beginning of the annual selection. The jury conducts primary selection based on the information submitted by each candidate, and then conducts interviews with candidates who pass the primary selection one by one, and finally selects candidates from different Entrepreneurial elites in the industry and young elites in the professional field. This year’s selection rate is 4.72%.

Shen Xingyu, Hu Manchen, Diao Yifan and other three outstanding young scientists and economist Li Zhuolin were selected for the “Academic Research Personal Achievement” category; the first Chinese running back of the Arizona State University team, one of the top five American football leagues in the United States, He Peizhang, and in recent years Xu Shuai, a young painter who has won more than 20 various international awards, and Pu Tianyu (Tam), a musician/singer/social media celebrity with high popularity on social media platforms, were selected into the “Sports, Film and Television, Culture, Art , design personal achievement category”; six people including Hu Changran and Liu Junyu were selected for the category of “Consumer Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm, Metaverse, NFT”; Kong Lingchen and Lu Chunfeng were selected for the category of “New Energy and Environmental Protection”; Chen Xuanyi, Ma Yuejia 4, including Zhou Mizi and Yu Songjiangnan, were selected for education and consumer services; Zhu Di Xinyao was selected for “public welfare organization”; Fu Jielun and Jiang Zhen were selected for “consulting and management”; Liu Jingyang was selected for “financial and investment services”.

The organizer pointed out that this year’s list specially added “AACYF Top U25” (AACYF Top U25), 23-year-old young magician Wang Yuanjie, who has attracted the attention of the international magician circle, and ten other entrants from different fields. , Their brilliant performance is impressive. At the same time, the results of this year’s selection continued the setting of previous years. Five people including Liang Shuang, Zhao Yu and Pu Yuqiao were selected for the California Chinese Youth Elite List (Cal C U30); three people including Li Zhuopeng were selected for the Special Award; three people including Yang Hongna were selected for the Honor Award and other categories.

This year’s list includes six Harvard alumni, six USC alumni and four UC Berkeley alumni. Young quantum algorithm research scientist Liu Junyu graduated from the Juvenile Class College of the University of Science and Technology of China. Kong Lingchen was admitted to the Juvenile Class of Xi’an Jiaotong University at the age of 15; Yu Borou and Hu Changran were selected for the national standard dance team of Tsinghua University.

LAPost洛杉矶,2023年3月19日讯 –

Consumer Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm, Metaverse, NFT (6)

Changran Hu, graduated from the Department of Electronic Engineering at Tsinghua University. Tsinghua Supreme Award(Top 0.1%). He co-founded DeepMusic, an AIGC for music company since 2018, and received a total of 60 million RMB in investments from musician Li Jian, Tencent, GGV, and others, with a Series A valuation of 200 million RMB. Changran Hu has extensive experience in the study and practical application of AIGC and Generative AI.

Since 2016, he has been dedicated to researching Generative AI and GPT models. After graduating from Berkeley, he worked as a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at SambaNova, a Silicon Valley unicorn and competitor of OpenAI. He led the development of the company’s core ChatGPT-like product and has many years of experience in GPT model training. His core contributions include not only a GPT model comparable to OpenAI’s 175B, but also assistance in enterprise-level ChatGPT services and the SambaNova Generative AI Program for Startups, which helps startups worldwide with Generative AI.

Changran Hu has given a TEDx talk on teaching computers to create music. He has published articles discussing the possibilities of AI composition and other topics related to AI and music. His achievements and experience have also been covered by many media outlets, including China Youth Daily and the China-US Innovation Times.

Dr. Liu Junyu is a research scientist working on quantum physics and machine learning. Graduated from the School of the Gifted Young of the University of Science and Technology of China with a bachelor’s degree, and California Institute of Technology, he is now a IBM postdoc fellow at the University of Chicago, working together with world-class quantum scientists John Prekill, Liang Jiang, etc. Dr. Liu Junyu’s research interest is to explore the connection between theoretical physics and data science, including quantum machine learning, and quantum networks. Dr. Liu Junyu’s research has been cited more than 2,000 times, and he has published more than 50 papers in various top journals and conferences in physics and computer science. His main work includes quantum neural tangent kernel theory, quantum data center, etc. At the same time, Dr Junyu Liu is also interested in the connection between data science and business. At present, he is serving as the co-founder of the blockchain security company SeQure, the quantum research scientist of the quantum software company qBraid, and the scientific advisor of the artificial intelligence company Avolution.

Yemu Xu is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Penrose Tech, a Web3.0 venture studio which incubated Coinbase-listed ARPA Network and Binance-listed Bella Protocol. Yemu is also co-founder at ZX Squared Capital, an option strategy focused crypto hedge fund.

As an early adopter and investor of crypto assets since 2016, Yemu is recognized globally as an innovative leader in blockchain and investment in crypto assets and projects. He is the recipient of the prestigious Forbes Magazine 30 Under 30 Awards in Asia (2022) and China (2022), and a distinguished recipient of 36Kr 2022 Top 100 Global Outstanding Chinese, among many others. Yemu is a sought-after speaker and leader at global tech and blockchain summits.

Raven Yifan Gao is the founder and CEO of Troph Inc. He graduated magna cum laude from Columbia with a B.A. in Computer Science-Political Science and has strong connections in both Silicon Valley and on the East Coast. Since founding Troph Inc., Mr. Gao has raised nearly 10 million dollars from top-notch global investors and grown the team from 2 to over 30 people. Mr. Gao has been active in the global startup community. He was the vice president of Columbia University Future China Education Forum and the president of the Poverty Education Forum in 2018, and has also participated in the GGV fellows program held by GGV Capital, a top-notch startup fellowship program. In his free time, Mr. Gao enjoys bartending and has certifications in bartending from Columbia University’s Bartending Agency and in sake advising from the American Sake Association and the Japanese Sake Association.

Yu (Steve) Zhong. I’ve been a serial entrepreneur since 2017. After my junior year in college, I took a leave of absence for two years to start an Ed-Tech startup in Asia. After an acqui-hire, I went back to school with a degree in Computer Science and Math from Harvey Mudd College, a top notch liberal arts school in California. Upon graduation, I went on to Georgia Tech to study for a PhD in Machine Learning and AI, but dropped out after one semester to start my second startup EasyJobs. As the CEO and cofounder, I took care of product management, software development and fundraising. Over the course of eleven months, our number of users had grown from zero to over 20,000. I led the company to successfully receive $100,000 from angel investors, one of which is the ex-CTO of ZipRecruiter, a public company in the HR Tech industry. Last November, EasyJobs was accepted into Y Combinator, a renowned startup accelerator. I was also a MiraclePlus fellow in late 2022. Now, I’m starting my third company after seeing huge potential in ChatGPT and related technologies. I look forward to building revolutionary products.

