Wishing Tree Park in West Carson Grand Opening Scheduled for May 16

A long-awaited community green space, including pollinator gardens, play areas, sports courts, a memorial plaza and more!


LOS ANGELES, CA (May 13, 2024) — The County of Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation, in partnership with the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust and the Del Amo Action Committee, are proud to announce the dedication of Wishing Tree Park to the West Carson community on May 16. This 8.5-acre park located at 20400 Budlong Avenue, Torrance, is the first park in unincorporated West Carson and marks a testament to the decades-long advocacy and determination of community members to transform an underserved site into a vibrant greenspace.

Wishing Tree Park boasts unique features that cater to the diverse needs and interests of the community. The park includes pollinator gardens, a small community building, children’s play areas, a memorial plaza honoring community members, two futsal soccer courts, a baseball/softball field, a basketball court, a walking trail, and exercise areas. These amenities aim to promote physical activity, community cohesion, and environmental education.

“We are proud to officially open Wishing Tree Park. This moment is the culmination of over thirty years of advocacy by community members and dedication from our LA County Parks Department to bring much-needed green space to the unincorporated West Carson area. I cannot wait to see our residents enjoying this 8.5-acre contemporary park that will impact generations to come,” said Los Angeles County Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell.

Wishing Tree Park is a much-needed addition to the underserved West Carson area, providing vital park access to thousands of residents who previously lacked quality open spaces nearby. This long-awaited project represents the culmination of over 30 years of advocacy by the Del Amo Action Committee and dedicated community members.

“Wishing Tree Park stands as a powerful example of how equitable park access and environmental justice can be achieved through sustained grassroots activism and collaborative leadership,” said Norma E. García-González, Director of LA County Parks. “This investment of over $15 million creates a neighborhood anchor that promotes physical activity, community cohesion, and environmental education. It also addresses the significant green space inequity in unincorporated West Carson, where 76% of residents lived beyond the recommended half-mile distance from a park.”

“Wishing Tree Park, so aptly named, represents a collective wish fulfilled for a greener and more vibrant Los Angeles,” said Tori Kjer, Executive Director of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust. “We are thrilled to have collaborated on its creation — our thirtieth park and open space project in the County and a testament to our enduring commitment to community empowerment and equitable access to nature.”

“Wishing Tree Park, 30 years in the making, is the park the community built with grit and tenacity. This is a victory in our quest for justice to the racist legacy that this community has endured for decades; a new beginning for this sacred spot so many died waiting for”, said Cynthia Babich, Founder and Director of the Del Amo Action Committee. “We honor their memory in Wishing Tree Plaza and have laid a firm foundation for the generations to come. Wishing Tree Park, the jewel of our community ready to serve.”

The grand opening celebration of Wishing Tree Park is scheduled for May 16 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., marking a momentous occasion for the community. The grand opening ceremony will take place at 5:30 p.m. For more information about Wishing Tree Park, please visit https://parks.lacounty.gov/wishing-tree-park/.