Barger Recognizes Friends of Jackie Robinson Park and Jackie Robinson’s Family in Honor of Juneteenth


In honor of Juneteenth, Supervisor Kathryn Barger recognized the family of Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson and the Friends of Jackie Robinson Park from Sun Village during Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.

The Sun Village community was among the first in Southern California to host annual Juneteenth celebrations and have carried on the tradition at Jackie Robinson Park to share about the meaning of the holiday.

“Juneteenth reminds us of the hard-fought commitment to justice for all people,” Supervisor Kathryn Barger said. “I’m thankful to the Friends of Jackie Robinson Park for keeping the tradition of Juneteenth alive to educate our communities and invite them to celebrate its meaning. It’s so fitting that their festivities are held at the historic Jackie Robinson Park, whose namesake was a beacon of hope for equality.”

Jackie Robinson Park opened in 1965 in Sun Village and was the first park in the U.S. to be named after the esteemed first African American player in Major League Baseball. Acknowledging the park’s rich history, the County designated it as a historic landmark in 2022.

“This is the 80th anniversary of Jackie Robinson Park and our 35th year celebrating Juneteenth,” said James Brooks, one of the Friends of Jackie Robinson Park. “We celebrate Juneteenth as a family reunion. After the emancipation, the enslaved people went out to find their families and they decided to celebrate the anniversary every year. In that tradition, that’s what we continue to do in Sun Village.”

As a Pasadena native, Jackie Robinson had roots in Los Angeles County’s Fifth District. Kathy Young Robinson, daughter of Olympic silver medalist Mack Robinson and Jackie Robinson’s niece, spoke of the importance of carrying on her family’s legacy.

“Our family appreciates Supervisor Barger and the Board of Supervisors for having us here and celebrating Uncle Jackie and the historic Jackie Robinson Park in the Antelope Valley,” Kathy Young Robinson said. “I am here in memory of my dad, and if it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be here sharing and continuing my family legacy.”

Click here for photos of Tuesday’s presentation, historic photos of the dedication of Jackie Robinson Park, and photos from last weekend’s celebration in Sun Village. Click here for the video of the scroll presentation.