Cheryl Yang, a young female entrepreneur with a Wall Street background and a Tsinghua Schwartzman Scholar alumni. The team consists of MIT and TechCrunch Hackathon winners, and each member has an average of five years of industry experience in crypto. They have previously built several successful web3 startups, some of which have reached a billion-dollar valuation.

Founded in 2022, IconFashion is an innovative blockchain technology startup backed by a group of crypto angel investors. The company’s mission is to celebrate women in the crypto and digital asset space by creating a unique fashion metaverse and game-fi project, IconGirl NFT. The company’s valuation has reached $30 million, and it has achieved significant milestones within its first year.

New Energy, Environmental Protection (2)

Mr. Lingchen Kong, 25 years old, is currently a fourth year PhD student in Environmental Engineering at the George Washington University and the co-founder of Ellexco LLC. He was selected into the Gifted Young Program of Xi’an Jiaotong University at the age of 15, then selected into the 3+1 program with the University of Illinois and received his bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2018. He received his mater’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech in 2019. He was the president of Student Union of Xi’an Jiaotong University and currently serves as the president of Xi’an Jiaotong University Alumni Association of Washington D.C. and secretary general of Chiao-Tung University Alumni Association-D.C. (five Jiaotong Universities). In 2014, he co-founded Self Change & Revolution Culture Media Organization, which was one of the first Model United Nations Conferences training and planning organizations in China. He served as a team leader in Silk Road Youth Leadership Program held by Xi’an Jiaotong University, Peking University, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and visited Israel and Kyrgyzstan from 2015 to 2016. He co-founded the Ellexco team in 2021 and registered Ellexco LLC. in 2023. Ellexco provides a cost-effective and environment-friendly lithium extraction technology from brines, which can explore more lithium sources to meet the future lithium demand. Our technology has been selected as the Top 5 innovative technologies in the U.S. and funded over $300,000 by U.S. Department of Energy. Mr. Lingchen as the co-founder of Ellexco recently won the first place for D.C. region in 2023 Global Student Entrepreneur Award (GSEA).

Chunfeng Lu holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies from Harvard University.

He is currently a Climate Fintech Associate at New Energy Nexus and is committed to promoting climate technology, urban sustainability, and innovation. He has two startup experiences in the field of climate technology, one related to urban cultural preservation and ecological environment management, and the other to automated low-carbon manufacturing of building structures. He was selected as a 2022 Boao Youth Leader and 2022 Outstanding Youth of Sustainable Development, a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Vice President of the MIT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum and the Global China Connection, an executive member of the Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs (Hong Kong Chapter), a member of the Horizon Global Youth Co-Development Program at Tsinghua University, and an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher and Communicator at Louisiana State University. He has participated in the planning of several climate technology summits with more than one million views. He has also researched and edited multiple articles related to Web3, sustainable development, satellite remote sensing data, and personal carbon accounts. Chunfeng Lu has multiple publications related to the human settlement environment in the ‘Journal of Western Human Settlement Environment’ and ‘Sine Theta Magazine’.

Academic Research Individual Achievement Category: (4)

Xingyu Shen was graduated from University of California Berkeley, as a Chemistry Ph.D. His research focus is using novel annulative method to boost the efficiency of bioactive Natural Product total synthesis. His research was published on top tier journals like Journal of American Chemical Society and Natural Communication. His has also been nominated by UC Berkeley Department of Chemistry to present his research at Abbvie Scholar Symposium. After graduation, Xingyu cofounded QuanMol Tech, Inc., a company trying to boost the efficiency of chemical product development with the help of Artificial intelligence and computational chemistry. QuanMol Tech has raised several millions of funds led by Plug and Play. In addition, Xingyu has a strong interest to help young professionals who has an entrepreneur dream, and Xingyu was appointed by Qingdao University as an Entrepreneur Advisor.

Manchen Hu is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. He focuses on the development and research of ultraviolet/extreme ultraviolet light sources, which have great application prospects in biomedicine and advanced manufacturing. He has published dozens of papers in top journals, 7 of which are the first author/co-first author. He has 2 authorized national invention patents and 3 authorized utility model patents. He is also the head of the alumni department of the Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (ACSSS), organizing activities to boost communications among Chinese and enhance the influence of Chinese community in the United States.

Dr. Yifan Diao, majoring in Materials Science and Engineering, graduated from Washington University in St. Louis. During school time, he published 15 papers (6 first-author and 4 cover papers), such as ACS Cent. Sci., Adv. Funct. Mater, Nat. Commun, ACS Nano, etc. Moreover, he is one of the authors of the book “Conducting Polymers for Electrochemical Capacitors”, Handbook of Conducting Polymers, Chapter 34, CRC Press, 4th edition (2019). Besides, he holds one U.S. (international) patent and received $50,000 in LEAP business incubation funds. When back to China in 2021, he joined Central R&D Institute in LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd, serving as the head of new material research and development with 28 invention patents applied till now.  And he also won the prize of “Professional Service Award” in 2021 and “Scientific Research Star” in 2022.

Zhuolin Li is a Ph.D. student majoring in financial economics. His research broadly focuses on the intersection of ESG, economics, finance, demography, and Inequality. He is also an adjunct faculty at CUNY Baruch College, teaching courses including microeconomics and macroeconomics, and a junior scholar at Stone Center on Socio- Economic Inequality focusing on environmental Inequality. ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance. Under the background of climate change, everyone has inevitably been confronted with new opportunities and challenges. Countries have set targets for their countries’ carbon emissions and are committed to reducing carbon emissions by announcing climate policies. Listed companies, faced with potential physical and transitional risks, voluntarily take ESG actions, join climate initiatives and react to mandatory governmental disclosure policies accordingly. Investors not only need to pay attention to risks and returns but also consider non-financial risks since those factors highly affect a company’s long-term financial performance and risk profiles. Investors also provide stewardship to their portfolio companies. With this new developing trend, His doctoral studies try to address important ESG issues and focus on the roles of institutional investors, disclosure policies, and clean development schemes on ESG performance and returns. Outsides from academic research, he has also applied his expertise across various industries and held related working experience. Currently, he provides ESG consulting services for governmental institutions, state-owned enterprises, and private companies in projects such as working reports, white papers, academic journals, research proposals, and books etc.

Individual achievements in sports, film and television, culture, art, and design: (10)

Peizhang Jackson He (Chinese何佩璋) is a Chinese-born American football running back. He played college football for the Arizona State University Sun Devils. He became the first Chinese-born player to play for a Power Five conference team when he appeared in a game against the UCLA Bruins on December 5, 2020. A week later, against the University of Arizona Wildcats, he also became the first Chinese-born player to score a touchdown at the FBS level which is the most competitive level in college football.

Peizhang He came to America at 17 years old, before he came to America, he never touched or heard about American football. However, his ability to learn and his physical style of playing have impressed college coaches to give him a chance to play at Arizona State University whose team is playing at the most competitive level of college football. After getting on the team, Peizhang quickly adapted to the culture and became friends with every player and coaching staff. He also showed strong leadership on and off the football field. In meetings, other players will look for Peizhang if they are confused about scheduling and learning playbooks. In the weight room, Peizhang will lead the team to work harder by setting examples by action himself. In the classroom, Peizhang has maintained a 3.9 cumulative GPA even with the busy schedule of being a student-athlete and earned several awards including the Kajikawa Award which is presented based on demonstrated academic excellence, athletic accomplishment, leadership, and service in the community.

While Peizhang is doing school and football at the same time, he also became an influencer who is dedicated to creating content to educate Chinese people about football and sharing workout plans. Most importantly, he is trying to become one of the cultural bridges to connect people.

Xu Shuai graduated with a BFA in Painting from Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts and an MFA in Fine Art from Claremont Graduate University in California. As a multi-medium artist traversing multiple boundaries of culture, geography, and disciplines, Xu’s works engage with human emotions and life against the broad background of vanity and universality independent of identities and temporalities while exploring the possible alternatives for observing and living the macrocosm. In his artistic practice, the universe, science, and perception are recurring themes throughout every process of making and performing. With a current commitment to the contemporary experiments of oil paint and ready-made installations, Xu questions in a theatrical manner the fixated realities of Western societies while returning in a poetic way to the Chinese traditions of relativity and naturalism.

Tian Yu PU (Tam) Social Media star that bridges the gap between China and America through music and social media.

Tam is a Chinese social media star who grew up in Singapore and is currently based in the United States. His work focuses on bridging the cultural gap between China and America through music and his immensely popular viral content. With a staggering 2 million followers, 36,090,000 likes, and over 1 billion views across his social media platforms, Tam has quickly become a prominent international influencer. His latest music release “夏日和你 I Love Summer and (and u)” charted top 3 in China. He serves as the International Ambassador for the AYAA (Asian Youth Artists Association) and is the founder and host of “In the Hot Pot”, an online talk show featuring US celebrities that promotes Chinese culture to a global audience. Tam’s dedication to fostering cultural exchange and promoting cross-cultural understanding has made him a well-respected and influential figure in the social media world.

Yuchen Han is a fashion designer who focuses on the connections between personal and social emotions. He founded his high-end RTW fashion brand AlienAnt in New York in 2019. At the very beginning of his career, he has already invented a signature technique plus a very recognizable look, he maximum the power of combining technology, storytelling, and personal narratives. He is bringing cultural identities into the modern tech-driven world. His autobiographical fashion collection has built a brand new, individually attached, and socially affected aesthetic system. His boundless creativity has drawn great attention from the fashion industry; his works are featured in Vogue, Bazaar, Nylon, Tatler, etc.; His design was also worn and loved by celebrities like Coldplay, Halsey, and Billy Porter.

Nix Liu Xin, Chinese-born US-based new media artist and computational innovator Nix Liu Xin works with emerging mediums and technologies such as motion visual arts, architecture, extended reality, 3d scanning, robotics, and artificial intelligence for the world’s top brands and organizations. His creativity centers around the iconic “phygital” realities merging fluid form, movement, visual effects, color, and sound at the intersection of real and virtual worlds.

As the founder and creative director of the Play.Work, a media art and tech company, Nix and the team have collaborated with ambitious brands such as Burberry, Bosie, Chris Lee (Li Yuchun), London Fashion Week, Microsoft AI, NYLON, Polestar Cars, SCI-Arc Robot Lab, Victor Ma (Ma Boqian), Wallpaper, WhatWorld Club, etc. Recently, Nix and team served as the co-director and post-production company for the Korean-American singer Miss Grit’s mixed-reality music video, which was featured in well-known magazines such as Rolling Stone; and as CG director for Mercedes-Benz’s virtual launch event, making this project the first in China to use 4D scanning (aka. volumetric video) technology in music videos and commercials.

Nix is currently a Master’s candidate and researcher at Harvard University; and cross-registered at MIT Media Lab. He holds an M.Arch degree from the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc); and a B.A. in Architecture with an Honors degree from the University of Liverpool where his graduation project won the Sheppard Robson Jicwood Prize.

Nix was endowed with numerous international awards. To name a few: he won the first prize in the prestigious CGarchitect 3D Awards 2020 and became a jury member in 2021; he was selected as one of 12 artists at the Lianzhou Foto Festival in 2019; he won 5 awards including Best Film at MIT AI Filmmaking Hackathon. Nix co-founded the HarvardXR Conference and international New Digital Design forum to disseminate future technology and creative aesthetics between the East and the West. Nix has given talks at UCL, Tongji University, and Infinity Hollywood Festival; his selected press includes Nowness, Phoenix North America Chinese Channel, Nylon Magazine, etc. Additionally, his works have been exhibited at Oculus Center at WTC in New York, UABB (Shenzhen/Hongkong), Los Angeles, Liverpool, Beijing, Suzhou, Shanghai, and so on.

Tian Liu, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the USA, is the CEO of Tigertail Pictures, a production company that offers a unique approach to the world of video and animation by collaborating with clients to capture their most influential stories. The engine that’s behind Tigertail Pictures is it’s in-house team and a vast network of filmmakers and photographers.

Tigertail Pictures is AN AGENCY BUILT TO CREATE REAL VALUE. They are the growth partner . They’re a nimble, hungry, results-driven firm. They execute with purpose and focus on measurable, actionable results.

A graduate of Harvard Business School (Executive Education), graduate of New York Film Academy and an outstanding director of Photography , Tian Liu has truly carved out a reputation for herself as a highly influential person in the US media market. Her works have made an appearance on the covers of “VOGUE”, “GQ”, “Forbes” and other international magazines. “Fox”, “Business insider” and many other mainstream media have commented and conducted exclusive interviews for her company’s advertising works. She has won more than 50 best cinematography awards at film festivals, and her film and television works have been shortlisted at the French Cannes Film Festival twice. She worked with Oscar winner Tim Burton, Glenn Close, Kim Basinger, Lynne Littman, and three-time Oscar nominee for best cinematography, Dean Cundey.

SHERRY (SHIYU) LIU, Founder and CEO of Happy Star Cultural Communication Co., LTD Roster of artist of Mahua FunAge Cultural Communication Co., LTD Member of China Musical Association.

Zihao Fang is a graduate student of the Academy of Arts University, San Francisco. He is a young music producer, a Chinese dulcimer instrumentalist, a multi-instrumentalist, and a Chinese folk singer. He has extensive experience in music production, as well as pre- and post-production of film music and sound.

He was selected for the Global Outstanding Youth Award in the first Global Outstanding Youth for Sustainable Development competition. (He was standout from a pool of 309 young people representing 126 institutions in the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia). He was the music director and general manager of IFSM International Fashion SuperModel Contest; He was the music director of the 18th New Silk Road China International Children’s Model Contest in Los Angeles; He was interviewed by World Journal as an outstanding young Chinese-American music producer; He was interviewed by 24 HIP-HOP in an exclusive interview with “Fast Rising Hohhot/L.A. Artist Zihao Fang”; His original orchestral piece “Total War” won the 2022 Unsigned Only Music Competition Honorable Mention, winning from nearly 7,000 entries from 120 countries and becoming the only Chinese winner; His single “Flare” and “Reflection”, written with his friend Ms. Qian Zhang (Business Development Manager of Sony Music Entertainment), received 170,000 and 180,000 plays respectively in just one day and received special reports and interviews from more than 30 American media; His album “Soul of Fashion” was praised by L.A. Fashion Week. His music works have been highly recognized and evaluated by the famous Hollywood soundtrack master Mr. Nathan Wang, the head of the music department of Academy of Arts University, Hollywood soundtrack master Bradley Hughes, and the Grammy Award winner David Joyce, professor of Los Angeles Conservatory of Music.

Anna Borou Yu is a multimedia artist, interdisciplinary researcher, and dancer. She is the Co-founder and Principal of MYStudio in Boston, a Fellow and Project Lead at Harvard FAS CAMLab, visiting critic at Tsinghua University School of Architecture, China Academy of Art School of Design & Innovation and China Central Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture, as well as Expert Committee of AI Design Lab at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. Anna engages in a contemporary interpretation of digital heritage, body, and theater translation across media, as well as an artistic expression of cutting-edge science research. Her artworks have been featured at Arte Laguna Prize, Hermes Creative Awards, Lumen Prize Longlist, Ars Electronica Art Gallery, ACM SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery, IRCAM FORUM at NYU, Chengdu Biennale, Beijing Media Art Biennale, Asia Digital Art Exhibition, Chinagraph, ChineseCHI, etc.

Yue Wu (born 20 May 1992) is an interdisciplinary-trained designer, urbanist, and researcher who serves as a Design Director and Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. In this role, Yue harnesses the power of user-centric design, technology, and entrepreneurship to help organizations in healthcare, consumer, energy, telecom, and insurance industries translate deep user insights into compelling business-building strategies.

Yue holds an MS degree in Architecture Studies and Urbanism from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has garnered numerous accolades for his design work, which has been featured on prestigious platforms such as Nightingale (2022), Fortune (2020), and SOM Foundation (2017). His designs have been exhibited internationally at events including the TANK Art Festival (2022), Art Book in China (2021), QiWu: Natural Footprint in Technological Vicissitude Exhibit (2020), Shenzhen Biennale 2019 (2019), and Shanghai Urban Space Art Season (2015, 2019). Yue’s research has been presented at the 8th International Conference on Building Resilience in Lisbon, Portugal (2018), and he has won numerous design and research awards, including the McKinsey Changemaker Award (2021), Print Magazine Award for Data Visualization and Information Design (2020), and the Harold Horowitz Award (2019).

As a lead volunteer for U.S. Digital Response, Yue drove the design and build of projects that have created significant societal impacts. He is a design mentor for the American Institute of Graphic Arts and an instructor for MIT SEED Academy, where he promotes the value of design among practitioners and high school students. At Dunes Workshop, he leads the “Homesape” design column, leveraging multimedia to represent and expand the concept of home. Yue is also the founding designer for MUSCI, a digital platform that creates innovative and fun ways for artists to showcase their work and communicate with a broader audience. He serves as a research and design advisor for multi-scalar and interdisciplinary architectural and urban practices, including Von Architects and CIVIS, and as a thesis guest critic for Pratt Institute’s Communications Design program.

Education, Consumer Services (4)

Xuanyi Chen (Amber), USC master graduate, Pepperdine University doctoral student. She has multiple publications in top education conference proceedings and journals. Xuanyi now serves as Director of Excellence of Chapter 3 in the California Association of Bilingual Education. She is also the teaching assistant for the Master of teaching program research assistant for Downey School District. She is the co-founder of Shanghai Zizhi Education and Technology Co., Ltd. Zizhi focuses on curriculum design, instructional design, Smart campus, and software development. Through its projects, Zizhi has promoted fairly distribution of educational resources. Zizhi developed the software “Boomerang,” a video annotating software aiming to improve video annotation between teachers and students. Zizhi holds cultural salon series to promote communication between different fields and broaden audience knowledge and views.

Yuejia E.K Ma is a serial entrepreneur who graduated with a master of science in entrepreneurship and innovation from the University of Southern California. She is the founder and CEO of Cloudgate entertainment).

Her Company is specialized in promoting and producing live shows for East Asian artists in the United state. Recently promoted the first Mandarin stand-up comedy tour in the U.S., which is also the first group of mainland artists who ever visit the U.S. post-pandemic. With 5 sold-out shows and 15 more shows planned for 2023, CGE is ready to serve an audio and visual feast to our client. It is the company’s mission to promote Global Citizenship and bridge different cultures via the form of live entertainment.   

Knowing that this is only one way to make an effort to bridge culture exchange, E.K is also a Founding board member of an educational nonprofit – Getaway growth. GG is a 501(c)3 dedicated to removing barriers and facilitating access to international travel and unique educational opportunities for underserved youth in the United States. Partnered with Edu Africa, this young non-profit has already made a community impact by providing 10+ students access to quality and invaluable educational travel. With 36 students just applying to their 2023 program, GG aims to double up its impact this year. By planning and providing fully-funded trips with a combined multidisciplinary and immersive global experience, GG offers underserved students an opportunity to get in the wild and see the world with their own eyes. 

Mizi Zhou Bachelor of Marketing, Minor of Asian and Public, College of Business Administration of Loyola Marymount University Master of Health Administration, College of Health and Community Well-Being of University of LA Verne Founder and Chief Brand Officer of SOLESTAGE INC. Women in Fashion KOF, Over 3 years of MCN/RA/Marketing Experiences. Created the strategy and the development of Brand including Brand Positioning, Media Strategy, Public Relationship, New Media Marketing. Developed market research and analysis such as Industry Research, Customer Relationship, Financial Analysis to improve market strategy and business decision. Organized the company’s management structure, took employment training, and built project teams. During the term of office, finished individual brand incubations: GOODNEWS, Solestage Namesake Brand, CEEC, LYXWA; Introduced StreetWear brands like Revenge, Travis Scott etc into Solestage

Michelle Yu. I came to the United States to study flight in 2014 and now have 600 hours of commercial flight time. From 2016 to 2019, I obtained two associate degrees in commercial pilot and aviation science from Mt. San Antonio College. I graduated and obtained bachelor’s degree from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Aviation Business Administration. Now I am studying at the University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business, studying for a master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship. I will be graduating this May.

Because of my professional knowledge and interpersonal connections in the aviation industry, I and two other partners founded the Skywinners Flight School in the beginning of 2020. My job is to manage the school’s resources, reception, flight arrangement, marketing and all legal documents. Establish a good relationship between flight instructors, student pilots and aircraft maintenance managers.

After more than two years of working and managing, I have also grown from an ordinary pilot and flight instructor to a more outstanding leader in the aviation industry, organizing projects, assigning work, monitoring progress, interacting with customer personnel in the international environment and leading the team to conduct business development. At the beginning of 2022, after consultation with my partners, we transferred our business attention back to Los Angeles.

Non-profit organizations (1)

DixinyaoMoonlightZhu, Secretary-General of MyH2O Water Information Network. She graduated from Pitzer College with an International Relations major and a Media Studies minor. 9 years of studying in the US since high school, she has been a leading force in the field of community service and environment sustainability at school. She focuses on law, public welfare, and sustainable development. Moonlight interned at a Category II center under UNESCO, and actively participated in the movement to pass the legislation of banning single-use plastic bags in California, which was the very first in the US.

At MyH2O Water Information Network, Zhu leads the H2O Solution, a project delivers solution to villages facing drinking water challenges in rural China, and has successfully launched long-term solution in 32 villages and schools across 6 provinces including Gansu, Yunnan, and Hebei Province. In the past 3 years, more than 20 thousand villagers and children are benefited and gained access of 2 million liter clean and healthy drinking water. She also leads online fund-raising campaign that support 50+ teams to conduct field research and 8 solution implementations. Over 8000 people has joined the campaign.

Zhu has been constantly invited to share about action and power of female and Chinese youth in the field of sustainability and public welfare, including ChinaDaily (Female role models make a mark in society (chinadaily.com.cn)) and the Specialized Agencies of the UN. She hopes to inspire and encourage more youth across the world to take actions and be the change they want to see.

Consulting, Management (2)

Eric Fu is a serial entrepreneur hailing from the United States, currently serving as the Founding CEO of SJM, a rapidly growing media technology company. SJM is reputed for providing its clients with the most professional cross-border talent and business management services, and consistently proving its status as an industry leader. Ever the innovator, Eric is committed to ushering in a new era of internationalism and scientific advancement in the entertainment industry, earning him an impressive array of accolades from both the U.S. and China, including several coveted Startup of the Year awards and prestigious government grants. Prior to his transition into the entertainment industry, Eric lent his legal and business expertise as a strategic partner to Didi and Bluegogo in the bike-sharing sphere. Additionally, Eric honed his skills as a cross-border capital markets and M&A lawyer with the law firm Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett LLP and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, sharpening his legal acumen and reinforcing his skillset as a savvy and multifaceted entrepreneur. Eric studied at Harvard Law School, Harvard Business School, and Tsinghua University.

Jiang Zhen is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with rich entrepreneurial experience. He graduated from DePaul University in the United States with a bachelor’s degree in economics and from Northwestern University in the United States with a master’s degree in psychology. Jiang Zhen currently serves as the chairman of several groups, including US Qihang International Investment Group, Hong Kong Antest Development Group, Beijing Antest Group, Xinyihang International Education Group, Philo Education Technology Group, etc., and has expanded them into industry leaders. He is an experienced business strategist with strong leadership and innovation skills, good at seizing new opportunities. He is good at innovation, able to discover unique opportunities in the industry, and take the lead in developing new products, new technologies and new markets. He has a unique business vision and has won many awards and honors in the industry.

In addition to successfully leading and developing multiple companies, Jiang Zhen is also an educator who focuses on cultivating talents for society. He founded Philo College, aiming to cultivate representatives of the new generation of young talents in China, create a new ecological complex of international education, and provide lifelong education solutions for young people.

Financial and investment services: (1)

Charles (Jingyang) Liu graduated from Harvard University. Charles is the president at Harvard Venture Club (HVC), Harvard GSAS Entrepreneurs Community (HEC), and Investment Industry Harvard Alumni China (IIHAC). Charles is the founder and CEO at H29 Capital, partner at Taihill Venture, and partner at Uphonest Capital. Charles invested in a wide array of disruptive and impactful startups on the forefront of the evolving landscape of technology innovations. He is committed to fulfilling the vision of partnering with entrepreneurs that make change and history. He brings the future to the present by investing into breakthrough technologies and supporting extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Taihill Venture is a Boston-based, industry agnostic, pre-seed, seed stage deep-tech fund — focusing on breakthrough technologies that are solving long-existing problems. We are a group of young emerging leaders from all over the world, with the vision of shaping our future with the best talents and technologies.

H29 Capital is an early-stage venture connecting the resources and networks of the world’s most valuable and influential venture capital investment markets. We invest in the most promising entrepreneurs and fastest-growing early-stage startups and use our resources to boost value creation through disruptive means.

2023 AACYF Top U25 (10)

Jeffrey Wang (23), Magician, Jeffrey is one of the original founders of International Association of Chinese Magicians (IACM), and now on the Board of Directors. IACM is the largest Chinese magic organization today.

Jeffrey is a member, performer, and youngest lecturer of The Hollywood Magic Castle. He organized a whole week of Chinese magicians performing for Magic Castle during the spring festival, called Magic Castle China Week. We demonstrated the demeanor of Chinese magicians to Western audiences.

Jeffrey performed for colleges in California, including USC, UCLA, UCI, UCB, during Spring Festival, Mid-autumn Festival, Lantern Festival’s gala show, and he became the favorite Chinese magician in California.

Jeffrey also excelled in magic professionally. He published more than 5 original magic tutorials, and published articles in a variety of magic magazines. He had been invited to lecture for different magic societies from China, USA, Japan, Russia, UK, & Australia. At the same time, he is the youngest magician to have done a lecture tour in China.

Jieyuan Kan (24) he received his simultaneous degrees on Environmental Engineering and Economics from University of California, Berkeley. He received his master’s degree on Computer and Information Science from University of Pennsylvania. Now, he is an environmental analyst at United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP). He is also the youngest associate researcher of HKUST-Jiangmen Laboratory of Carbon Science and Technology, focusing on the carbon neutrality and environmental justice issues.

He received “The Leadership Award” twice from UC Berkeley because of these experiences. In his academic achievements, he has received more than 20,000 dollars of research funding from UC Berkeley and initiated and participated several large environmental research projects in the Philippines, Hoh Xil of China, California and Nevada of the U.S, and Bangkok of Thailand. In 2021, he participated in the cooperated research projects between NASA and Girotto Laboratory of UC Berkeley and received the funding from Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program. He has published articles as the first author on Asian Journal of Ecotoxicology, International Conference on Company Management and Marketing, National Council on Undergraduate Research, etc, and he has two patents related to the environmental modeling. In the end of 2021, he joined the UN ESCAP to work as Environmental Analyst. Then, he is invited as the associate researcher of Jiangmen Laboratory of Carbon Science and Technology to further explore on the environmental injustices issues, which is his research concentration.

Caesar Xu. Gen-Z serial entrepreneur. I was a junior student at Indiana University, Kelley School of business, majoring entrepreneurship and business analysis. I took gap years and started my own business since late 2020. My first startup is an Frozen-dry snacks brand, which earned more than a million RMB in half year. My second startup is a HR SaaS company, raised almost a-million-dollar investment from venture capital and still runs well. And now I am a MiraclePlus( Former Y-combinator in China) alumnus and initiated 3WW3( Third World Web 3), a web 3 company that focuses on Asian, African and South American markets, which raised several Million dollars( undisclosed). In my leisure time, I participated in Jiangsu province’s Western Returned Scholars Association, Against Violence to Overseas Chinese Women Program, and Nature for Good Exploration Center to protect the rainforest as an advisor. In addition, I won “Outstanding Youth of Sustainable Development” prize by AACYE and Los Angels Post in 2022.

Yuxiao Zhan, graduated from New York University and Keio University in Tokyo. Yuxiao Zhan obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from Keio University, and a Senior Cooking Certificate from Le Cordon Bleu in France.

In 2017, he founded a travel agency called Japan Seikan Co., Ltd., which generated tens of millions of dollars in revenue in its first year of operation.

In 2018, he participated in the investment and establishment of the RIISU portable charger project, which is currently one of the largest shared charger companies in Taiwan.

In 2021, Yuxiao Zhan led Japan Seikan Co., Ltd. in the acquisition of Inner Journeys LLC. , where he serves as CEO. Inner Journeys LLC.  gradually expanded into the tourism market for Chinese students and scholars in the United States, and is now one of the leading brands among Chinese people in North America. It has also formed exclusive partnerships with several well-known student associations and operates in more than 20 countries worldwide.

In 2022, Yuxiao Zhan co-founded8PINTS Brewing Company, which is currently the most promising and highly rated craft beer brand in China. The brand won a gold medal at the Brussels Beer Festival.

Gates Yao (Jitong Yao), founder of International Commonweal Support Organization and MT Capital. I currently attend the University of California, Berkeley, and my sponsor is Delysia Song (Yiwei Song).I am the youngest person ever to make the Hurun U30 list and the youngest representative of a Chinese organisation to the UN Economic and Social Council.

Michelle Jing, 22 years old, a serial entrepreneur, an MPA candidate at the University of Pennsylvania, and obtained a bachelor’s degree with a double major from New York University. At the age of 15, she founded an online education application platform for Oceania schools in New Zealand. At the age of 16, she received an angel investment and won National Entrepreneurial Competition Award. At the age of 18, her start-up company was acquired by an Australian education giant. At the age of 20, she co-founded an organoid biotechnology company. Last year, cooperated with the regional government and an 863 program company, she founded Dongsuhongcai Education Technology with her partner to establish a platform to provide moral empowerment, cultural cultivation, intellectual development, and mental health monitoring solutions for people under the age of 18. From August 2022, she worked part-time as a Fellow Program Lead in MiraclePlus, leading a team of 60+ people to communicate with 1000+ entrepreneurial teams on financing and incubation matters; complete in-depth industry research and due diligence to assist the company in making investment decisions.

Yidan Li 24)has experiences in both the public and private sectors. After several years of studying architecture and urbanism and working in multiple urban-related organizations and institutions globally, including the United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), she decided to expand her skillset by working in a startup accelerator with the focus on material science and AI for Science domains.

Her experience in venture capital gave her a unique perspective on the startup world and the entrepreneurial spirit, and she soon realized that she wanted to be a part of it. She left venture capital to become the Chief Product Officer of a startup that is focused on using technology to address the challenges facing manufacture industry and is determined to contribute to a more sustainable and circular economy. The startup re-constructs the production-consuming cycle, providing more personalized, customized, flexible, and sustainable products through the decentralized manufacturing process.

She is now balancing her role as a CPO with her studies at Columbia University, where she is pursuing a degree in curatorial studies at Graduate School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation (GSAPP). She is currently curating two exhibitions, collaborating with Columbia Graduate School of Business and the Northwest Connecticut Arts Council respectively. Both exhibitions are expected to open in late March 2023.

She intuitively fuses her experience in the public and private sectors, as well as her passion for the arts and architecture, with her professional practices. She believes that her unique background and skillset will allow her to make a meaningful contribution to both the art world and the tech world.

She currently serves as the vice-curator of Global Shapers Community Xi’an hub, where she works to engage young people in shaping the future of their communities.

Zhongfan(Linda) Jing (22), Starting to study abroad at the age of nine, Zhongfan grew up in China, Australia, the United States and Canada. She is currently pursuing a Honors BA degree from the University of Toronto double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. She is also an exchange student at Columbia University. She is a model, founder of Liangmi Technology Co., a social benefactor, and a youth delegate to the 77th United Nations General Assembly. She leads her team in developing functional and technological fabrics and created a phenomenal nationwide trend of sun protective wear in China. She has been committed to poverty alleviation through education. Her enterprise donates to train teachers and buy books for children in mountainous regions of China.

Nicol Qian (21), Protégé of the jazz pianist, the great master and music educator Joanne Brackeen. Prize winner of the First Grade at the National Art Rising Star International Exchange Selection Finals. Title owner of Top Ten Child Pianist in the Richard Clayderman Piano Selection Competition. Winner of Gold Award of the 8th National School Arts Festival. Media spokesperson of CCTV “Youth China” series of activities. As a representative of Chinese youth, attendee of the Sino-Russian international cultural and artistic exchange activities. Multiple times music director of several music projects such as The Voice of China.

Protégé of Fan Jijian, a famous Guqin player and the representative inheritor of intangible cultural heritage of Guangling School. Many times cooperation as invited by the government in art projects and cultural activities. Once the representative for Guqin of Guangling School the intangible cultural heritage to participate in the filming of twelve scenes of the canal in Yangzhou, the ancient town starting the Grand Canal of China and the leading city for the joint application of the canal as WTO heritage.

Bailin Chen (24), University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Founder and CEO of ZPD Technologies, Built & managed an executive team; Developed business partners such as Sequoia Capital, CITIC, and ChinaLin Securities l Initiated the “2022 U.S. & China” Investment Competition and registered 6297 participants globally l Developed a demo stock trading platform for public use; Provided the trading data for financial institutions l Raised over $20 million in investment funds for CITIC Securities。

2023 AACYF Cal C U30 (5)

Shuang Liang, studied Global Communications at USC. Homebody Co-founder & COO During her time of studying, she discovered her interests of cross-country business and US-China relations. After studying, she worked at a startup doing furniture business between US and China. In 2021, she co-founded Homebody, which is a lifestyle brand with its flagship product as reclining couch. Homebody believes the product is the key. Therefore, Homebody has developed a new structure to build a modular couch and owns 100% of the IP. Homebody is backed by top VCs in China and has received press coverage from top media organizations like Architectural Digest and Domino. Even though online is the main channel for Homebody, Homebody has presence in the offline channels too. Now Homebody has several showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Austin, Washington DC and the Bay Area. In 2023, Homebody will launch new color ways and new collection of the couch accessories.

Yu Zhao, Master of Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern California. During my undergraduate studies, I completed an internship at a leading biopharmaceutical company in China. Through practical experience, I gained laboratory skills and knowledge in the field of biopharmaceuticals. After completing my master’s degree, I became a Research Scientist at a biopharmaceutical startup in the United States called TOBIO. During my tenure, I was responsible for laboratory design and setup, experimental project design, and collaborated with the parent company, JianShun Biotech in China, on the development of the COVID-19 vaccine for CanSino Biologics. Through efficient collaboration with CanSino Biologics and the Institute of Biotechnology of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, we were able to ensure the stable progress of experimental projects and provide a cost-effective solution for commercial production. Afterwards, I became a Project Manager, responsible for coordinating and managing experimental projects within the team.

Currently, the company focuses on the forefront of biopharmaceutical CMC, relying on its complete, flexible, and modular production process platform and close cooperation with well-known institutions at home and abroad. The CDMO division has served dozens of customers, and the cell culture division has established partnerships with more than 200 customers, including Asian companies with which we have established agency or strategic cooperation relationships.

Yuya Pu, Double BA in Fashion Design and Marketing from Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. She is a famous Los Angeles host, TV station director, famous blogger and Hollywood actress. She hosts and produces a luxury car and house channel with over a million fans and an online to offline turnover of over 100 million dollars. In her life of less than 30 years old, she has already won several awards:The Outstanding Woman Award of the Global Chinese Entrepreneurs Chamber of Commerce, the Best Photogenic Award of the 33rd Miss Asian World Global Finals, the Best Actress Award of the 5th Little Golden Man International Film Festival, the Golden Angel Award of the 18th Chinese American Film Festival, and the President of the Guangxi Chamber of Commerce in the United States.

As a female entrepreneur, she is the founder of Auporea Consulting. Auporea Consulting was founded in the U.S. The company has completed its Series A financing and is headquartered in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and currently has branches in Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto, London, Shenzhen and other regions, focusing on providing clients with a full range of overseas immigration, study and education consulting services. She has been recognized by foreign media as one of the most influential Asian women of distinction, and has extensive industry contacts, rich consulting experience, and numerous successful cases, providing exclusive, neutral, professional, and comprehensive solutions and services to solve the diversified offshore needs of individuals, families, and businesses.

AUPOREA Consulting is committed to providing high-end customized and international star services for global high net worth individuals. We provide customized management solutions for each family based on their different country backgrounds and human habits, allowing clients and families to enjoy attentive and thoughtful services. We work with renowned domestic and international family trusts, medical service providers, overseas developers, law firms, accounting firms, fertility planning, genetic technology, high-end travel, top events, security services and other partners to create a comprehensive “1+N” private butler service platform to meet the diverse needs of individuals, families and businesses.

Meng Li (Miranda), Bachelor of Soochow University; MBA of ULV, Achieved Chinese Champion of the 23rd Miss Model of the World and Best Friendship Lady; the Asian champion; Fourth winner in international competition, and the Best Media Impression Award and Best National Costume Award.

Olivia Ma is currently working as the investment director of JDI Group. JDI is a global web3.0 holding company with 6 offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hongkong, New York, and California. JDI Group strives to explore possibilities in the innovation and fusion of Web 3.0 with fields in internet, 5G, automobile data, and energy. JDI Group was founded in 2019, and the revenue of the company has exceeded 200 million US dollars and planned to be listed on NASDAQ in 2024. The investment team has invested in nearly 100 early stage companies including portfolios of Kakao, Masknetwork, Alchemypay, Difinity, TCG, Chill.fun, etc. 

2023 AACYF Top U30 Honor Roll:(3)

Jack Li, Founder and CEO of Panda Auto Family Sales Group and YU&YU Realestate. Panda Auto Family Sales Group was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2017, which is now a nationwide known Automotive Company which now has 4 retail stores and complete nationwide post-sale network. Li created a new sales model that combines O2O, B2B and B2C together. Panda Auto Family Group has serviced more than 5 thousand customers nationwide. Thanks to the platform built by Li, it is applied to the efficient management of data and duty, which ensures the company can operate efficiently. Panda Auto Family Sales Group currently has more than 1.4 million followers on various major social platforms. Its goal is to make car purchases more convenient, personalize, and transparent, as well as creating a nationwide car enthusiast platform.

Yu & Yu LLC is a real estate investment management firm specializing in apartment investments and renovations in Boston. During 2018-2022, the company significantly improved its performance through series of real estate investment projects. Talents were attracted to join the company by motivating the management team. Formulated and completed the objectives of various departments of the company. Funding programs were drafted and implemented.

Between 2020 and 2021, Panda Auto Family established a cooperative relationship with Dream Corps Organization, which was established by International Students in the U.S., They are actively committed to promoting the donation of clothing, food, etc. to primary and secondary schools lacking infrastructure in China through various forms of charity activities, such as fitness activities and charity sales during their study abroad.

Watson, a serial entrepreneur, is currently studying at the University of Pennsylvania and has received a certificate of Innovation&Entrepreneurship from the Wharton School of Business. During his gap year, Watson takes on the role of head of the scientific scholar department at the top accelerator MiraclePlus (formerly YC China), where he has assisted more than 600 professors, master’s, and Ph.D. students from renowned domestic and international universities like Stanford, MIT, ETH, and Tsinghua with technology docking and commercialization.

In 2022, he established i-LAB, a non-profit organization dedicated to entrepreneurship education, and collaborated with more than 60 universities to conduct entrepreneurial thinking training camps, bringing entrepreneurial enlightenment awareness to thousands of Chinese students both at home and abroad. He also assisted 11 college students in obtaining angel round investments from reputable VC institutions by helping them build their business plans from scratch. In addition, Watson helped establish the “Quakers Penn Venture Club” and served as its vice chairman. He also worked to develop the “Harvard-MIT-Stanford Future Tech Startup Competition” and the “Annual conference of the MIT-China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum,” expand the knowledge base of venture capital, and promote fundraising opportunities for Chinese students in North American regions.

In 2019, Watson launched Linjian, a homestay platform with revenues of close to $10 million over the course of two years. In addition, he proposed urban sustainable development plans for the next 50 years after traveling to more than 30 domestic and international cities for regional ecological research in a single year, ending up winning many awards, including the LafargeHolcim Awards for Sustainable Architecture. In 2021, on behalf of Graviti, Watson cooperated with the China Academy of Information and Communications to write the “2021 White Paper on the Ecological Development of the Artificial Intelligence Dataset Industry

Zhang Yanhao, undergraduate of Illinois Institute of Technology, founder and chairman of Yingfu Network Technology Co., Ltd., shareholder of Dalian Merro Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and director of IT department/CTO. Led the team to build an online platform to create sales of more than 1 billion RMB in the first year for the company. After investing in the establishment of Yingfu Caihui Network Technology Company, the company is committed to using information systems for risk control and escorting real estate finance. Through two successful experiences, it is ready to radiate more industries and realize technology empowerment of traditional industries

2023 AACYF Top U30 Honorable Mention (3)

Hongna Yang, with a master’s degree from University of Southern California, is co-founder and vice-chairman of Rehoboth Capital. She has successively served as the Venture Partner of Cybernaut Zfunder Ventures and the Wealth Manager of Morgan Stanley in the U.S.. Enthusiastic about challenges and pursuing excellence, she won the Cathay Bank Scholarship during her study in 2017, and has jointly founded Rehoboth Capital to invest in RMB and US dollars since 2020. So far, she is one of the top ten shareholders of two listed companies in the United States and Hong Kong stock market and holds the primary market equity of more than ten unicorn enterprises in the world. Adhere to charity, she has donated money to help students from poor families in the mountainous areas of Yunnan Province, and established an NPO with the McCormick Family in Delaware in 2020 to improve education.

He Jinwen graduated from Fordham University in New York. Upon graduation, she joined USWOO Realty of Overseas Students Services Corp. Currently, she is one of the managing partners of USWOO Realty.

For many years, Jinwen has led the team to deal with challenges, make constant innovation, comprehensively understand ever-changing client demands and break through conventional offline real estate service mode. By sharing the meaningful content on YouTube, Tik Tok, Little Red Book, Bilibili and other online media platforms, Jinwen helped hundreds of thousands of overseas students solve their living and housing problems in the United States annually. Up to now, Jinwen has been the benchmark of major accounts in vertical We-media field of the real estate industry with above ten million views on the entire network.

In the future, Jinwen will keep exploring the field of overseas real estate services and constantly expand her team to improve service quality and innovate the service mode, so as to provide overseas students in the United States with credible and satisfactory one-stop services.

Jiayuan Tian, Undergraduate student at Minerva University, visiting scholar at Guanghua School of Management, Peking University, founder/director of the Chinese Media Center of the International Education Non-profit Organization Global Citizen Year. The aim is to share with the world’s top guests through youth reports, international opportunity exchanges, and the Chinese community as the audience, to open up new possibilities for youth, to empower youth and to promote exchanges between international organizations and global issues. The Chinese Media Center outputs relevant content through multiple domestic media platforms, and invites well-known academic leaders or young talents from various industries to participate in the sharing.


AACYF is 501(c)3 organization launched its Top 30 under 30 list since 2017. Each year the list recognize 30+ professional talents, business and industry future leaders. (LAPost/AACYF Los Angeles, CA)